Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3421

The two little guys go to bed at ten o’clock on time at night.

Fu Jincheng accompanied the two children for a while. At ten o’clock, he urged them to go to bed, while he went to the study.

Gao Yunjin was blowing her hair. Fu Jincheng left the children’s room and didn’t notice when he passed the master bedroom.

After blowing her hair, she put the hair dryer in place. She used to urge the two little guys to sleep. She pushed the door in and found that the lights in the room had been turned off and it was quiet inside.

The two little guys seem to have fallen asleep.

She was a little surprised. When she was about to quietly close the door and leave, Xiao Xuan, who had just slept for two minutes, didn’t fall asleep. She noticed something moving at the door and shouted, “Mom?”

Gao Yunjin answered and turned on the light. “Why are you so good with your sister today? Your mother didn’t urge you to sleep?”

“Dad urged us.”

“Dad?” Gao Yunjin was surprised: “Dad called back?”

Xiao Xuan looked at her strangely, “Dad is back. Doesn’t mom know?”

Gao Yunjin was stunned and then smiled. “My mother came just after taking a bath. I don’t know my father is back. My father may be busy. I went to the study. My mother will go to the study later.”

Xiaoxuan nodded. Gao Yunjin urged him to go to bed quickly. When she saw the child lying down and going to sleep, she turned off the light and left Xiaoxuan’s room.

After closing the door, the smile on her face faded.

In the past, no matter how busy Fu Jincheng was, the first time he came back was to find her.

Even if she was taking a bath, he would knock on the door and tell her he was back, not as silent as today.

Thinking of this, she didn’t go back to the master bedroom, but walked to the study.

The door of the study is closed. Gao Yunjin doesn’t turn on the light in the corridor. You can clearly see that there is a light overflowing from the crack of the door in the study.

It means there is someone in the study.

The study is an important place. Without the permission of Fu Jincheng, no one can enter except their family of four.

Therefore, the people in the study can only be Fu Jincheng.

He’s really back.

Thinking of this, she stood at the door and raised her hand to knock, but her raised hand could not fall for a long time. When she was ready to leave, the door was suddenly opened, and Fu Jincheng appeared in front of her.

She was stunned.

Fu Jincheng in the room saw her but had no mood fluctuations. He didn’t lift his eyelids, “what’s up?”

He was too indifferent. Gao Yunjin’s mind was empty for a few seconds before he found his voice, “I heard the children say you’re back -“

“And then?” He interrupted her, “what’s the matter with you?”

Does that mean you don’t want to talk nonsense to her?

Gao Yunjin didn’t know what she was doing or what she wanted to say to him. She just came to him with what she thought in her heart.

So he suddenly asked, and she couldn’t speak for a moment.

Fu Jincheng saw her standing silent and crossed her to the cloakroom to look for clothes to change.

Gao Yunjin looked at his back. When he took his clothes to the guest room next door and didn’t intend to go to the master bedroom, she understood that he probably wanted to sleep with her again.


When he was about to enter the guest room, her mind was blank and couldn’t help calling him.

Fu Jincheng stopped and looked back: “say something directly.” Gao Yunjin didn’t quite understand why Fu Jincheng was suddenly so cold, but looking at his face, she knew he wouldn’t want to mention it. She searched her stomach. Under the pressure of his deep eyes, she finally thought of a topic: “I listen to President Huo

Said, “you helped me with that project -“

“That’s what you want to say?” Fu Jincheng’s eyes were colder and immediately interrupted her.

Gao Yunjin was at a loss, “I –“

“You want to help him thank me?”

She did have such an idea, because Huo Zhengyun said that he wanted to say thank you to Fu Jincheng in person, but Fu Jincheng couldn’t get through, so please ask her to help him say thank you to Fu Jincheng.

But looking at Fu Jincheng’s face, he doesn’t seem to appreciate Huo Zhengyun’s thanks, and he won’t be happy because she says thanks instead of Huo Zhengyun.

So when she reached her mouth, she swallowed it back into her stomach.

“Nothing else?” Fu Jincheng didn’t look happy because she knew so much.

Gao Yunjin subconsciously shook his head, “no more.”

Although she still wanted to ask him if he was going to H city on business these two days, looking at Fu Jincheng’s face, she was expected to be more unhappy when she asked him, so she knew it and didn’t continue to ask.

Fu Jincheng didn’t say a word. He turned directly into the guest room and closed the door.

Gao Yunjin stood in the same place, half a ring before he came back.

That night, Fu Jincheng didn’t come back to the master bedroom. She had guessed this and was not surprised, but she still had insomnia and didn’t sleep until about 4 a.m.

The next day, not surprisingly, she got up late.

When she got up, the two children and Fu Jincheng went out.

That night, Fu Jincheng didn’t come back. Gao Yunjin didn’t know whether Fu Jincheng was busy, worked overtime, or had left H city.

The next morning, when having breakfast with the children, Fu Jincheng was not in and the two little guys didn’t ask anything, which made Gao Yunjin feel something was wrong. She couldn’t help asking, “did you tell me about Dad’s business trip?”

“Yes, dad told us the night before yesterday.”

right enough.

Gao Yunjin knows clearly.

Because she had something on her mind, she had a bad appetite. Hearing this, she lost her appetite to eat.

Fu Jincheng deliberately told the two children the news of going to H city the night before yesterday, but he didn’t tell her. He was even impatient to say one more word to her

“Mom, are you unhappy?” Yue Yue said suddenly.

Xiao Xuan looked at Gao Yunjin’s eyes. “Mom’s eyes are red. Are you crying?”

“No, mom didn’t cry. She couldn’t sleep well last night. There was blood in her eyes.”

“Why can’t mom sleep well? Is that what dad thinks? ” Yue Yue asked with her big eyes open.

Gao Yunjin was speechless for a moment.

Yueyue said so, it doesn’t seem unreasonable.

Although the “think” in Yueyue’s mouth is not the same as her real “think”, they are all think.

When she didn’t speak, the two children regarded her as acquiescence.

“When mom misses her father, she calls her father.” Yueyue thought that she would cry when she wanted Fu Jincheng as a child and didn’t eat breakfast. She came to comfort and patted her back, “or video will do.”

“I’ll call there.” Xiaoxuan cooperated with Yueyue without waiting for Gao Yunjin to speak, so he picked up the fixed line and called Fu Jincheng.

Gao Yunjin hurriedly said, “no, mom didn’t think about Dad -” Yueyue became more gentle and looked like a little adult: “Mom, just think about it. Why are you afraid to admit it? It’s no shame to miss Dad. “

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