Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3372

Fu Jincheng was satisfied. He hugged him and kissed him. He nodded his lips and motioned her to kiss him on her own initiative.

Although Gao Yunjin is not an active person, seeing that he is so sticky, she said in her heart that she doesn’t feel it’s false.

She smiled and kissed him twice on his lips. “Is it OK?”

“Reluctantly.” Fu Jincheng said so, but he was very satisfied. When he finished, he reluctantly left. When they got home and saw him come back so early, the two little guys were very happy. However, before they said a word, Lei Yun called in. The two little guys had sharp eyes and saw Fu Jincheng’s remarks to Lei Yun on the phone, “it’s aunt Lei


Fu Jincheng gave a “um” and motioned the children not to speak. Then he picked it up, “President Lei, have you had dinner?”

“Yes, and you?”

“Just finished.” After a brief greeting, Fu Jincheng asked, “listen to Dong Ou saying that you will come to Beijing tomorrow? What’s the departure time of the flight? I’ll pick you up at the airport with Dong ou. “

Lei Yun was not surprised when he heard this. He joked: “President Fu took the initiative to pick up the plane, which really flattered Lei.”

“Mr. Lei has helped Fu so much. Fu has to show it, hasn’t he?”

“OK, Mr. Fu said so, then I won’t be polite to you.”

After that, Fu Jincheng asked, “what’s the matter with President Fu calling me so late?”

“Nothing. I just want to invite you to dinner tomorrow. I wonder if President Fu is free tomorrow evening?”

“No problem. It’s my treat tomorrow evening.”

Fu Jincheng gave such a face, Lei Yun smiled happily, and then added: “this meal, we don’t talk about business, we just have a simple meal. President Fu, why don’t you call your wife?”

Hearing this, Fu Jincheng hesitated. “My wife has been busy recently. I have to ask her if she has time.”

Hearing this, Lei Yun on the other side of the phone showed his disapproval and smiled: “it’s all right. If Mrs. Fu is busy, it’s OK next time. Don’t force it.”


After talking about it, Lei yundun said, “Mr. Fu is at home now?”


“Are Yue Yue and Xiao Xuan there?”

Fu Jincheng looked at the two children and said, “yes.”

“I want to talk to the two children. Will I disturb them?”

She said so. Even if he bothered the children, he couldn’t refuse directly, let alone the two little guys have nothing to do now.

Fu Jincheng said, “No.”

Fu Jincheng opened the hands-free and handed it to Yueyue: “Lei Yun wants to talk to you. Be polite and don’t mess around. Do you hear me?”

“I see.”

Yueyue happily answered the phone and affectionately called Lei Yun: “aunt Lei.”

Lei Yun replied, “did Yue Yue have dinner with Xiao Xuan?”


“What did you eat?”

The little guys listened and talked endlessly. Lei Yun’s tone on the phone sounded very patient and seemed to be particularly interested in their words. After that, Lei Yun said, “aunt Lei will go back to the capital tomorrow. If Yue Yue and Xiao Xuan are free, they can talk to their parents

Get up and play with aunt Lei. “

Yueyue and Xiaoxuan nodded obediently: “OK, OK, we agreed to play the secret room escape, because it rained. If it doesn’t rain this weekend, shall we play the secret room escape?”

Did you go to the secret room to escape?

She didn’t know that.


If you think about it carefully, it’s not difficult to find out what’s going on.

She smiled and thought the call was really not in vain. “OK, Yueyue should remember to call her aunt and don’t leave her behind.”

Yueyue patted her chest and promised: “aunt Lei, don’t worry, I won’t forget you.”

“OK, aunt will wait for your call at the weekend.”


Fu Jincheng rubbed his eyebrows and indicated with his eyes that the time had passed for a long time. Don’t talk too long. Yueyue reluctantly told Lei Yun that he was going to do his homework and had to hang up first.

After hanging up the phone, Fu Jincheng bounced Yueyue’s little head: “mom is busy at work now. She may not be free to go out with you on weekends. Why did she order things with others without saying hello to adults?”

Yueyue touched his little head, which hurt a little, “but mom said, I’ll make it up this weekend.”

“… all right.” Fu Jincheng’s focus is not this, “but if you want to invite others to play with us next time, you have to ask my opinion with your mother first, you know?”

Yue Yue nodded obediently, “I see.”

Fu Jincheng doesn’t blame her. Children are good friends if they play well with others. He doesn’t blame her if he doesn’t understand the complex thoughts of adults.

I just thought Gao Yunjin didn’t like Lei Yun. If she really invited Lei Yun at the weekend, she would be angry. He sighed at the thought. the second day. Fu Jincheng sent Gao Yunjin to the company and told her that he had something to do at night and couldn’t go to her company to accompany her. As for what Lei Yun said, he didn’t mean to invite her to dinner. Gao Yunjin nodded: “it’s all right. I have something to do tonight. Don’t worry about me. I’ll go home after I’m busy.”“ OK, call me if you need anything. ” Fu Jincheng kissed her and said“ Um. ” Back to the company, Gao Yunjin prepared the next information, went out of the company and went to the new company with the Secretary and personnel department. Today, I also invited some people to come for an interview. She has to go and stare. Because her company’s popularity has improved a lot recently, more people have come to apply for jobs this time, and there are more excellent talents. Gao Yunjin was quite satisfied. She asked the personnel department to arrange the following matters, while she was busy with other things. At noon, her secretary ordered the lunch box for her. It didn’t taste very good and it was too greasy. Gao Yunjin lost his appetite after a few bites. Involuntarily, he thought of Fu Jincheng. Because of Fu Jincheng’s excessive hospitality these days, she eats very well. In contrast, the meal ordered by her secretary seems to be less attentive than Fu Jincheng. She didn’t blame her secretary. She was busy with her work. She just felt it all of a sudden. Thinking of this, she couldn’t help smiling. She felt that she had been served by Fu Jincheng for two or three days, but she became delicate. After all, her secretary ordered this takeout for her some time ago, and she didn’t say anything, so she couldn’t eat wrong. So, not the taste of the lunch box has changed, but she has become picky. Thinking of this, she smiled a little and looked at the phone she put aside. She didn’t pay much attention to her busy work before. Now she has some free time, she remembered that Fu Jincheng didn’t call her at noon today

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