Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3437

During the dinner party, Gao Yunjin drank a little wine. Although she was not drunk, after returning to the hotel, the whole person’s mental state was not very good. As soon as she returned to her place of residence, she lay down in bed and was very tired.

In such a tired and slightly drunk state, she thought she would sleep over soon, but after lying down, her mind was full of Fu Jincheng.

Then, more and more sober.

Although she, like Fu Jincheng, still calls the children every day, she hasn’t contacted Fu Jincheng these days.

She can’t even remember when they last contacted.

Thinking of this, she remembered what happened to Lei Yun tonight.

In the past, when Fu Jincheng was away, Lei Yun met her and always looked for a chance to do something.

But the luck of Lei tonight seems different. She didn’t come to her alone to stimulate her.

The more abnormal Lei Yun is, the more upset she is. She is worried that Lei Yun is holding back his big move.

Just when she was thinking, Huo Zhengyun called her, “what time will you go back to Beijing tomorrow?”

“What happened to the plane around 6 p.m.?”

“I’ll go back tomorrow and wonder if I have time for dinner.”

“It should be too late. Next time.”

“OK, next time. You’ve worked hard these days.”

“Everyone is very hard.”

Although Huo Zhengyun is abroad, as a major shareholder of senderon, she needs to discuss with him what decisions she has made.

So recently, they often hold video conferences. “I’m going to be busy with the project in s city next week. On senderon’s side, it’s estimated that you still have to pay more attention. When I’m finished with the project, I’ll spend more time in H city to deal with senderon, so that you can have more time

Spend more time dealing with your own company. “


Huo Zhengyun said, “are you in a bad mood?”

Gao Yunjin rubbed her eyebrows and said, “No.”

“Too much?” he knew about her going to dinner with the company.

“I drank some wine, but I didn’t drink much.”

Huo Zhengyun concluded: “that’s a bad mood.”

Gao Yunjin: “

“See Lei Yun?”

“… HMM.” speaking of Lei Yun, she cheered up. “She should not know about senderon’s change of master?”

“It’s all right to know.” Huo Zhengyun knows her worry. “She doesn’t like such a small project. She probably thinks it’s a little fuss. She can’t turn over the storm and won’t care.”


She thought so before, but Lei Yun’s abnormality today made her a little uneasy.

She doesn’t know when Fu Jincheng will divorce her. Now she urgently wants to make more money. If Lei Yun gets in the way, her efforts during this period will be in vain.

But now she doesn’t have so much time to waste.

“I heard you’ve been working overtime recently. In fact, there’s no need to rush. We have enough time. You don’t have to be so nervous.”

Gao Yunjin is not as optimistic as him, so she hopes senderon can get on track as soon as possible.

Huo Zhengyun has advised her about this, but Gao Yunjin just doesn’t listen. Seeing that she doesn’t speak, Huo Zhengyun knows he can’t persuade, and doesn’t persuade. He just said seriously, “it’s too harmful for you to go on like this. It’s easy to wear yourself out.”

“I’m fine. I can stand it.” Gao Yunjin was a little sleepy and didn’t want to hear Huo Zhengyun continue the topic. He said, “first? I’m sleepy and want to sleep first.”

“OK, call me if you have something.”


After hanging up the phone, Gao Yunjin struggled to get up from bed and went into the bathroom to take a bath.

Just after taking a bath, there was a phone call from home. Naturally, it was two children.

“Mom! We’re back with Dad!”

Gao Yunjin paused, “where did you go out with your father?”

“We went to eat KFC and went to the fencing hall to learn fencing!”

“Is fencing fun?”

“Fun! The clothes are very cool and handsome!”

Gao Yunjin listened to the children’s soft children’s voice, her face softened, and her anxiety at the bottom of her heart faded, “Mom hasn’t played for a long time. Will you take her next time?”


The kids finished this excitedly and thought of the main topic, “Mom, what time are you flying tomorrow? When can you get home?”

“Should be home before you go to bed.”

“So late?”

The little guys were a little lost. Gao Yunjin coaxed: “after going back, will mom sleep with Yueyue and Xuanxuan?”


Not only Yueyue, but also Xiaoxuan was very happy.


They looked at Fu Jincheng, who was sitting reading the newspaper, wrinkled his small nose and whispered to Gao Yunjin, “Dad will do bad.”

Fu Jincheng did do such a thing before.

But that was before.

“No, I don’t believe you ask Dad.”

“Really? Mom and Dad agreed?” the little guys couldn’t believe it.


It’s impossible to say good nature.

However, now she and Fu Jincheng sleep in separate rooms. Does she sleep with two children? Fu Jincheng doesn’t care at all. How can he disagree?

Therefore, she believed that even if she didn’t speak to Fu Jincheng, Fu Jincheng would cooperate well.

The little guys immediately asked Fu Jincheng, “Dad, mom said you agreed that we would sleep with mom tomorrow night. Is it true?”

Fu Jincheng was expressionless. “That’s what she said?”

“Yes.” the children handed the microphone to Fu Jincheng. “If you don’t believe it, ask your mother.”

Fu Jincheng said faintly, “no, what your mother said is true.”

The two little guys were so happy that they happily said to Gao Yunjin, “Mom, what Dad said is true.”


Just now, the microphone was handed to Fu Jincheng’s face. She could hear what he said without the children saying.

The two little guys haven’t seen Gao Yunjin for several days. They miss her very much. In addition, she will be back tomorrow. They are very excited and pester Gao Yunjin for a long time.

Until it was getting late, Fu Jincheng put the newspaper aside and warned, “well, it’s time to take a bath and go to bed. Hang up.”

The two little guys were satisfied and obedient. Before hanging up, they asked Fu Jincheng, “Dad, you haven’t talked to mom yet -“

“Dad and mom have talked. Hang up.”

“Bad dad, secretly contacted his mother.” the little guys believed it, said two words to Gao Yunjin and hung up.

Gao Yunjin naturally heard what Fu Jincheng said. Her eyes darkened a little. She didn’t even know when the children hung up.

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