Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3425

Knowing that Fu Jincheng came back, Gao Yunjin didn’t have much to do. He left work on time and went to school to pick up two children home.

Fu Jincheng’s plane in the evening had no time to come back home for dinner, so Gao Yunjin had dinner with the children.

The two children will have a holiday tomorrow. Fu Jincheng also came back from a business trip. Now the weather is getting hot. The two little guys want to go to the beach.

Gao Yunjin has something to do with the company tomorrow and can’t accompany them. She will be on a business trip the day after tomorrow, so she has no time.

When she said that she was going on a business trip, the little faces of the two little guys suddenly withered, “dad just came back from a business trip, mom, are you going on a business trip again?”

Gao Yunjin felt guilty and said, “I’m sorry…” the two little guys are growing up now. They don’t stick to Gao Yunjin as much as before. They can also understand her and Fu Jincheng. Seeing her face guilty, they hugged her and comforted her: “we just don’t want to give up our mother. We’re not angry, mom

Mom, don’t get me wrong. “

“When we grow up, we should learn to be independent. We also know that mom works so hard for us. Mom, you don’t have to worry about us. Concentrate on your work!” Yueyue said loudly.

Gao Yunjin was so moved that before she spoke, Yue Yue smiled and held her in her arms and said, “but after my mother’s work, I still have to play with Xuan Xuan.”

Gao Yunjin’s eyes were slightly wet and touched the heads of the two little guys, “OK, mom will.”

Then he kissed the little faces of the two little guys.

After dinner, the two little guys looked forward to Fu Jincheng at home. Fu Jincheng hasn’t contacted her these days. Gao Yunjin knows that he is still angry and doesn’t want to see her. Therefore, even if she wants to wait for Fu Jincheng downstairs with the children, she is afraid that Fu Jincheng will frown at the moment he sees her at the door

, asked her, “Why are you here?”

So she went upstairs to find something busy, diverted her attention and left two children downstairs waiting for Fu Jincheng.

Fu Jincheng arrived home later than 8 o’clock.

The two little guys heard the sound of the car and immediately ran out to pick up Fu Jincheng. Fu Jincheng hung a little guy on one arm. After holding him for a while, the two little guys came down from him because they saw several gift boxes in the driver’s hand and asked in surprise, “Dad, what’s this? Is it a gift you bought for us

Do you have anything? “

“Here are two for you. My father bought them for you. Aunt Lei bought them for you.”

Yueyue has Lei Yun’s number. For fear of revealing his secret, Fu Jincheng still hasn’t lost Lei Yun’s gift.

“Wow, aunt Lei bought a present for my brother and me again?”


Lei Yun packed his gifts in a big box and put all the gifts for Gao Yunjin and his two children in one box.

The two little guys were so happy to receive so many gifts at once. When they entered the door, they immediately took a knife to open the gifts.

Fu Jincheng entered the door and looked around. He didn’t see Gao Yunjin.

The housekeeper knew what he was thinking when he saw his eyes. “Madam is back and busy upstairs. I’ll go upstairs now -“

“No.” Fu Jincheng interrupted him.

The housekeeper smiled and nodded. He didn’t go up to find Gao Yunjin.

The two little guys have opened the gift box Lei Yun bought for them. They see bags of food. They are confused. “Dad, what are these? Are these gifts from Aunt Lei?”

“This is a gift from Aunt Lei to your mother.”

“Mom has gifts, too?”


“Didn’t dad buy a gift for his mother?” Xiao Xuan asked with a cerebellar bag.

“Yes.” Yueyue also responded, “did dad forget?”

Fu Jincheng didn’t know how to explain to the two children, so he had to nod his head.

Yueyue and Xiaoxuan were stunned and quiet.

Yueyue carefully, “then, mom knows, won’t she be very sad?”

Xiao Xuan thought for a moment and said, “my father didn’t mean it. My mother should understand and won’t be angry with my father. If my father makes up the gift next time, my mother won’t be sad.”

Yueyue heard it and thought it was reasonable: “yes.”

When she thought it was feasible, Yueyue didn’t hold on to this and went upstairs with a gift to find Gao Yunjin.

Fu Jincheng saw it, but he didn’t stop it.

Before Yueyue got to the master bedroom, Gao Yunjin heard Yueyue shouting “Mom” excitedly. When Gao Yunjin came home from Fu Jincheng, she heard the sound of a car, but she didn’t go down. Now Yueyue came upstairs to find her. She put down her book, hugged Yueyue and threw her little body in her arms, “so happy, it’s dad who bought you a gift


“Yes.” Yueyue showed her her her gift. “This was bought by dad and this was bought by Aunt Lei.”

Gao Yunjin was not surprised that Lei Yun would buy gifts for her two children. After all, one has two. Lei Yun finally knew how to stimulate her pain points.

However, although she had guessed, she would still be stimulated by Lei Yun every time she saw the gift given to her two children by Lei Yun.

Before she spoke, Yueyue pulled her out of bed, “Mom, aunt Lei bought you a present.”

Gao Yunjin pursed her small mouth. “Did you buy me a gift?”

Yueyue took Gao Yunjin to the front and didn’t look back. Naturally, she didn’t find Gao Yunjin unhappy. “Yes, and she bought a lot of them. They all seem to eat.”


Gao Yunjin answered faintly. After a while, he followed Yueyue down the stairs. Before he got downstairs, he looked at Fu Jincheng.

She paused.

Fu Jincheng soon took back his eyes.

Yueyue saw that she was not leaving, and felt that her face was a little strange. She smiled a little, “Mom, you already know that Dad forgot to buy you a gift?”

She remembered that Fu Jincheng had forgotten to buy Gao Yunjin a gift. She thought she was angry with Fu Jincheng about Fu Jincheng’s forgetting to buy her a gift, so she refused to go downstairs.

Gao Yunjin didn’t know that Fu Jincheng only bought gifts for her two children and forgot to buy gifts for her. Now Yueyue says so, she knows.

But to be honest, she was not surprised.

After all, it’s strange that he doesn’t give her a gift on the phone.

No, she also thought that Fu Jincheng might act in front of the children and buy her something to fool the past.

However, he seems too lazy to fool the children now.

Not only Yueyue, but also Xiaoxuan feels that Gao Yunjin is sad that Fu Jincheng didn’t buy her a gift. He put down the gift and came over. “Mom, dad didn’t forget it on purpose. Dad said that he would buy you two to make up for it next time. Don’t be angry with Dad, okay?”

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