Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3405

When she changed her clothes, Fu Jincheng was looking at her mobile phone, “how do you pay attention to the trend of this brand? Are you going to work with them? “

“No, it’s just –” I just checked. This brand can’t work. Cooperating with them will only waste money, but this brand is a high-end old brand with high popularity. If it’s some big clothing brands, you can actually seize this opportunity to buy this brand,

It’s good to improve the popularity of your own brand. “

His statement coincides with what Huo Zhengyun said.

Thinking of this, Gao Yunjin was about to speak, and two little guys came in, “Mom and Dad, great grandparents said we were ready to go out.”

Before Gao Yunjin spoke, Fu Jincheng said, “OK, mom and dad know.”

With that, Fu Jincheng put down Gao Yunjin’s mobile phone and kissed her little face. “Maybe you have to eat breakfast in the car. I’ll go downstairs and ask someone to put your breakfast in a lunch box. I’ll take it to you later.”

Speaking of this, Gao Yunjin felt a little ashamed, “OK.”

“Then hurry up. I’ll wait for you downstairs.”


Gao Yunjin put away her mobile phone, quickly put on light makeup, and went downstairs with her bag.

Downstairs, master Fu and some of them have gone out, leaving Fu Jincheng waiting for her downstairs with a food box in his hand.

“Where are Yue Yue and Xiao Xuan?”

“They left with the old man.”“ Oh. ” After getting on the bus, Fu Jincheng opened the food box, padded it with a cushion, held a fried dumpling with chopsticks and handed it to her lips. “For convenience, I only brought some dumplings, steamed stuffed buns and a can of soybean milk. We’ll eat some today and I’ll eat it tomorrow

Eat better. The rest of the family eat light. I specially asked someone to prepare chili sauce for you to see if you like it? “

“Yes.” Gao Yunjin took it and ate it by herself. She didn’t want him to feed it. She tasted it and nodded: “it tastes fresh, fragrant and delicious.”

Seeing that she liked it, Fu Jincheng was relieved and sat on one side holding her chin to watch her eat.

The ancestors of the Fu family are buried on the mountain. There is no stone road on the mountain. There is only a winding path left by firewood choppers, which is particularly difficult to walk.

For adults, climbing such a mountain road is the most tiring, but the two children are very happy and rush forward with other children.

Gao Yunjin was not at ease, but she was not strong enough to keep up. Fu Jincheng asked Fu Jincheng to follow. Fu Jincheng only looked at the child for a while, stopped to wait for Gao Yunjin and pulled her forward.

After a while, when Fu Jincheng went to follow the steps of the two children, President Yang called in.

Fu Jincheng picked it up while climbing the mountain. “President Yang?”

“I heard you came back to G city?”

“Yes, now on the way to the grave.” Fu Jincheng asked, “what’s the matter with President Lei looking for me?”“ I’m in s city now. I heard you came back to G city. I think the two places are not far away. We can find some time to talk about the development of the project. ” Then president Yang paused, “by the way, I heard that President Lei will come tomorrow

In this way, there will be all the people. “

Fu Jincheng really has nothing to do tomorrow. “OK, I’ll go there tomorrow.”

“OK, that’s it.”


Hung up the phone. After a while, Lei Yun also called, “I just received a call from President Yang, President Fu. I heard you will come to s city tomorrow?”


“Just in time, we can have a good understanding of the project we said before.”

“Let’s talk about it then.”

Fu Jincheng has been observing that project. Since he has passed s City, it’s not a bad thing to go and learn more about it.

They didn’t talk much and hung up soon.

Down from the mountain, the two little guys and Gao Yunjin were very tired.

Fu Jincheng often exercises. It’s not difficult for him to climb the mountain.

The two little guys had someone to play with them. They didn’t care about being tired. They ran away again. Fu Jincheng half hugged Gao Yunjin and asked her to rest on herself. He took out his handkerchief to wipe her sweat. “Very tired?”

“A little.”

“Get in the car and I’ll knead your shoulders and beat your legs.” Then he took her to the car, and then he put her in his arms and pinched her shoulders and legs.

When she was pregnant, Fu Jincheng often did it. Even if he hadn’t done it for several years, he was still handy.

Gao Yunjin leaned in his arms and felt sleepy.

Fu Jincheng held her feet in the palm of his hand, gently rubbed her ankles and took her in his arms. “If you’re sleepy, take a break and go to get a place later.”


She hugged his neck and really fell asleep in his arms. The two little guys came back. They were not surprised to see this scene when they got on the bus. An aunt of Fu Jincheng passed by and saw her lips curled. “This little brocade is really becoming more and more delicate. The children don’t care. She went to bed first. Where is it

So mother? “

Children are not as delicate as her.

Gao Yunjin didn’t sleep very well. She vaguely heard it. She moved her body and wanted to open her eyes. Fu Jincheng pressed her back in her arms, “it’s okay, keep sleeping.”

As he spoke, he looked at his aunt, “I know in my heart whether her mother is good or not. It’s your aunt. If you have time to preach to us, you might as well take good care of your cousins. “

Because his aunt played with his uncle when she was young, she gave birth to three children who didn’t feel at ease and didn’t teach much. As a result, none of the three children became talents. She was also involved in pornography, gambling and drugs. The Bureau didn’t know how many times she had squatted.

Fu Jincheng’s face suddenly became ugly.

But he dared not argue with Fu Jincheng. He laughed and ran away immediately.

After climbing the mountain all day, Gao Yunjin and the children were very tired.

While the children were washing, Gao Yunjin almost fell asleep on the table.

“So tired?” Fu Jincheng looked distressed and lay her in bed.

Gao Yunjin struggled from his arms, “I haven’t bathed yet -“

“It’s all right. I don’t dislike you.” Fu Jincheng smiled and pecked her forehead.

Gao Yunjin didn’t speak and went to bed in his arms.

After the two little guys took a bath, Gao Yunjin went into the bathroom to take a bath and went to bed.

Fu Jincheng had something to say to her, but it seems it’s too late. She can’t talk to her until she wakes up tomorrow.

Fu Jincheng was not very tired. After Gao Yunjin slept with his two children, he went downstairs to talk to master Fu and some uncles. He didn’t go back to his room until early in the morning.

The next day, when he woke up, Gao Yunjin didn’t wake up until he finished washing. Gao Yunjin had a sore back and couldn’t get up. Fu Jincheng massaged her again. When she was comfortable, she got up to wash.

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