Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3424

But they had a little delusion and got more in the past two years, so they always felt that Fu Jincheng would always stand on their side.

Fu Jincheng suddenly turned to help the Huo family deal with their Lei family. Naturally, they can’t accept it.

No matter what they accepted, Fu Jincheng still couldn’t accept it. After dinner, he left.

Fu Jincheng is crazy to do so.

However, he does have crazy capital, and old man Lei has nothing to do with him.

He was also afraid of offending Fu Jincheng.

After all, if Fu Jincheng is unhappy, Fu Jincheng will no longer cooperate with them and instead cooperate with the Huo family, which will be a devastating blow to their Lei family.

Fu Jincheng still gives Mr. Lei face most of the time.

Today is an exception. Lei Yun can see that Fu Jincheng really doesn’t like to mention this project.

But she hasn’t come up with a reason yet. Master Lei suddenly said, “the matter between Fu Jincheng’s wife and Huo Zhengyun can’t be delayed any more.”

In order to prevent Fu Jincheng from having the opportunity to cooperate with the Huo family in the future, this matter must be implemented as soon as possible.

When this matter is implemented, they will sell the manuscript and spread it. In this way, people all over the world know that Huo Zhengyun has put a green hat on Fu Jincheng and see how he can cooperate with Huo Zhengyun in the future!

Lei Yun immediately understood what he meant. “I’m already doing this, but it’s not going well, because there’s always someone around Gao Yunjin who wants to do something to her. There’s little chance.”

Master Lei understood and immediately scolded: “I said you should do things safely. If you don’t have 100% confidence, don’t scare the snake. Now it’s a critical moment. People are on guard. What opportunities do you talk about?”

Lei Yun was really impulsive before, but she thought it was easy to get things done at that time. Unexpectedly, she got away with Gao Yunjin again and again.

After all, she underestimated Gao Yunjin. Mr. Lei obviously understood this truth, “although that woman doesn’t have your wrist in the mall, she may safely hold Fu Jincheng’s heart for more than ten years, which is not what ordinary women can do. If you want to win Fu Jincheng, maybe

You still have to take a sutra from her. “

Lei Yun pursed his mouth, lowered his head and said, “I know.”

Father Lei sighed, got up and said, “OK, keep busy. Let me know when you have news. I’ll go back and have a rest first.”

“OK, Grandpa, take your time.”

When master Lei left, Lei Yuncai raised his head and showed his cold eyes.

President sun was surprised when he saw it. “President Lei, Dong Lei is also for your sake. He has high expectations for you –“

“I know, I don’t hate him.” Lei Yun knows what he wants to say. “That’s not what I care about.”

What she cares about is that Mr. Lei says she is not as good as Gao Yunjin.

Mr. Sun also understood what she was thinking and didn’t speak for a moment.

Lei Yun looked at him. “You men really prefer Gao Yunjin’s type of women, don’t you?”

Lei Yun asked this question, and now she asked again. He still answered, “it depends on people.”

Everyone’s experience is different, and the types of women they like are naturally different. This can’t be generalized.

But in China, women like Gao Yunjin are indeed more popular.

Lei Yun didn’t speak. President Sun said, “why don’t we start with her?”

“How to start?”

Mr. Sun choked.

Gao Yunjin must have been on guard against them. It’s really difficult for them to do something now.

Lei Yun said faintly, “forget it, take your time.”

No hurry.

President Sun: “yes.”

Fu Jincheng stayed in H city for three days, but in these three days, Fu Jincheng called home, but Gao Yunjin was not there at that time.

In other words, they haven’t been in touch these days.

Three days later, Fu Jincheng was ready to leave H city and go back to the capital.

Lei Yun received the news, immediately contacted Fu Jincheng, personally went to the hotel to pick up Fu Jincheng and take him to the airport.

In the past three days, Fu Jincheng didn’t contact Gao Yunjin. He has been busy with his own business. He hasn’t contacted Lei Yun since he met old man Lei that day.

Lei Yun also knew that Fu Jincheng could not be contacted all the time. Otherwise, Fu Jincheng would be disgusted and didn’t contact him.

I heard that he was leaving, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to ease the relationship with Fu Jincheng. I took the initiative to contact Fu Jincheng.

Of course, they didn’t mention the unpleasant things before. Lei Yun enthusiastically and actively talked with him about some things they had cooperated with before, such as where the project went, how much dividends the two families got, etc.

Everyone is smart, and Fu Jincheng naturally understands her mind.

They still have to continue to cooperate. Fu Jincheng won’t tear her face. She took the initiative and he gave her a step down. They went back to their old state of being together.

When Fu Jincheng was about to get on the plane, Lei Yun took out a gift box: “this is a gift for two children and Miss Gao. Please take it back to them for me.”

Fu Jincheng said: “Xiaojin also has?”

Fu Jincheng can understand the gifts of the two children, but why does Gao Yunjin also have them? “Yes, it’s not expensive, and I don’t know if Miss Gao will like it.” Lei Yun said, “Miss Gao doesn’t lack anything, but I heard that she likes cooking very much. She cooks so delicious, so I bought her some good fish glue for beauty,

And bird’s nest. These things are very good for our women. I hope Miss Gao will like them. “

We women

She said that as if she knew Gao Yunjin very well.

But didn’t they become familiar when he didn’t know?

If Gao Yunjin receives Lei Yun’s gift, it is estimated that her relationship with Lei Yun will be better and better?

Thinking of this, Fu Jincheng had the impulse to throw away the gift.

However, it’s just “yes”.

Anyway, it’s Lei Yun’s intention. Even if he doesn’t like it anymore, he can’t do such a thing. Instead, he politely thanked Lei Yun instead of you and Gao Yunjin. When Fu Jincheng was in H City, Huo Zhengyun was in the capital, but he didn’t meet Gao Yunjin very much. Instead, he received the news that Fu Jincheng left H city and called Gao Yunjin when he came back to the capital, telling her that Fu Jincheng returned from H city

About coming.

Without waiting for her to speak, he asked her when she was free to go to H city.

Gao Yunjin has already vacated his itinerary for the past few days. Hearing this, he said, “all these days are OK. Just arrange it.”

“OK, I heard that the thunder games will leave H city the day after tomorrow. Can we start the day after tomorrow?”


“OK.” the matter was settled.

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