Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3373

According to Fu Jincheng, he seems to be busy today. He is not so free a few days ago.

Maybe he was too busy to call her.

Although I think so, I still feel a little lost.

Thinking of this, she looked at her mobile phone, hesitated, and called Fu Jincheng.

No matter what the relationship between Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun is now, as long as he wants to maintain the family with her, she doesn’t need to extrapolate him.

The maintenance of the relationship requires both sides to take the initiative.

He took the initiative. If he could make their relationship stronger, she could take the initiative.

The phone got through, but no one answered.

Probably busy.

She didn’t call him again. After a break, she continued to be busy.

However, after half an hour, she didn’t wait for Fu Jincheng’s call back. When she was working, she became absent-minded.

The other side.

Fu Jincheng had dinner with others and didn’t have time to have a good rest. Dong Ou came to him again and showed him a piece of information. “This is the information that Leishi sent me just now. Have a look.”

Fu Jincheng quickly turned over, “very good, no problem.”

Dong Ou was relieved. At this time, Secretary LAN came and said that there was a meeting. Fu Jincheng and Dong Ou went to the conference room for a meeting.

The content of today’s meeting is a little miscellaneous and takes a long time. It’s almost four o’clock after the meeting.

Dong Ou looked at the time and was worried: “it’s four o’clock. President Lei’s plane arrives around four fifty. There are many cars on the road at this time. I’m afraid there will be a traffic jam. We have to hurry.”

Fu Jincheng was not in a hurry, but it was really bad to be late. Before he spoke, Secretary LAN asked, “do you want me to follow?”

“It’s just a simple meal. If you have something, it doesn’t matter if you don’t go.”

“OK.” If he said so, Secretary LAN wouldn’t go either.

Dong Ou urged Fu Jincheng to go out. Fu Jincheng took his coat, went downstairs and went out.

This point is still early. There will be no special traffic jam. It seems that it is still in time. Dong Ou is relieved and asked Fu Jincheng: “so, let’s have dinner together tonight?”

In this way, it’s almost like a private dinner.

It’s really good to have a good relationship with Lei Yun. He’s very happy.

Fu Jincheng thought of something. He took out his suit pocket and said, “I don’t know. It depends on whether there are others over there.”

Dong Ou was about to speak when he saw Fu Jincheng suddenly frown and stunned, “what’s the matter?”

Fu Jincheng frowned and said, “I don’t seem to have my mobile phone.”

Dong Ou was stunned. “Didn’t you bring it, or did you lose it on the road?”

Fu Jincheng thought for a moment, and his face was black for three points. “I didn’t bring it.” Usually, he is used to putting his mobile phone in his pocket. Today, he may put it on the office sofa and forget to put it in his pocket.


It’s troublesome for them to turn around in this place. It’s estimated that it will take half an hour to toss around. If he goes back to get his cell phone, it’s probably too late.

Fu Jincheng naturally understood this truth and didn’t speak any more.

Seeing that he was not very happy, Dong Ou swallowed his saliva nervously.

This time, he was in a hurry. If he didn’t hurry, Fu Jincheng probably wouldn’t forget to bring his mobile phone.

After all, it’s his fault.

Seeing that Fu Jincheng didn’t speak, he asked carefully, “do you need your mobile phone urgently? Why don’t I borrow your cell phone? “

Fu Jincheng despised him and said, “No.”

He wanted to have a chat with Gao Yunjin while he was free. Since the mobile phone was not around and Dong Ou was bothered, he still let it go.

Half an hour later, they arrived at their destination.

Dong Ou looked at Fu Jincheng. “Mr. Fu, do you want to call Mr. Lei and ask about the situation?”

“Well, you fight.”

Dong Ou originally wanted Fu Jincheng to call. Now he said so, and then he remembered that he forgot to bring his mobile phone.

Looking at Fu Jincheng’s black face, Dong Ou patted his forehead with chagrin.

He said, why is Fu Jincheng’s face so ugly? Isn’t it because his mobile phone wasn’t around when he wanted to contact Lei Yun?

Why didn’t he think of it before?

Thinking of this, he dared not delay any more. He hurriedly called Lei Yun. Lei Yun had got off the plane and was walking towards the exit. He picked up the phone and said, “Dong Ou has arrived?”

“Here we are. President Fu and I are here, right here at the VIP exit.”

Lei Yun raised his eyebrow: “OK, I’m almost there, Dong ou. I’ll see you soon.”

After hanging up the phone, Lei Yun looked at the silent people around him, “I’ll have dinner with Dong Ou later. Does Huo always want one?”

Huo Zhengyun said coldly, “no, I have an appointment.”

Lei Yun hooked his lips: “OK, since President Huo said so, next time.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t want to talk to her. Silently, he crossed her with his secretary and walked quickly towards the exit. Lei Yun looked at his indifferent back. He didn’t feel angry. Instead, he raised his lips and accelerated his pace to keep up. At the VIP exit, Huo Zhengyun just looked up and looked into Fu Jincheng’s eyes. I didn’t expect to see each other here. They were stunned. Before he could make a response, Lei Yun behind Huo Zhengyun arrived and walked to Fu Jincheng. “Sorry, President Fu and Dong ou, you’ve been waiting.” Fu Jincheng didn’t answer. Dong Ou interrupted, “no, we just arrived.” Huo Zhengyun’s attention was on Fu Jincheng. He didn’t pay attention to Dong ou, but Dong Ou couldn’t ignore Huo Zhengyun. He couldn’t help looking at Huo Zhengyun more. Lei Yun noticed his sight and explained, “it was a coincidence to meet President Huo on the plane and know that he had booked the same flight with President Huo.” Dong Ou smiled, “it’s quite a coincidence. That –” it’s not a way to pestle here, is it? Lei Yun understood and asked President sun to help her carry her luggage into the car. He then turned back and asked Huo Zhengyun, “President Huo, hasn’t your car arrived yet? Shall we give you a ride? ““ Thank you, Mr. Lei, for your kindness, but don’t bother. The car to pick us up is coming. ““ That’s good. ” Lei Yun said with a smile, “Mr. Huo, let’s go first.”“ Walk slowly. ” Lei Yun nodded and was about to get on the bus when a car came from behind. Lei Yun’s eyes flashed slightly, looked at them and said with a smile, “President Huo, is this your car?” Before Huo Zhengyun spoke, Fu Jincheng glanced at the past at will. When he saw the car and license plate, he suddenly stopped the steps of getting on the car, and his face suddenly cooled down. Lei Yun smiled. Huo Zhengyun also stared at Fu Jincheng. He seemed to understand what was going on. Only Dong Ou didn’t understand what was going on: “what’s the matter?” Fu Jincheng’s face suddenly became so ugly that he was scared to death. Fu Jincheng didn’t speak and stared at the car behind him.

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