Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3443

The other side.

After eating almost, Huo Zhengyun said to Gao Yunjin, “I have to go to s city the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow’s trip may be a little in a hurry. You need to cooperate with my trip.”

Gao Yunjin nodded, “I know.”

Huo Zhengyun was a little embarrassed. “I’ve really bothered you recently.”


Now she just has time. It’s nothing to be busy with the company.

Besides, after the company is on the right track in the future, Huo Zhengyun still needs to spend more time and effort to preside over the company.

They were just one thing before another, so even if she was a little busy now, she didn’t feel anything.

“My grandpa really wants to see you. Do you have time to come to my house for dinner tomorrow evening?”

“Mr. Huo?”


Gao Yunjin was flattered, but quickly responded, “he knows I’m Fu Jincheng’s wife?”

If she was not Fu Jincheng’s wife, even if they had the current cooperation, in her opinion, Mr. Huo could not pay so much attention to her.

Huo Zhengyun nodded honestly, “I know.”

Then he paused, “do you mind?”

Gao Yunjin shook his head: “No.”

She also has self-knowledge. Huo Zhengyun cooperated with her at the beginning, largely because of Fu Jincheng.

She won’t mind.

“Grandpa just wants to invite you to a casual meal. He won’t ask anything else. Don’t worry.”

Huo Zhengyun helped her a lot, and Huo’s father’s identity was not general. Everyone spoke. Gao Yunjin naturally had no reason to refuse.

So the next night, Gao Yunjin got into Huo Zhengyun’s car and went to Huo’s old house with him.

When the news reached Fu Jincheng’s ears, Fu Jincheng’s face changed, “what did you say?”

“Madam went back to the Huo family’s old house with Huo Zhengyun.” there had to say it again.

As Gao Yunjin thought, people with the status of master Huo are not seen by everyone.

Mr. Huo even if he saw her, he invited her to the Huo family’s old house, which is very subtle.


When master Huo sees Gao Yunjin, Fu Jincheng can think of two reasons.

1、 Mr. Huo knows that Gao Yunjin is his wife. He sees Gao Yunjin just to win him over.

2、 Master Huo knows that Gao Yunjin and Huo Zhengyun have a difficult relationship. He is very satisfied with her and wants to see her.

If it’s the first point, he doesn’t mind.

If it is the second point, does it mean that Gao Yunjin and Huo Zhengyun are getting closer and closer?

“… I don’t know.”

They just followed behind Gao Yunjin. What did they talk about? How could they hear?

Fu Jincheng clenched his cell phone. “Are you sure they’ve only met in these two days?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” the people over there also understood Fu Jincheng’s mind and added: “however, they can’t rule out chatting with other software.”

After all, if people are in long-distance love, they can’t do without making phone calls and videos every day.

In this case, even if two people don’t meet, their feelings will warm up.

Fu Jincheng looked very cold and hung up.


Huo’s old house.

Gao Yunjin had dinner at Huo’s house and left soon.

Huo Zhengyun sent Gao Yunjin out. Just after walking for a while, the fixed line of the Huo family’s old house rang.

The servant of the Huo family answered the phone: “Hello, who are you?”

“Fu Jincheng.”

As soon as Fu Jincheng’s voice fell on the phone, the servant was surprised and asked: “it’s Mr. Fu. Mr. Fu, are you looking for our young master sun -“

“I’m looking for Mr. Huo.”

“OK, I’ll ask the old man to come down and answer the phone.”

The servant didn’t dare to neglect and immediately told master Huo about it.

Mr. Huo answered the phone: “Mr. Fu, long time no see.”

“Old Sir, I haven’t seen you for several times. I’m bothering you.”

“Where’s Mr. Fu? It’s my honor for Mr. Fu to always think of my Huo family.” Mr. Huo didn’t say much and asked, “what’s the matter with Mr. Fu looking for me?”

Although he asked, Mr. Huo knew when Fu Jincheng called.

Fu Jincheng came into contact with their Huo family every time because of Gao Yunjin.

This time, too, it’s a coincidence. As soon as Gao Yunjin’s front foot left the Huo family, Fu Jincheng called. It can be seen that he knows Gao Yunjin’s every move very well.

Therefore, I know with my knees that Fu Jincheng still has something to do with Gao Yunjin when he calls him this time.

“I heard my wife bothered you in the old house?” Mr. Huo smiled. “It’s my honor for Mrs. Fu to come to my Huo family. How can I bother? Mr. Fu, you’re very kind. Besides, I heard from Zhengyun that Mrs. Fu helped him a lot. I’m very excited, old man, so

He invited Mrs. Fu to come over and have a casual meal. ” Then he paused again and said, “it’s also the old man. I didn’t think very well. I didn’t say hello to you. I’m sorry to disturb president Fu.” when Fu Jincheng heard this, he knew that master Huo was an understanding man. Moreover, according to the meaning of Mr. Huo, the reason why Gao Yunjin went to the Huo family’s old house for dinner seems to be the former, not the latter. Yeah. Gao Yunjin’s wife, the Huo family, is now forced by the Lei family to protect themselves. No matter what happens between Huo Zhengyun and Gao Yunjin, master Huo will never risk offending him to help them. Therefore, it is estimated that the reason why Mr. Huo invited Gao Yunjin to the Huo family is largely because he wants to win him over. He should have understood such a simple truth. But because he was in it, a leaf blinded his eyes, he was in a mess. Thinking of this, Fu Jincheng was relieved, but his face was still not very good-looking. I’m afraid that only Mr. Huo thinks so, while Gao Yunjin and Huo Zhengyun regard this opportunity as good parents… Fu Jincheng hasn’t spoken for a long time. To tell the truth, Mr. Huo is worried that Fu Jincheng will be angry. After all, Fu Jincheng has a good relationship with the Lei family. He is undoubtedly singing the opposite tune with him to win over his wife for his own interests, If Fu Jincheng is angry, it is inevitable. Thinking of this, Mr. Huo became more worried. However, before he could speak, Fu Jincheng said, “if Mr. Huo is anywhere, my wife doesn’t have any friends in H city. She’s also an axis. In the future, Mr. Huo will have to take more care of my wife. Next time the younger generation goes to H City, I’ll thank you very much.” Mr. Huo said with a smile: “Mr. Fu is polite.” speaking of this, Mr. Huo thought of the project in s city. Mr. Huo was very happy to win the project in s city. Now Fu Jincheng wanted to call, and he naturally had to express it.

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