Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3383

Lei Yun raised his eyebrow: “Fu always thinks I can have something on my mind?”

Fu Jincheng smiled and said, “Lei is getting better and better under the leadership of President Lei. Fu really can’t think of anything that can make President Lei frown.”

He couldn’t think of anything. He didn’t think about it at all.

Isn’t it because he never really regarded her as a friend?

Thinking of this, Lei Yun put away his smile and suddenly realized where his mistake was. However, her heart doubled, but her face was still the same as before, sighing: “President Fu found a lover early and entered the palace of marriage. Now your daughter is lovely, your son is clever, and your life is happy. How can you understand me

The pain of family elders urging marriage? “

Fu Jincheng really doesn’t have such experience, and the focus is also off track, “if President Lei really wants to get married, spend more time on it, I believe there will be good news soon.”

“Marriage is a lifetime event. Where can it be solved with more time? Isn’t the point to find one you like and suitable? “

“Yes, ray is always right.”

Fu Jincheng nodded and smiled.

Lei Yun glanced at him, “Mr. Fu, it’s too much for you to persuade others to find the other half casually, but your marriage is happy?”

Fu Jincheng didn’t care much about Lei Yun’s personal affairs. He just agreed. He didn’t know why Lei Yun suddenly became serious.

According to the past two people get along, shouldn’t it stop at once?

Fu Jincheng hasn’t spoken yet. Lei Yun takes back his eyes and doesn’t have a smile on his face. “Speaking of, I’ve known president Fu for so long. It seems that we can’t even be friends?”

Fu Jincheng frowned and didn’t understand why Lei Yun suddenly said.

Does she want to talk to him?

What does it mean for a woman to talk to a man?

Fu Jincheng thought of Gao Yunjin’s dislike for Lei Yun, and his eyes were filled with a bit of exploration.

Lei Yun didn’t look at him. After ordering, he said faintly, “do you have many friends?”

Fu Jincheng couldn’t keep up with her ideas, but he still replied, “not much.”

“But there are, right? For example, lawyer Qin. “


“But I have no friends, Mr. Fu?”

Is she really going to talk to him?

Fu Jincheng said, “it seems that President Lei is not in a good mood today.”

Lei Yun did not smile, but ignored Fu Jincheng’s mind to change the topic and continued: “in general Fu’s opinion, I seem to be a person who does everything for the sake of interests, so people like me deserve to have no friends, right?”

Fu Jincheng frowned and felt that Lei Yun had passed a little today. They were not friends after all. He had no obligation to listen to her.

However, in the end is a partner, naturally can not turn around and leave, face or to give.

“Mr. Lei is serious. Fu didn’t think so.”

Lei Yun said with a wry smile, “in fact, it’s not just Mr. Fu. I’m afraid others think so.” Before Fu Jincheng answered, she said, “yes, I do do do anything for the sake of interests, but this is my duty. I don’t think I’m wrong. It’s just that I seem to show what kind of person I am at work, and everyone thinks I’m private

The bottom is what kind of person, but who can understand that without work, I am also a simple ordinary woman who needs training, relaxation and company? “

This is the first time since they knew each other, Lei Yun stripped himself in front of Fu Jincheng and poured out his heart with him.

However, her words may be an honor for a single man.

For a man like Fu Jincheng who is married, loyal to his marriage and has no intention of cheating, he feels embarrassed.

Of course, Fu Jincheng is also a person. Lei Yun stripped off his defensive coat and showed him. He was more or less moved. He thought Lei Yun was right.

Even the person standing at the top is a person, a person, who has his own joys and sorrows, needs care and warmth, needs friends and care.

Thinking of this, Fu Jincheng said: “in that case, Lei can always put down his work and manage his friendship or a closer emotional relationship.”

Fu Jincheng is naturally right. After all, since you want something, you have to spend time and energy to get it, and then maintain those relationships.

If Lei Yun spends all his time and energy on his work and doesn’t spend much time on relationships, how can he have friends and intimate lovers?

But Lei Yun choked on Fu Jincheng’s words.

Lei Yun is not really complaining that he has no friends.

Naturally, she doesn’t need those friends who don’t help her. They can only be a burden to her.

In doing so, she just understood that after Fu Jincheng worked, she seemed to really regard herself as a very ordinary person and integrate into such a life.

Therefore, she changed her strategy and wanted to narrow the distance with Fu Jincheng through a sense of identity, so that the two people at least no longer have a simple partnership.

However, on the whole, she didn’t gain anything. At least Fu Jincheng took it seriously and thought she really wanted to have friends, didn’t she? Thinking of this, she smiled helplessly: “Mr. Fu is right, but the company has a heavy task. I don’t mean that I can go away if I want to go away. I’m not president Fu. I don’t have as much freedom as you. Although I am in power now, there are still shareholders in the company

Grandpa, they are all staring at me. I wish I could separate myself and work hard to strive for more benefits for the company. “

Hearing this, Fu Jincheng didn’t feel at all.

After all, in his last life, he was trapped in Fu for some time.

At that time, although master Fu tried his best to cultivate him and was in power for some time, he couldn’t help doing many things. He couldn’t do what he wanted to do.

On the contrary, he is busy with his work. Not only does he have low freedom of work, but he doesn’t even make friends or make major marriage decisions by himself.

Recalling those things in his previous life, Fu Jincheng was a little distracted.

Sometimes he felt that the things in his last life were far away from him, but as long as he thought of them occasionally, it was as if they had happened yesterday.

Therefore, he can fully sympathize with what Lei Yun said.

It was really Lei Yun’s truth just now. She also said it on purpose. I thought that people like Fu Jincheng might not understand this when they came out to fight alone.

Unexpectedly, Fu Jincheng seemed to understand and went away. Lei Yun was a little surprised. His eyes flashed slightly. He was surprised by what he said.

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