Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3431

If the other party is not Lei Yun, she won’t tie him up and refuse to divorce.

But it was thunder luck.

The important thing is that if Fu Jincheng really wants to divorce between them, she can’t stay if she doesn’t want to leave.

If Fu Jincheng insists on divorce, she has no way at all.

Thinking of this, her face became more and more ugly, her slippers were not taken off, and she curled up on the bed like a lost porcelain doll.

At this time, two little guys ran into the master bedroom with a small book, “Mom, mom.”

Gao Yunjin’s eyelids hesitated and doubted whether he was hearing hallucinations.

The little guys were stunned when they saw that she didn’t speak. “Mom, what’s the matter with you? Are you sick?”

Gao Yunjin woke up after half a ring. He got up from bed and said with a smile, “no, mom is not sick. Mom is very good.”

“Really?” the little guys looked at her pale and worried. Four small hands pasted a sticker on her forehead, “no fever.”

Gao Yunjin tried to cheer up and said, “mom is really okay. Mom is just thinking about things.” when she saw the little book in their hands, she paused, changed the topic and said, “have you written down where you want to go?”


Her face looked better than before, and the two children were relieved.

Remembering the purpose of looking for her, the little guys climbed into bed, “where does mom want to go?”

Gao Yunjin understood that the children had not forgotten her, so she came to her and recorded where she wanted to go.

However… Gao Yunjin’s eyes darkened and touched the children’s small heads, “Dad has taken mom to play these places you said. Mom really can’t think of any other interesting places. Just list the places you want to go. Don’t worry

Mom. “

Although she said this to persuade the two children, she didn’t lie.

Before the two children were born, Fu Jincheng would fly around the world with her as long as he had time.

Therefore, she has really been to the places mentioned by the children with Fu Jincheng.

The children didn’t doubt it, but they were very sad, “why does Dad only take his mother? Don’t take us? It’s too much!”

Gao Yunjin couldn’t laugh or cry and explained, “you weren’t born at that time.”


Gao Yunjin told the children about her past with Fu Jincheng, and said some interesting places and things.

The two little guys listened with interest and gradually forgot their main purpose of looking for Gao Yunjin.

Gao Yunjin talks about things in the past. It’s only about ten years ago. Now she thinks of it, but it seems like another world.

Thinking of this and remembering the things of her previous life, Gao Yunjin calmed down a bit and felt that there was nothing unacceptable for Fu Jincheng to divorce her even after a period of time.

As for the children

Fu Jincheng should not treat them badly.


It’s just a comfort to think so. With Lei Yun, no matter how well she disguises in front of Fu Jincheng, she is sure that she will not really love her children. If she is really married to Fu Jincheng, she will no longer disguise. Even if Fu Jincheng is still very good to the children, there is Lei

Lucky, can he always be so good to the children?

Thinking of this, she understood more and more that if she wanted to make the children better in the future, she must not wait to die.

The children were very excited. They didn’t know that Gao Yunjin was just a moment. Gao Yunjin’s mind turned a few times.

At dinner, she wanted to tell the children that she was going to work in H City, but she was taken by the children.

If she didn’t know that Fu Jincheng was going to take her children out to travel, she might hesitate to go to H city because she was reluctant to give up her children, but now she doesn’t hesitate any more.

After talking about this topic with the children, she mentioned it to the children again and promised to come back with them on Saturday and Sunday.

Such days can be as short as three months or even a year and a half.

Fortunately, it’s may now. The children will have their summer vacation in more than a month. When the children have their summer vacation, she can take the children to H cityโ€”โ€”

Just thinking of this, she thought of Fu Jincheng’s plan to take the children out for a trip.

Therefore, it is still unknown whether she can take the children to H City during the summer vacation.

The two little guys were very considerate. After listening, the first thing was to care about her body, “Mom, will you run around harder than now?”

This is for sure.

But if you want to gain, you must pay. Although the two little guys were reluctant to give up Gao Yunjin, they were forced to work in other places because they could understand her. She was also reluctant to give up them. They didn’t make trouble, obediently said they knew, and reminded her to pay attention to her health and stop working again

Lost weight.

However, they are still a child. After that, they hold her with a small mouth, “but mom, you should finish your work quickly. If you are often away from home, we will miss you very much.”

Speaking of this, Yueyue’s eyes are red.

Gao Yunjin naturally couldn’t bear them. Seeing Yueyue’s red eyes, she also wet her eyes, “OK, mom promised you that she would finish the work there as soon as possible and come back as soon as possible.”


With Gao Yunjin’s guarantee, the children still didn’t give up, but they didn’t hold on to this, but they said they wanted to sleep with her tonight.

Gao Yunjin looked at the children with red eyes. Where can she refuse?

Besides, Fu Jincheng hasn’t slept with her for a long time. She basically sleeps alone these days. The children don’t have to be afraid of crowding if they want her to sleep with them.

That night, the two children slept in the master bedroom.

The two children soon went to sleep carefree.

Only Gao Yunjin slept with the children at more than 10 o’clock. When it was close to the early morning, her brain was still very clear. Although she was sleepy, she still couldn’t sleep.

They have a quiet environment and few people. In the early morning, it is so quiet outside that only the sound of insects is left.

Therefore, when the car sounded outside, Gao Yunjin noticed it for the first time.

Gao Yunjin knows that Fu Jincheng is back.

She turned over, but she didn’t get up.

After a while, the house was still very quiet. She couldn’t hear Fu Jincheng go upstairs. Because the study was far away from the master bedroom, she didn’t even know that Fu Jincheng didn’t go upstairs.

However, after half an hour, there was still no movement. She knew that Fu Jincheng probably went directly to the study to sleep, and still didn’t mean to come back to the master bedroom to rest. Gao Yunjin thought about this, and her thoughts gradually drifted away. After a long time, she fell asleep.

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