Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3399

After hanging up, Fu Jincheng remembered Gao Yunjin and called Gao Yunjin.

Gao Yunjin was also having dinner. When he received his call, he immediately answered, “hello.”

“It’s me.”


“Have you eaten yet?” Fu Jincheng asked gently.


“Eat at home?”


“Then you eat first?”


Her answer was so short that she didn’t seem to want to ask him anything.

Does it mean she doesn’t care if she doesn’t ask?

Fu Jincheng paused, “Xiaojin, don’t you ask me if I have eaten?”

Gao Yunjin paused, “don’t you call me when you’re free, it means you’re ready to eat, or you’ve arrived at the hotel?”

Fu Jincheng: “


“That’s right, but you can also ask.”

They have been together for so many years. If there is only something new worth communicating with each other, they really have nothing to talk about.

However, emotional communication is often accumulated through some small daily things, and will not ask nothing because they know what the other party is doing.

Gao Yunjin: “

After a pause, she asked, “where are you now?”

She asked for a reason.

Because she knows where he is.

Although Fu Jincheng has asked people to handle the news as soon as possible.

But he was a little late.

He also missed the golf course.

When he went to play golf, Gao Yunjin knew he was with Lei Yun.

Fu Jincheng said he would come back in the afternoon, so she continued to pay attention to the news on the Internet. Soon, she learned about the romance of his date with Lei Yun near their home.

Just now, when she was preparing to eat, she saw from the news on the Internet that he and Lei Yun had dinner at the farmhouse.

Moreover, this farmhouse is still her favorite home with her two children.

Fu Jincheng said his real address, “they are very interested in this place. Just come and have a look and have a meal here.”

“Well.” He only said friends, not which one he was. Gao Yunjin didn’t point out anything. When he didn’t know anything, he said, “there are really some good signature dishes here. You can introduce them to your friends.”

“I know, we all ordered.”

Gao Yunjin bowed his head, “HMM.”

As they were talking, two little guys sitting in the dining room urged, “Mom, haven’t you finished yet? The dishes are going to be cold. “

Fu Jincheng heard it and smiled, “then you have a good meal with the children. I think I can serve the dishes soon. I’ll talk back later.”


Gao Yunjin listened and hung up immediately.

Fu Jincheng: “

She hung up the phone so neatly that she didn’t seem to miss him at all.

Also, if he doesn’t call her, she probably won’t care what he’s doing or whether he’s eating.

Fu Jincheng’s eyes were dim. After standing in place for a while, he turned and went back to the private room.

Lei Yun can probably guess who he is calling. Seeing him back, he suddenly said, “by the way, Mr. Fu, the boss came and said that there are many guests today. Maybe we have to wait a while before we can serve.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter to me,” Fu Jincheng asked, “if President Lei is in a hurry -“

Lei Yun smiled, “don’t worry, Mr. Fu. Listen to me. I mean, isn’t it close to your house here? Why don’t you ask Miss Gao and Yueyue to come over for dinner? “

“No.” Fu Jincheng refused without hesitation: “I just called home. They are already eating.”

Don’t say they are already eating. Even if they don’t eat, he won’t call.

If he calls, Gao Yunjin will know that he is having dinner with Lei Yun. It is estimated that he will misunderstand that he went out today and made an appointment with Lei Yun.

He doesn’t want Gao Yunjin to misunderstand.

Therefore, not saying is the best choice.

Lei Yun was not surprised at his answer, “well, it’s a pity, then next time.”


It took more than ten minutes for the food to come up.

Farmhouse has a lot of meals. The pots are not as exquisite as those in high-end hotels, but the taste is very good and the wine tastes very good. Although Lei Yun doesn’t care much about the surrounding environment and feels that this place is really rudimentary, she has to admit that the food here tastes so good that although she dislikes the environment here, she can ignore this point for the sake of the delicacy here


Peach blossom wine has a faint peach blossom fragrance. The wine taste is not very strong, but the concentration of the wine is not low, it is sweet, and the taste level is very rich. Lei Yun thinks she needs three jars less.

Thinking of this, she didn’t know what she thought, and her eyes flashed slightly.

Lei Yun was very happy this time, but Fu Jincheng was in a general mood.

The food here tastes really good. The fly in the ointment is that the person sitting next to him is not Gao Yunjin and two children, but Lei Yun.

If Gao Yunjin were there, she might eat more delicious.

Thinking of this, Fu Jincheng thought he might find a chance to have dinner here with Gao Yunjin next week

Fu Jincheng’s thoughts drifted away. He didn’t speak much, and Lei Yun didn’t speak much.

After a full meal, Lei Yun gracefully wiped the lower lip corner, but his face showed a satisfied smile, “I haven’t eaten so full for a long time.”

“Ray always likes it.”

They talked politely. Lei Yun got up to settle the bill. She didn’t stay much. She said, “I’m sorry to bother you so long today.”

“It’s just a small effort. There’s no trouble.”

“I’ll invite you to dinner next time. President Fu must appreciate it.” Then he said two polite words to Fu Jincheng and got on the bus and left.

Watching Fu Jincheng get on his car and close the door, Lei Yun’s smile faded.

Mr. Sun can probably know what she is thinking: “Mr. Fu is really invulnerable.” Generally speaking, when working with beautiful women like Lei Yun, even if Fu Jincheng won’t make concessions in front of interests, he will be more or less gentle and considerate in private contact. In addition, Lei Yun intends to put down his body. They are two

In fact, it is easy to approach each other’s hearts. Even if there is no immediate ambiguous relationship, it should at least be a good friend.

However, when we arrived at Fu Jincheng, no matter what Lei Yun did, even if he narrowed the distance a little, it was very easy to open the distance again.

This determination is not what ordinary men can have.

If he had not known that he was married, if he had never heard of his sexual orientation, he really thought he was not interested in women. However, where is he not interested in women?

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