Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3380

When she finished the sobering soup and went upstairs with it, Fu Jincheng just came out of the bathroom.

There were still drops of water hanging on his hair. He didn’t wipe it himself. When he saw her coming back, he held her over, bowed his head and kissed her fiercely, “is it still smelly?”

Gao Yunjin: “… It doesn’t smell.”

Fu Jincheng smiled and kissed her carefully.

Gao Yunjin gasped. When he loosened her lips a little, his palm blocked his lips and stopped him from kissing, “drink soup.”

Fu Jincheng reluctantly let go of her. Gao Yunjin said, “I’ll wipe your hair.”

Fu Jincheng was happy again, but he still didn’t want to let her go and let her sit in his arms and wipe his hair.

Gao Yunjin: “

Too lazy to argue with him, Gao Yunjin sat in his arms and wiped his hair.

The ginger soup was still hot. Fu Jincheng took a sip, put down the bowl, and looked at Gao Yunjin, who sat seriously in his arms and helped him wipe his hair. His eyes were full of joy.

Gao Yunjin carefully wiped his hair. She didn’t notice his face. Instead, when Fu Jincheng hugged her waist and wanted to kiss her, she noticed it for the first time and covered his lips.

Fu Jincheng: “

He was not very happy. “Dislike me again?”

“I didn’t –“

“Then kiss me.” Fu Jincheng advances every inch.

Gao Yunjin hesitated and pecked his thin lips twice. Fu Jincheng was teasing her. The plot succeeded. She was so happy that she drank his ginger soup at ease.

His hair was not long. Gao Yunjin wiped it for a while, and his hair was almost dry.

She pushed his big palm that clasped her slender waist. “I’ll wash the towel.”

“No hurry, I’ll wash it later.”

It’s not a thing to hold like this, “then let go -“

“Don’t let go.”

Gao Yunjin: “

Fu Jincheng smiled and pecked her lips. “What’s wrong with you? Let you go tonight. Are you relieved at last?”

His demand in that area has always been strong, and he has always been very interested in her. If he can ask for her, he will never be soft hearted and rarely take the initiative to compromise.


He has no energy now.

Remembering that he changed his clothes and came back, Gao Yunjin didn’t answer.

When she didn’t speak, he wondered, “don’t you believe it?”

“No, I believe.” She said hurriedly.

Fu Jincheng smiled and touched her little head, “are you tired?”

Gao Yunjin nodded, “a little. I want to go to bed early and work tomorrow.”

“Then sleep in my arms. If you fall asleep, I’ll hold you to bed.”

Gao Yunjin: “

He is still not going to let her go.

Gao Yunjin is not in the mood to tell him this now. What he says is what he says.

She also simply leaned on his shoulder and slept with his neck in her arms.

Fu Jincheng didn’t expect that she didn’t make trouble. He raised his eyebrows and pecked her ear: “become smart.”

If she doesn’t, he can push an inch and pester her to do it again.

However, thinking of her busy work recently, she usually doesn’t exercise and her energy is not very good, he still relented to let her go.

The ginger soup in the bowl was a little cooler. He drank it in two or three bites. The tip of his tall nose rubbed against her neck, “are you really asleep?”

Gao Yunjin ignored him.

Fu Jincheng smiled and suddenly stood up from the chair. Gao Yunjin just hugged his shoulder. He suddenly got up. She immediately hugged his neck reflexively.

Fu Jincheng smiled, and her strong arms firmly encircled her in his arms, “don’t pack?”

Gao Yunjin’s small face was slightly red. The small face was buried in his neck and ignored him.

Fu Jincheng knew that she had a thin skin and was rarely kind. He let her go and put her on the bed to cover her with a quilt. “OK, go to sleep.”


Fu Jincheng went into the washroom again. After a simple mouth, he came back to the room to hold her to sleep.

Gao Yunjin was confused. She thought she would not sleep tonight. However, the fact was that she was held in Fu Jincheng’s arms and listened to his familiar heartbeat. She fell asleep in less than five minutes.

And no dreams all night.

The next day, before going out to work, Fu Jincheng told Gao Yunjin that he was busy with his work. Maybe he didn’t have time to find her for dinner at noon and at night.

Then he asked her, “what about you? What are the plans for noon and evening? Did you leave work so early yesterday mean that the next work will not be so busy as it was some time ago? “

“The work is still very busy, but there should be no need to work overtime every day.” Gao Yunjin said truthfully.

“Do you have dinner at noon and in the evening?” Fu Jincheng didn’t ignore the questions she didn’t answer.


“So you’re going to eat your own takeout?”

“I think so.”

Listening to her meaning, it seems that he didn’t mean to have dinner with Huo Zhengyun. He was relieved.

However, he is not completely relieved. After all, she may lie to him.

Thinking of this, he narrowed his eyes and said to her, “I’ll ask someone to send you lunch to your company at noon.”

“I’m not necessarily in the company. I may go to the fabric factory.”


Fu Jincheng didn’t ask again.

Out of the door, they drove to work.

Several waves of guests came to the company today. Fu Jincheng is very busy and has never been idle.

At noon, he needed to go out to socialize, eat with people and get in the car. He called Gao Yunjin.

But Gao Yunjin didn’t answer.

Fu Jincheng clenched his cell phone and called again.

Gao Yunjin still didn’t answer.

Fu Jincheng clenched his cell phone, thought about it and called, “send two people to follow his wife. If she has contact with Huo Zhengyun, leave and report to me.”

“Only when she meets Huo Zhengyun does she need to report?”

“Others you think need to be reported can also be reported together.”


As he was saying this, Gao Yunjin called back, “Jincheng, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing. I just want to ask if you have eaten.” He said, “where are you now?”

“I’ve just come out of the fabric factory and am going to find a restaurant nearby for dinner.”

“There are more fast food over there. It’s unhealthy. It’s healthier to eat in the city.”

“But I’m hungry.”

Fu Jincheng was too soft hearted, “well, it’s OK to have two fast food meals occasionally.”

“Well, I’ll hang up first?”


After hanging up, Fu Jincheng immediately told Gao Yunjin’s approximate address to the people who followed Gao Yunjin and asked them to find Gao Yunjin.

Half an hour later, his cell phone rang.

At this time, he was having dinner with someone.

As soon as his cell phone rang, all the people at the table looked over, “Mr. Fu, is someone asking you to have dinner again?”

“Is it Mr. Lei?” Fu Jincheng didn’t have time to pay attention to the ridicule of others. He got up and went out to answer the phone, “how about it?”

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