Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3398

Fu Jincheng thought it didn’t matter. He just reminded: “the environment here is not very good, and I don’t know Lei can’t accept it.”

Lei yundun said, “it seems that we haven’t eaten together in these places?”

Fu Jincheng shook his head: “No.”

“In fact, I prefer to eat in these places than in high-end restaurants. The food in these places is more delicious. Sitting here can get rid of my impetuosity and return to peace. It’s a pity that I’m usually busy with work and seldom have such a chance to come to such a place. However, I think it’s only about 20 minutes’ drive from where I live. The food here tastes good. I can come often when I’m free


Fu Jincheng gave a “um”.

Lei Yun smiled, didn’t know what he thought, and said, “however, if this place really wants to be a tourist area, it’s estimated that there won’t be so many opportunities to eat such local specialties. Should it be planned uniformly?”


Lei Yun stopped talking and suddenly became quiet.

Fu Jincheng noticed and looked at the past, “what’s the matter?”

“I suddenly felt that it was good not to develop the place here.” Lei Yun said faintly, “if it is developed, it will spoil such a good place.”

Fu Jincheng also thinks so. Therefore, the government has not completely approved the project and is still hesitating.

This is also an important reason why he does not intend to invest.

Although he and Gao Yunjin rarely come here in recent years, the place is a good place. Over development is not a good thing.

“Should Secretary Chang be able to say something about it?” Lei Yun suddenly asked.

“Maybe.” When Fu Jincheng heard her ask, he looked at her more. “Does president Lei want to provide some suggestions to Secretary Chang?”

“I dare not.” Lei Yun said faintly, “just say what you really feel.”


Lei Yun looked at the residents on the street, “they probably don’t want to be developed here?”

“Look at people.”

If this place is developed, it will be a good opportunity for the residents here to make a fortune. Such an opportunity can be said to be rare, and many people simply can’t get it.

However, for some old people who are nostalgic or do not lack this money, their ideas are completely different.

Lei Yun also understood this truth, so he didn’t say anything.

After a while, they got off the bus in front of a farmhouse.

Fu Jincheng has been to this farmhouse several times before. His appearance is outstanding and he has a certain popularity. The boss of farmhouse knows him.

Today is the weekend. There are many guests in the farmhouse.

The boss was busy greeting the guests. They entered the door. When the boss knew that a guest was coming, he handed the dishes to the guests on the side. He turned around and wanted to greet the new guests. Unexpectedly, he saw Fu Jincheng.

The boss was surprised, “Mr. Fu is here?”

The boss’s voice is not big or small. The farmhouse is not big. The main material of the dining pavilion is bamboo, which is very poetic, but it is not sound proof. As soon as the boss said something, many people saw it.

If it were two or three years ago, maybe many people didn’t know Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun.

In the past two years, there has been a lot of gossip between them. Some young people know them and are surprised to see them.

They didn’t expect to see Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun. Afraid of missing such a good opportunity, they took out their mobile phones to take photos.

Fu Jincheng frowned when he noticed that the boss’s “general manager Fu” attracted the attention of the people around him.

But before he spoke, the boss looked left and right. He didn’t see Gao Yunjin, but saw two strangers. Lei Yun looked beautiful and young. The boss looked around Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun.

However, the boss is also a person with insight. Even if he is curious, it is impossible to ask Fu Jincheng what in front of so many people and hurriedly say: “the private room is still empty. Mr. Fu, do you want to sit in the private room?”

When Fu Jincheng saw many people looking at him and Lei Yun, he looked excited and nodded silently.

Lei Yun is very good. Noticing the look of his boss, he knows that his boss is very familiar with Fu Jincheng, but he doesn’t know himself, which means he doesn’t often surf the Internet.

Thinking of this, after sitting down in the private room, Lei Yun relaxed and said with a smile, “boss, what’s the specialty in your store? How about an introduction? “

The boss nodded hurriedly, introduced Lei Yun, and then asked Fu Jincheng, “Mr. Fu, are you still business as usual?”


“OK.” The boss paused and said, “some of the peach blossom wine we made five years ago has come out this year. President Fu rarely comes here today. Do you want to have a jar?”

“Peach blossom wine? Wine? ” Before Fu Jincheng answered, Lei Yun asked with interest.

The boss nodded, “yes.”

“Has Mr. Fu ever drunk? How does it taste? ” Lei Yun asked again.

“Very good.”

“It’s estimated that it’s really a good thing for Mr. Fu to say good words. Mr. Fu, would you like a drink?”

The last time Fu Jincheng drank this farmhouse’s peach blossom wine was two or three years ago. According to the boss, he really wanted to taste it, “then drink some.”

They ordered a pot of peach blossom wine. When the boss wanted to leave, Fu Jincheng said, “I want to take some jars back to send my friends. Please pack them for me.”

The quantity of peach blossom wine in their farmhouse is limited. Generally speaking, it is not allowed to take it out, but Fu Jincheng’s status is not general and he is also an acquaintance.

Listening to Fu Jincheng’s words, Lei Yun was also interested, “boss, pack three jars.”

The boss was a little difficult, “this –“

He looked at Fu Jincheng. Fu Jincheng said with a smile, “then divide three of my five altars to President Lei.”

Lei Yun was stunned when he listened, “what’s so funny?”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll just come to the store and drink when I’m free.” Fu Jincheng said politely.

Lei always listened to him and smiled, but he didn’t refuse.

After that, Lei Yun gently chatted with her boss. Her attitude was very good. Although the boss didn’t know her identity with Fu Jincheng, her attitude was so gentle and polite that the boss had a better impression of her.

After ordering, the boss left the private room and left the space for Fu Jincheng and them.

Fu Jincheng picked up his cell phone and said to Lei Yun, “I have something to do. Go out and make a phone call.”


Fu Jincheng walked away and went out to call someone, “how about it? Is there any news on the Internet? “

“Someone did send two microblogs, but we had handled it before the news spread out.”

“OK.” Fu Jincheng didn’t relax yet. “Continue to let people stare. It’s estimated that there will be more in a while.”“ OK. “

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