Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3444

“I heard about the project in s city. President Fu helped Zhengyun win it. If you want to say thank you, I should say it.”

Mr. Huo thinks he has no problem doing so.

However, Fu Jincheng’s face changed when he heard him mention the project in s city.

Half a sound did not speak.

Mr. Huo didn’t know, so: “Mr. Fu?”

Did he say the wrong thing.

Fu Jincheng clenched his mobile phone and said softly, “it’s just a little effort. Mr. Huo is polite.” after that, Fu Jincheng said lightly: “OK, I won’t disturb you, sir. You’ll have a rest and talk again when you’re free next time.”

Even though Fu Jincheng tried to hide, master Huo still found that Fu Jincheng’s mood didn’t seem quite right. He didn’t say much and said, “OK.”

Hung up and Huo Zhengyun came back.

Huo Zhengyun said with a smile, “whose phone?”

“Fu Jincheng.”

Huo Zhengyun’s footsteps were not too surprised. “Does he know that Miss Gao has come to our house?”


“What did you say?”

“Didn’t say anything, just said a few polite words.”

Huo Zhengyun noticed that his grandfather’s face was not quite right, “really only a few polite words?”

“Really.” master Huo knew what he was thinking and paused, “but the front is still good. Somehow, he seems suddenly unhappy.”

“What did you say?”

Mr. Huo was silent and reacted quickly: “it seems that he was not quite right just after I mentioned the project in s city.”

Huo Zhengyun understood. He remembered that Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng were in a mood. It seemed that after Fu Jincheng helped him win the project in S City

Thinking of this, he frowned and wondered what was going on.

He didn’t understand, and Mr. Huo didn’t understand more. He asked, “what’s going on?”

Huo Zhengyun shook his head: “it’s not a big deal. Huo Zhengyun is quite reasonable and nervous. As long as we don’t bully and hurt Miss Gao, there’s no reason for him to get into trouble, so you don’t have to worry too much.”

Mr. Huo also met Fu Jincheng and thought that Fu Jincheng was a good person, and Gao Yunjin was also very reasonable and not a domineering person.

Mr. Huo was relieved.

Huo Zhengyun comforted Mr. Huo and went upstairs to call Gao Yunjin. “Mr. Fu called my grandpa just now.”

Gao Yunjin was stunned. “Call your grandpa? Is it the old man? What can I do for you?”

“Nothing. I just mentioned you. I should know you went to Huo’s house, so I called specially.”

Gao Yunjin was stunned. Before he reacted, Huo Zhengyun said, “by the way, I listen to your meaning. It seems that you have a problem with President Fu after President Fu helped me win the project in S City, right?”

Gao Yunjin thought, “it seems so. What’s the matter?”

“Just now my grandpa mentioned it to him. My grandpa said he seemed unhappy.” Huo Zhengyun said, “so I wonder if his quarrel with you has anything to do with it.”

“He’s not making trouble…”

Who makes trouble? Is that so?

He clearly wants to divorce her.

“What’s that? The cold war?”

Gao Yunjin: “

“And he misunderstood that I had an improper relationship with you, but you asked him to help me. It’s normal for him to be unhappy.”

Gao Yunjin smiled bitterly, “no, you think too much. It has nothing to do with this.”

If so, I wish.

“I don’t think I think too much.” Huo Zhengyun insisted. “If you have problems with your husband and wife’s relationship because of me, I will feel guilty.”

“Don’t feel guilty. It has nothing to do with you.”

In her opinion, this matter has nothing to do with Huo Zhengyun.

Huo Zhengyun thought she fell into a strange circle. “Do you think it has something to do with Lei Yun?”

Gao Yunjin was stunned. “Do you think it has nothing to do with her?”


After all, Lei Yun’s movements are constant. How can it have nothing to do with her.

“I thought –“

She thought he was talking to Lei Yun.

“But don’t you think my role in Fu Jincheng is similar to that of Lei Yun?”

He meant that since she thought Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng were close, she suspected that their relationship was not simple.

Isn’t she close to Huo Zhengyun now? Fu Jincheng will suspect that their relationship is not simple and normal.

This is indeed the truth.

But they agreed before not to interfere in each other’s love life.

Moreover, will Fu Jincheng care about Huo Zhengyun’s relationship with her as much as she cares about Lei Yun?

Or did Huo Zhengyun guess this because he regarded her and Fu Jincheng as a normal couple? Seeing that she didn’t speak, Huo Zhengyun knew that he couldn’t persuade her. After all, he was not good at dealing with other people’s feelings. “You can communicate with President Fu well.” do you communicate well? She wants to. But Fu Jincheng didn’t give her a chance at all. She couldn’t say to Huo Zhengyun, “I don’t have much to do with him. I know what’s going on with him, and you can rest assured Huo.” Huo Zhengyun couldn’t laugh or cry. “If you can say this, it means that you know what’s going on with Fu Jincheng. It’s estimated that what you think with Fu Jincheng is no longer on the same level.” Gao Yunjin felt that Huo Zhengyun didn’t know what happened between her and Fu Jincheng, To say such a thing. She didn’t know how to refute Huo Zhengyun’s answer for a moment. Seeing that he couldn’t communicate, Huo Zhengyun stopped talking about the topic. He talked to her about the company and hung up. Gao Yunjin was a little confused, but before she could think more, the two children called her and interrupted her thoughts. After chatting with the children for a while, she couldn’t help asking, “hasn’t dad come back yet?” “yes, I’m working in the study.” the little guys asked her, “Mom misses dad and wants to talk to dad?” “no -” I’ll go up to find Dad now. “The little guys didn’t take her refusal seriously and ran upstairs with their mobile phones. Gao Yunjin was in a hurry. “Mom really didn’t think of her father, so she asked casually. Don’t disturb your father’s work -” the little guys blocked Gao Yunjin’s mouth with a sentence: “Dad said you can find him if you have anything, and dad won’t feel disturbed.” Gao Yunjin: “…” the children soon went upstairs and knocked on the doorway: “Dad, can we come in?” Fu Jincheng closed the book. “Yes.” Gao Yunjin could also hear their conversation over the phone, and his heart was more nervous, “Yue Yue, Xiao Xuan -“

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