Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3420

Gao Yunjin nodded, “OK.”

After that, they talked about the next senderon project and some details of their cooperation. After they talked about it, the meal was almost finished.

After dinner, she separated from Huo Zhengyun and went back to their respective companies. After they were busy, those who followed Gao Yunjin immediately reported to Fu Jincheng. After hearing this, Fu Jincheng looked calm. He hesitated and said to him, “Mr. Fu, our people found that someone was staring at his wife today. However, they may have noticed that our people were afraid of being found, so they quickly withdrew them

It’s too late. “

Fu Jincheng was angry. When he heard this, his face was cold. “Can you find out what the other party came from?”

“They withdrew too fast and left no clues. It’s difficult to find each other’s information.”

It means No.

Fu Jincheng’s face became more gloomy. “Send two more people to follow his wife.”

Gao Yunjin knows that someone around her is protecting her. She can’t send someone to protect herself.

Therefore, those people must not be Gao Yunjin’s people. The people who sent people to follow her either had plans for her or wanted to do something.

No matter which one, he won’t let the other succeed!


Fu Jincheng pursed his lips and said, “check Huo Zhengyun.”

The other party understood Fu Jincheng’s suspicion of Huo Zhengyun, “OK, I see. No matter how fast the other party withdraws, even if we lock the right target, we may not be able to find clues. “

“I know.”

Nevertheless, he wanted to try.

After hanging up, Dong Ou knocked on the door and came in, “Jincheng, tomorrow is the day of Lei’s reception. Have you booked a ticket?”

This time, the shareholders of their company were invited. If they want to go, they also have a partner.

“Not yet.” Fu Jincheng didn’t really want to go, but he could not have gone, but he helped Huo Zhengyun yesterday. If he didn’t go to the reception tomorrow, it’s estimated that Lei’s people would be terrified.

In order to appease old Lei and Lei Yun, he must go to the reception.

“When are you going to book the ticket?” Dong Ou asked with a smile.

Why didn’t Fu Jincheng know what he meant?

He said, “three o’clock tomorrow afternoon.”

Dong Ou immediately said, “OK, I’ll also book a plane at 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t say anything. Dong Ou asked, “by the way, I heard you went to s city the day before yesterday. I heard there was a good project -“

Speaking of that project, Fu Jincheng’s tone sank, “I don’t consider contacting that project.”

Dong Ou was surprised. “Is there anything wrong with that project?”

“We’ll talk about it later.”

Every time he mentioned this project, it seemed that a voice kept satirizing him in his ear.

“But -“

Fu Jincheng glanced coldly, “don’t mention that project in front of me in the future.” Dong Ou’s heart was cold. Although he didn’t understand why Fu Jincheng reacted so much, he didn’t mention it again, “OK, I know. I promise not to mention a word in the future.” Said, see Fu Jincheng face is still very ugly, also dare not stay more

“Then I’ll go first.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t make a sound, and Dong Ou also left wisely.

But Fu Jincheng’s heart could not calm down. He slowly clenched his fist. After a while, he asked Secretary LAN to come to his office, “I want to go to m country recently and arrange it for me.”

“Are you going to travel?” Fu Jincheng is not busy at work and has time to travel.

“Work.” Fu Jincheng said faintly, “advance the itinerary after two months.”

Secretary LAN understands that this can be arranged, but

“Mr. Fu, do you have any special arrangements in the middle of the year?”


He just wants to go out and relax.

Secretary LAN looked at Fu Jincheng’s face and couldn’t laugh, “are you… All right?”

“Nothing.” Fu Jincheng said faintly, “go out.”


Secretary LAN found that Fu Jincheng was not very happy today, as if he was in no mood.

Needless to say, he also knows that it has something to do with Gao Yunjin.

He sighed at the thought.

Speaking of it, Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin have been husband and wife for more than ten years. They have no possibility of cheating, but why do they always quarrel recently?

Secretary LAN can’t figure it out.

Fu Jincheng make blind and disorderly conjectures, so he tries to keep himself busy.

The itinerary to country m needs to be arranged for a period of time, not in a hurry.

Therefore, before going to country m, he plans to assign the same type of project competing with Huo Zhengyun and Lei Yun, deal with it, and then go to country M.

So in the afternoon, he held a meeting and decided on the biggest project to be done by his company this year.

His decision was so sudden that he had never mentioned it before.

Mr. ou, Mr. Jiang and Mr. Luo are all a little confused, but Fu Jincheng has already asked people to do a good market analysis and got a market report on the project in s city.

Under his arrangement, Dong ou and them have nothing to say.

However, when hearing Fu Jincheng’s investment amount, they were stunned, “so much?”

Their own company has not developed such a large project in the past two years.

“If you want to seize the network market, you have to have such investment,” Fu Jincheng said

“Do you mean that we do all this project ourselves?”

“Yes, do it yourself.”

Fu Jincheng’s decision will not be questioned by Dong ou, but they are still a little uneasy in the face of tens of billions of investment. They feel that they are too risky and can pull others into the Partnership

Of course, when the project is completed, part of the income will be distributed. At that time, they may be reluctant to give up.

This has both advantages and disadvantages.

Fu Jincheng doesn’t want to share his interests with others, nor do others.

Moreover, they also have confidence in Fu Jincheng. After listening to Fu Jincheng say so, they think about it and have no opinion.

When this matter is settled, it is natural to create a team at the first time.

Fu Jincheng was finally busy.

When he finished his work, it was already more than nine o’clock in the evening.

Fu Jincheng drove home.

The two children haven’t slept yet. They are preparing their lessons in the room. Gao Yunjin also comes back and takes a bath in the room.

When Fu Jincheng passed the master bedroom, he heard the sound of water in the bathroom.

Instead of stepping into the master bedroom, he went to the room of two children. After the preview, the two children saw him coming back and ran to hold his waist. “Why did dad come back so late?”

“Busy with work.” Fu Jincheng touched the little heads of the two little guys, “are you busy with your homework?”“ I’ve already done it. “

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