Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3428

So the next day, the two little guys woke up, but Fu Jincheng didn’t wake up.

When the little guys saw him sleeping soundly in the room, they eased their steps and didn’t disturb him.

However, I was also worried about whether he was ill. I gently reached out and touched his forehead to make sure he was not ill.

Before they left, they took a picture of Fu Jincheng and sent it to Gao Yunjin.

Gao Yunjin got up early and was stunned when she received the photos sent by the children, but she soon found the key point.

Fu Jincheng slept in the master bedroom.

When she was there, Fu Jincheng didn’t want to step into the master bedroom. Now that she left, Fu Jincheng immediately went back to the master bedroom to sleep.

Thinking of this, Gao Yunjin’s good mood suddenly disappeared.

When Huo Zhengyun came to have breakfast with her, he thought she was ill. “Are you okay?”

Gao Yunjin shook her head: “I’m fine.”



Huo Zhengyun saw that she was just in a bad mood.

However, although Gao Yunjin is in a bad mood, she is still very serious at work.

Just after working, the whole person looks a little lonely.

Seeing that it was still early, Huo Zhengyun said, “do you want to go out for a walk?”

Gao Yunjin was not interested and shook his head: “no, I want to go back to my room to have a rest.”

“Go out for a walk, or you’ll suffocate yourself.”

Huo Zhengyun was worried about her. Gao Yunjin also felt that when she went back to the room alone, she would only think about it. Instead, she would not think about it.

Therefore, Gao Yunjin was very happy. After dinner, Huo Zhengyun first played bowling for a while. Gao Yunjin played for a while. He was interested, but his mood was much better.

After that, they played tennis again.

Gao Yunjin was sweating, relaxed a lot, and didn’t think about some unpleasant things anymore.

Fu Jincheng received the news that they went out to play together at the first time.

But he knew that Gao Yunjin didn’t like sports very much. He looked at the picture, sweating and laughing happily, and fell into silence.

In the next few days, Fu Jincheng was busy working while listening to the people over there reporting Gao Yunjin’s itinerary.

Knowing that Gao Yunjin has been meeting with Huo Zhengyun these days, but he has never had any deviant behavior, he has a little more comfort in his heart.

However… Thinking of the car he asked people to sell, he knew that they didn’t do anything now. It was estimated that they were just exercising restraint. Huo Zhengyun could not think about it, but he believed that his Xiaojin would work hard even if she really liked Huo Zhengyun

Force control will not do physical deviant things.

It’s just that the two people you like, no matter how restrained they are, sometimes they can’t really control it.

During this time, it was not only Fu Jincheng who inquired about Gao Yunjin, but also Lei Yun.

But she never found a chance to do anything.

Because the people who followed Gao Yunjin followed closely, for fear of revealing her identity, she didn’t dare to act rashly.

Old man Lei also received the news that Gao Yunjin came to H city and called Lei Yun. “She’s in H city. H city is our territory. It’s easier to start. Think of a way.”

Lei Yun also thought of a way, but it’s useless. She frowned and said to the old man, “Grandpa, it’s not that I don’t think of a way, but that there are two more people around her. In addition, Huo Zhengyun is going out with her now, and there are people on his side, which is undoubtedly double for Gao Yunjin

Heavy protection. If I accidentally show my horse’s feet and get caught by Huo Zhengyun, I will bite us back – “

After listening to this, Mr. Lei also knew that he was anxious, “I know.”

Huo Zhengyun obviously guessed what they would do, so he sent bodyguards.

Lei Yun said, “but Grandpa, don’t worry. I’ve contacted the gossip reporter. Even if they haven’t abandoned any storms now, it’s also a good thing for us to wait for Gao Yunjin to be exposed as Fu Jincheng’s wife.”

Father Lei nodded, “that’s true.”

“Grandpa, it’s not that I don’t want to touch them, but that there is Fu Jincheng behind them. I have to consider the power of Fu Jincheng.” Lei Yun explained to master Fu again.

“I see.” father Lei is just anxious. He doesn’t distrust Lei Yun’s ability.

Leishi’s development is much better than that in the past few years, which is very difficult for them, which are old family enterprises relative to the rise of new enterprises.

Therefore, Lei Yun has done well enough.

Thinking of this, Lei Laozi patted Lei Yun’s hand, “well done, keep going.”

Lei was lucky. “Grandpa, I will.”


Gao Yunjin guessed that Lei Yun sent someone to investigate her every move with Huo Zhengyun, but she didn’t know that Fu Jincheng had sent someone to follow her and Huo Zhengyun.

Huo Zhengyun knows that Gao Yunjin is followed by people around her, but those people have played a very important role in protecting Gao Yunjin, which is very helpful to prevent the trouble of Lei Yun.

However, when Lei Yun’s people approached them again, Huo Zhengyun still mentioned it to Gao Yunjin, “Lei Yun’s people have never given up on us. For the safety of you and me, people will always follow.”

What does this safety mean? Gao Yunjin understood it as soon as she heard it.

Lei Yun has tried to drugged both of them and designed her and Huo Zhengyun. Naturally, she can’t take it lightly in this regard.

In addition, it is time for her career to improve, and she will not be vigilant in this regard.

She said, “I see.”

Senderon’s acquisition was discussed smoothly. They had already discussed some details. After a while, she prepared enough money and decided on a good day.

Now that she has finished her work, there are many things in her company. Gao Yunjin didn’t stay too much in H city and went back to the capital.

Huo Zhengyun has a lot of things in the capital, and things in s city are about to be implemented. Huo Zhengyun also went to s City, so he didn’t go back to the capital with Gao Yunjin.

Seeing that Huo Zhengyun was going to win the project in S City, the Lei family became more and more anxious.

But they know that urgency is useless. This project can only start with Gao Yunjin and Huo Zhengyun. After all, Fu Jincheng wants to ensure that Huo Zhengyun gets the project.

If they get in the way, I’m afraid they will annoy Fu Jincheng.

Therefore, in April, Huo Zhengyun still won the project in s city.

Fu Jincheng company was busy for half a month, the project was also determined, and the company was even busier. Fu Jincheng basically works overtime every day.

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