Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3374

At this time, the car stopped. Gao Yunjin got off the car and chatted with people with her mobile phone. She noticed someone in front. When she saw Fu Jincheng and them, she was stunned by the door of the car.

Others stared at her, too.

For a moment, no one spoke.

The person on the other side of the phone said a few words, but Gao Yunjin didn’t get a response. He called her a few times. Gao Yunjin suddenly regained his mind, took back his sight, said a few words with the other side of the phone, and hung up.

He looked up again and looked at Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun. Seeing Fu Jincheng’s gloomy face, Lei Yun didn’t want to understand why his face was so ugly. Lei Yun raised his lips and said, “it’s really a coincidence that Mrs. Fu is also here.”

The others didn’t answer. Fu Jincheng always stared at Gao Yunjin. Gao Yunjin hated Lei Yun. Compared with her warmth, she was very cold, “it’s a coincidence.”

Lei Yun seemed not to notice her coldness. He looked at Huo Zhengyun curiously: “did Mrs. Fu come to pick up president Huo?”

“Yes.” Gao Yunjin didn’t want to talk to her very much. She walked towards Huo Zhengyun and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Huo, I’ve kept you waiting.”

“It’s all right. I just got off the plane, too.”

Gao Yunjin nodded. Then he looked at Fu Jincheng and saw that he didn’t mean to speak. He didn’t know what he meant.

But her relationship with him, everyone here knows that there is a problem between their husband and wife, and everyone here knows that. Nevertheless, they are still husband and wife. They can’t make sense without saying hello.

She said faintly, “are you here to pick up president Lei?”

Fu Jincheng said, “yes.”

But the tone was a little cold.

These days, he is very enthusiastic and always likes to stick to her.

But now, his attitude has changed dramatically with him in the past two days. It seems that he who is active and gentle these days is just her dream, not real.

Gao Yunjin looked at Lei Yun and knew it clearly. Before she opened her mouth, Lei Yun suddenly interrupted: “I don’t know what arrangements Huo and Mrs. Fu have next? If you don’t mind, would you like to have dinner later? “

Huo Zhengyun directly refused, “sorry, Huo has something to do. Let’s have dinner next time.”

Lei Yun looked regretful and smiled at Gao Yunjin. “Where’s Mrs. Fu? Is Mrs. Fu free? “

Gao Yunjin didn’t want to talk to Lei Yun either. She looked at Fu Jincheng’s gloomy eyes and refused: “I have something to do, too.”

Lei Yun was even more regretful. “Well, I have to wait for next time.”

Gao Yunjin didn’t respond. Huo Zhengyun said faintly, “President Gao, let’s go.”

Gao Yunjin nodded, looked at Fu Jincheng, who was silent, and turned to get on the car.

The car soon drove away. Until their car disappeared, Lei Yun looked at Fu Jincheng, “Mr. Fu, it’s getting late. Why don’t we go too?”

Fu Jincheng didn’t speak. Lei Dong, who had no sense of existence just now, replied: “please come here, Mr. Lei.”

At this time, Fu Jincheng moved and followed him into the car.

People with eyes could see that Fu Jincheng was in a bad mood, and Dong Ou didn’t want to touch the bad luck. He took the initiative to take charge of the task of greeting Lei Yun and chatted with her enthusiastically.

Lei Yun also smiled and talked. Lei Yun looked at Fu Jincheng and said curiously, “Mr. Fu and Mrs. Fu quarreled again?”

Dong Ou smiled slightly. Before he spoke, Fu Jincheng said faintly, “No.”

Lei Yun disagreed and said, “speaking of it, every time I see you, you’re not in a very good mood.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t answer.

Dong Ou doesn’t understand how Lei Yun talks about this. It’s like an outsider, but maybe they’re making trouble and temporarily draw a line? However, the feelings between young people are always easy to break. Even if Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng want to break, they can often encounter them at work. Even if they want to break, as long as they still have feelings in each other’s hearts, they can’t break so easily

Yes, it is.

Lei Yun did not take the initiative to talk about Gao Yunjin with Fu Jincheng, but talked to Dong Ou without a word.


After having dinner with Huo Zhengyun after returning from the airport, he returned to the company for several shifts. At more than nine o’clock, he was busy, left the company and took a bus home.

The driver didn’t play the music. The car was too quiet. It was so quiet that it was easy for people to think. She couldn’t help saying to the driver, “play some music.”

The driver was a little surprised, because Gao Yunjin was not a person who particularly liked listening to music. She preferred to sit quietly in the back seat and have a quiet rest than listening to music.

Seeing her face, the driver said, “why don’t you sleep for a while? I’ll call you when you arrive. “

Gao Yunjin shook his head: “No.”

She can’t sleep.

Thinking of this, she looked at her cell phone.

It’s ten o’clock in the evening.

According to Fu Jincheng’s hospitality these days, normally speaking, even if he is busy and can’t leave, he will at least call her.

But today, Fu Jincheng didn’t call her. Although he has a lot to do today, he should not be so busy that he doesn’t even have time to make a phone call. Thinking of this, I can’t help thinking of the scene that happened at the airport in the afternoon and Lei Yun. Thinking of Lei Yun, she wouldn’t be surprised that Fu Jincheng would change his warm attitude and treat her indifferently again. However, it’s hard to avoid some loss and sadness in my heart. Thinking of this, she put her mobile phone aside, closed her eyes and went to rest. Back home, Fu Jincheng really hasn’t come back. After taking a bath, in the early morning, when I was ready to go to bed, I still couldn’t see Fu Jincheng. So… He’s not going to come back tonight? Gao Yunjin tossed and turned in bed and thought. Finally, she got up, picked up her mobile phone and wanted to call Fu Jincheng. However, before she dialed out, she heard a car outside the door. She was stunned and went out to look on the balcony. Sure enough, she saw Fu Jincheng stepping into the garden from the outside. Before she could react, Fu Jincheng probably noticed her and looked up at her. Gao Yunjin was stunned and wanted to say something. Fu Jincheng had taken back his sight. Gao Yunjin’s words about to say were also blocked in her throat. After a while, Fu Jincheng came back with a strong smell of wine. Gao Yunjin stood aside, “have you been drinking? Would you like some sober soup? ““ No, I’m not drunk. ” The tone was quite cold, and her face was cold“ Oh. ” When he said this, Gao Yunjin was silent, but it was a good thing for her to prepare for the worst. Thinking of this, she took the initiative to say, “I’ll help you find clothes?” Fu Jincheng glanced at her and gave a “hum”.

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