Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3423

Father Lei also knew her movements. “Do you suspect there is a problem with this project?”

“When I had dinner with Fu Jincheng just now, he didn’t seem to like this project.”

Apart from others, it is inconceivable that Fu Jincheng does not participate in this project.

Mr. Lei was also surprised at this, but he still guarded against Fu Jincheng. Naturally, he knew that Fu Jincheng would also guard against their Lei family. Therefore, he meant that he didn’t believe that Fu Jincheng really gave up the project until now.

Because of this, he planned to find a chance to talk to Fu Jincheng alone and explore Fu Jincheng’s tone.

“Maybe it’s just that he deliberately confused you.” old Lei said calmly, “Xiaoyun, don’t be blinded by your feelings.”

Lei Yun clenched his cell phone. “Grandpa, I didn’t. I’m sober.”

She doesn’t like Mr. Lei very much because she is a woman. Even if she takes this position, she still doesn’t trust her and thinks she will affect her work because of her feelings.

But she knew very well that she was not like that.

In her heart, work is the most important.

Mr. Lei just mentioned it. He wasn’t really worried that she wasn’t sober enough. “Grandpa naturally believes you. However, it’s right to be careful and let people investigate.”


“It’s best to find a way to win this project. Even if you can’t win it, you can’t let the Huo family win it.”

“I see.”

After talking to Mr. Lei, Lei Yun’s pressure is even greater.

After a rest, she ordered: “let people pay attention to Fu Jincheng’s itinerary in these two days.”


On the same day, when Fu Jincheng met someone and did something, Lei Yun received the news. Lei Yun frowned: “what is he doing? Developing new games?”

President Sun said: “now online games are really popular. His company has always done this. It may be to develop new games, so he needs more professionals in this field. It’s normal for him to do so.”

“It’s really normal, but Fu Jincheng seems to have rarely asked about these before. Now he’s on his own. I don’t think it’s right.”

“It’s true that he came out in person, but aren’t they here?”

Leishi is a typical family business, but Fu Jincheng is not. Although their company has many shareholders, Fu Jincheng has played a decisive role in the development of the company.

Therefore, the company’s business is basically handled by Fu Jincheng. Now Fu Jincheng also came to H city because he came to attend their Lei family’s reception. It’s normal for him to visit Dong ou and their favorite team.

After hearing this, Lei Yun thought it was reasonable, but she still wanted to confirm it.

After thinking about it, she called Dong ou and said, “Dong ou, I heard you are contacting some game teams? I also know some talents in this field. Do you want me to introduce you?”

Dong Ou listened and said with a smile, “OK, then please Miss Lei.”

After listening, Lei Yun entered the key point and said, “Dong Ou has contacted so many talents in this field. Is it the game that the company plans to develop?”

“Yes,” said Dong ou with a smile, “how does president Lei know we are in contact with talents in this field?”

They just got in touch with this matter. Lei Yun called back. Did she keep people staring at their every move?

Thinking of this, Dong Ou felt that if Fu Jincheng’s wife was such a powerful woman, sometimes it would not be a good thing for them.

Although Dong Ou is optimistic about Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng, it is also based on the fact that they can bring him more benefits.

But when it comes to his own interests, he is not stupid and will not believe in Lei Yun.

Lei Yun was ready and said with a smile, “that company happened to have my friend. The other party felt very curious and talked to me.”

“So it is.” Dong Ou smiled and wondered if he believed it. Lei Yun is not stupid either. Because Dong Ou is particularly optimistic about her and Fu Jincheng, he doesn’t think that Dong ou will tell all the secrets of the company. Although he believes 80%, he also knows to accept them when they are good. After all, if she asks too many questions, it will also arouse Dong Ou’s concern


Therefore, she did not continue to ask.

In the evening, it was almost time to have dinner with the old man. Lei Yun contacted Fu Jincheng again, and Fu Jincheng arrived as promised.

Father Lei arrived earlier and was very enthusiastic about Fu Jincheng.

After sitting down, Fu Jincheng directly asked, “what’s the matter with Lei Dong looking for the younger generation?”

“Mr. Fu asked so, and I said directly to the old man.”

“You said.”

The old man sighed, “I think, without the old man, I should be able to guess that Mr. Fu is still looking for you for the project in s city.”

Fu Jincheng did think of it. He didn’t speak.

Mr. Lei looked at him and said, “Mr. Fu, we have cooperated for so long. Although we can’t say that we are sitting on the same boat, the interests of our two companies are too deep -“

“Lei Dong,” Fu Jincheng interrupted, “I understand what you mean, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Father Lei’s face sank slightly.

For Fu Jincheng, it’s just a matter of one sentence. Why can’t he do anything?

But he held back his temper and said, “Mr. Fu, if you have any conditions, you can mention them as much as you like.”

Everyone is a businessman, and Fu Jincheng’s ability is really good. He really doesn’t offend Fu Jincheng. In order not to let Huo win the project, he had to give in and impress Fu Jincheng with his interests.

Fu Jincheng still said, “sorry.”

Master Lei said hurriedly, “I haven’t mentioned the terms yet. Don’t rush to refuse, Mr. Fu.”

“No matter what conditions are the same.” Fu Jincheng’s tone is light, but his attitude is very firm: “Lei Dong, this matter can’t be moved.”

I didn’t expect him to refuse so simply.

When he said this, he undoubtedly told the Huo family the truth.

Old man Lei clenched his crutch hard and took a deep breath. Then he restrained his temper and squeezed out a smile. “Since President Fu said so, I don’t force people to be difficult, but can I know why?”

Fu Jincheng said faintly, “sorry.”

He won’t mention it again.

Mr. Lei smiled, stopped and said, “OK, in that case, forget it. I won’t mention it again.”

Fu Jincheng nodded and said nothing.

Father Lei seems generous and doesn’t mean to argue with Fu Jincheng.

However, how does he deal with Fu Jincheng?

Although they have a cooperative relationship, Fu Jincheng never owes them to the Lei family. What law stipulates that he must stand on the side of the Lei family and help the Lei family? This truth is understood by the Lei family.

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