Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3416

Lei Yun was relieved to hear that.

Mr. Sun asked, “did you say that Mr. Fu was there?”

“It’s said that they are very close to the Xue family. It’s hard to say whether they are in the old house or not.”

“Hasn’t Mr. Fu contacted you yet?”

Lei Yun shook his head. President sun comforted and said, “maybe he hasn’t woken up yet.”


Since master Fu promised to let her pass, she quickly prepared a gift and went to Fu’s old house.

When they arrived at the old house and entered the door, they saw Fu Jincheng, and there was a touch of joy in their eyes. After greeting Fu, Lei Yun said with a smile, “Fu is awake?”

When Fu Jincheng heard this, he paused. Master Fu smiled and joked: “it seems that people all over the world know that you go to drink early in the morning and get drunk.”

Fu Jincheng touched his nose, “how does Lei always know?” Lei Yun looked at Gao Yunjin’s figure in the kitchen and recalled his lips: “I have something to talk to you about. I can’t get through a lot of calls. I’m a little worried, so I asked lawyer Qin to contact you for me, and lawyer Qin contacted Miss Gao,

Lawyer Qin said, “Miss Gao said you were drunk and slept. I knew you went to drink early in the morning.”

Lei Yun’s voice was not small. Although Gao Yunjin was in the kitchen, he also heard Lei Yun’s words.

Hearing this, she realized that Qin Jingxu didn’t contact her because he had something to do with Fu Jincheng. He just wanted to help Lei Yun contact Fu Jincheng.

However, she was relieved that Qin Jingxu would help Lei Yun deal with her. She thought that Qin Jingxu was just really worried about what happened to Fu Jincheng, so she contacted her in such a hurry.

But Lei Yun deliberately said this in order to make her misunderstand Qin Jingxu.

Therefore, she will not be fooled by Lei Yun. She just thinks Lei Yun has a deep mind. If she doesn’t have enough trust in Qin Jingxu, she may really doubt that Qin Jingxu helped Lei Yun and misunderstood Qin Jingxu.

Thinking of this, she turned cold and came out of the kitchen. Her face greeted Lei Yun as usual: “Miss Lei.”

Lei Yun looked at her in surprise as if he had just seen her. “Miss Gao is also there?”

“Yes.” She smiled, “is Miss Lei looking for Jincheng?”

Lei Yun paused and said with a smile, “no, I’m here to visit old Fu. I didn’t expect you and general Fu to be here. It’s really a coincidence.”

Gao Yunjin smiled, “yes, it’s quite a coincidence.”

Yesterday, she met Fu Jincheng in s city. She didn’t believe it. She didn’t ask when Fu Jincheng left G city.

Therefore, Lei Yun seems to have come to visit master Fu, but in fact he came to Fu Jincheng. How can Gao Yunjin not understand this simple truth?

Looking at Gao Yunjin’s smile, Fu Jincheng clenched the newspaper.

Gao Yunjin also looked at Fu Jincheng. Seeing that his face was not as good-looking as before, she seemed angry. She was a little puzzled and stunned. At this time, Lei Yun looked around and asked with a smile, “where are Yue Yue and Xiao Xuan? Aren’t they there? “

“They went upstairs to play.” Gao Yunjin got up and said, “Miss Lei, please sit down for a while. I’ll go upstairs and call them.”

Lei Yunke said, “let them play. Don’t disturb their interest.”

“It’s all right. They all like you very much. They will be very happy when you come.”

Then Gao Yunjin got up and went upstairs.

Fu Jincheng didn’t talk much from beginning to end. He just looked at them and felt a little surprised. “I thought Miss Lei just had more contact with Jin Cheng. I didn’t expect you to be so familiar with Xiao Jin and the two children.”

“I’ve seen it several times in the capital. I talk more and get familiar with it.” Lei Yun smiled.

Master Fu knew that Lei Yun often went to the capital now. When he heard this, he felt it was reasonable, so he didn’t say much. When he saw Lei Yun coming to see him bring so many valuable things, he accepted them politely.

The two children were really happy to hear that Lei Yun had come. They immediately went downstairs to say hello to Lei Yun.

Lei Yun also affectionately touched their little heads and said, “aunt doesn’t know you’re here, or I’ll prepare a gift for you.”

Yueyue took Lei Yun’s hand and said with a smile, “aunt, you don’t have to prepare gifts for us every time. You prepare gifts for us every time, but we’re embarrassed.”

“Adults should give children gifts. Don’t be embarrassed.”

Yueyue frowned and said seriously, “giving gifts is about reciprocity. It has nothing to do with adults and children.” Lei Yun paused. Unexpectedly, a child would see through his nonsense. In fact, her face was not very good-looking. However, she immediately smiled again, and even made her smile brighter just now. She gave Yueyue a thumbs up, “Yueyue is so fierce

I know so much. “

Yueyue was praised, but she didn’t think much and smiled more happily.

When Lei Yun saw this, he raised his lips. Gao Yunjin saw everything in her eyes. She knew what Lei Yun was thinking. She went to pull Yueyue’s hand and wouldn’t let her hold Lei Yun again. She said, “Yueyue, go upstairs with your brother. Aunt has something to talk with dad and grandpa. Let’s not disturb him

We talked. “

Lei Yun held Yueyue’s little hand, didn’t loosen it, smiled and said, “Miss Gao, you’re too polite. I’ve come to see old Fu. I just have a casual chat. I didn’t talk about business. The child won’t disturb us here.”

Gao Yunjin sinks her face slightly.

Yue Yue and Xiao Xuan listened more to Gao Yunjin’s words. Listening to Gao Yunjin’s words, she obediently took out her little hand from Lei Yun’s hand, “aunt, you have a good chat with dad and them. I’ll go upstairs with my brother.”

Lei Yun smiled, “OK.”

When the two children went upstairs, Gao Yunjin said, “talk to me. I’ll go into the kitchen and have a look.”

Lei Yun listened and was curious, “Miss Gao is cooking today? It is said that Miss Gao is good at cooking. It seems that I have a blessing in the mouth today. “

“No, I just went in to help, not me.” She actually cooked a few dishes, but she just didn’t want to say it directly.

Lei Yun smiled, “Miss Gao is so virtuous.”

That’s what he said, but he didn’t have much praise at the bottom of his eyes.

In her opinion, a virtuous woman can be liked by her elders, but virtuous power and money are worthless.

To please a powerful old man like master Fu, it is better to have practical interests.

The pattern of Gao Yunjin is still smaller.

Others may not understand Lei Yun’s meaning, but Gao Yunjin understood it, but she was too lazy to tell her so much, so she went into the kitchen. Lei Yun looked at her back and said to Fu Jincheng, “no wonder Fu is always so homesick. I want to be a man. I also run home every day with Miss Gao’s gentle, virtuous and beautiful wife.”

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