Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3427

“It shouldn’t be this.” President sun also thinks Gao Yunjin doesn’t have this ability. After all, if Gao Yunjin really has such ability, her company won’t be half dead until now. “However, the market in H city is very large. Although senderon is at the end, it still occupies a certain market in H city. In order to please Gao Yunjin, Huo Zhengyun may ask senderon to help and make Gao Yunjin’s brand positive

“To enter our market in H city?”

That’s really possible.

But even if Gao Yunjin really opened their market in H City, what can it do?

For Gao Yunjin’s small company, although it has a certain impact, the scale of Gao Yunjin’s company is there, and she doesn’t worry that Gao Yunjin can turn upside down.

Thinking of this, she didn’t continue to pay attention to it.

After Fu Jincheng received the news, his reaction was similar to that of Lei Yun.

After all, in his opinion, Huo Zhengyun can only help Gao Yunjin. However, senderon did come to an end. Fu Jincheng was still a little worried that Gao Yunjin would be followed by senderon. He wanted people to follow him and see if senderon would follow Gao Yunjin. After listening to it, he went directly

He said to him, “Mr. Fu, this is unlikely.”

“What do you say?”

“Huo Zhengyun dare not offend you. Before he cooperates with senderon, he will naturally tell senderon about his wife’s identity. If senderon doesn’t think he has lost enough, they won’t hurt his wife at this time.”

Don’t say they dare not, they have to offer Gao Yunjin as an immortal.

Fu Jincheng was silent.

He really didn’t think about it.

There can understand Fu Jincheng. After all, care is chaos.

He was too concerned about Gao Yunjin, so naturally he didn’t have such a clear analysis of the situation.

After half a ring, Fu Jincheng AI said, “you’re right.”

“Is there anything else you should pay attention to over there?”

“No more.”

In fact, if senderon really has a brain attack, he is not afraid of what he has done to his little brocade. He has the ability and means to make the other party regret.

Thinking of this, he paused and said, “where does she live?”

“This time in H City, his wife went with Huo Zhengyun, but only his wife went alone without a secretary. Maybe Huo Zhengyun worried that it was unsafe for his wife to live in the hotel alone and took his wife to a villa under his name.”

Fu Jincheng suddenly clenched his mobile phone and hurriedly explained: “we checked the villa. Huo Zhengyun has never lived there again. Huo Zhengyun has another place to live.”

But Fu Jincheng didn’t completely rest assured, “Huo Zhengyun won’t stay in the villa tonight?”

“Probably not.” but it’s just supposed to be. In fact, I don’t know until I get the night.

Fu Jincheng naturally understood this truth, “let me know if you have any news at the first time.”


After hanging up, Fu Jincheng continued to work.

However, during the meeting today, he was a little absent-minded. Secretary LAN called him several times, but he didn’t respond.

After the meeting, he opened his cell phone and looked at it. There was no news.

No news is good news for him.

Because he was in a hurry for the project, Fu Jincheng worked overtime until more than nine o’clock to finish today’s work. As soon as he finished, he couldn’t help but call there, “they haven’t finished yet?”

“I just wanted to call you.” the other side said, “after busy, Huo Zhengyun sent his wife back to the villa and left. He didn’t live in the villa where his wife lives.”

Fu Jincheng breathed a sigh of relief: “I know, continue to let people stare.”

Fear is fear that they will suddenly do something in the evening when their people go away.

I heard it over there and understood what he meant. It’s time to go.

That night, there was no other news, and Fu Jincheng was relieved.

When he got home, the housekeeper immediately told him about Gao Yunjin’s business trip to H city.

Fu Jincheng said, “I already know.”

The housekeeper was surprised, “madam, I told you myself?”


Fu Jincheng didn’t want to explain so much, but after listening to the housekeeper, he asked, “she asked you to tell me she went on a business trip?”


Fu Jincheng sneered, “when I was there, she was reluctant to say a word. She chose to let people talk when I was away. She was really sincere.”

Even people without brains know that this is ironic.

“You’re in the cold war, madam. I guess you don’t want to know this -“

“She didn’t say how she knew I didn’t want to know?” she clearly didn’t trust him and didn’t want to bother to tell him.

“Then why don’t I –“

“Don’t do superfluous things.” Fu Jincheng stopped him from contacting Gao Yunjin. “She can do whatever she likes.”

Housekeeper: “

Although Fu Jincheng is usually a good employer, he is cold faced and gives a dead order. If he dares to violate it, even for his good, Fu Jincheng will not appreciate it.

Thinking of this, the housekeeper didn’t think of anything else.

Fu Jincheng didn’t ask about Gao Yunjin any more. He went upstairs to chat with the two children. After the children slept, he wanted to go back to the study, but when he passed the bedroom, he paused and turned back to the master bedroom.

He hasn’t slept in the master bedroom for a few days. Everything in the master bedroom is still the same. Things don’t look much or much.

Fu Jincheng strolled around in the master bedroom, and then sat down by the window on the side where Gao Yunjin slept. When he was bored, he fiddled with the bottles of the dressing table that Gao Yunjin put aside. Gao Yunjin has a faint fragrance, some of which are the flavor of skin care products. Fu Jincheng twisted the caps of several bottles, and a light and elegant fragrance came to his nostrils, which is a little like the light and elegant fragrance of Gao Yunjin, but the fragrance of Gao Yunjin

The smell combines her unique body fragrance and smells better.

That night, Fu Jincheng slept in the master bedroom.

Moreover, he was still lying under the bed on the side where Gao Yunjin slept. He was upset that night and didn’t fall asleep until early in the morning.

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