Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3445

The little guys ignored him and said to Fu Jincheng with a smile: “Dad, mom misses you and wants to video with you. We brought our mobile phone up. Talk to mom. Let’s go downstairs first.”

After Yueyue stuffed Fu Jincheng with her mobile phone, she took her brother out of the study and very considerate helped him close the door.

Fu Jincheng didn’t expect that the child came to him for such a thing.

He took the cell phone the children stuffed him with and looked at Gao Yunjin on the phone screen. He didn’t react for a while.

Gao Yunjin’s face was a little embarrassed, and she was a little uneasy in her heart. She explained to him: “the children misunderstood.”

“Did you mention me to the children?” Fu Jincheng still looked very pale, but instead of saying nothing like before, he asked her.


Because of this, she was so nervous because she was afraid that he didn’t like her to mention him to the children.

Fu Jincheng looked at her: “why? Because I contacted Mr. Huo? Are you unhappy?”

“No, no, I’m not unhappy.”

To tell the truth, although Huo Zhengyun told her what Fu Jincheng said to Huo, she still doesn’t understand why Fu Jincheng contacted Huo.

Fu Jincheng smiled coldly. “So, Huo Zhengyun really told you about my contacting Mr. Huo?”

“Yes -“

Fu Jincheng’s irony is more obvious: “you have a good relationship and can say anything.”

He was so gloomy that she was at a loss and had to say, “let’s just mention it…”

“Really just casually mentioned?” Fu Jincheng didn’t believe it.

If they were not close enough to say nothing, how could Huo Zhengyun tell her so much?

Moreover, these things are also between him and her. Huo Zhengyun told her that he contacted master Huo. It seems that she and Huo Zhengyun are on the side, and he is the outsider.

Gao Yunjin feels that her attitude towards talking to Fu Jincheng has always been very good, and she also tries to communicate with Fu Jincheng.

But he never gave her a chance.

When he said so, she had to change the topic and politely said to him, “I heard the children say that you are very busy at work, but basically you will come back early to accompany the children every day. It’s been a hard time for you.”

They are video calls. Gao Yunjin’s expression and eyes are clear to Fu Jincheng.

In his opinion, she changed the subject because she was guilty. Fu Jincheng looked at it, lowered her eyes, put the mobile phone aside, no longer looked at her on the screen, but picked up the book and continued to read it. At the same time, she said coldly, “they are also my children. I should spend more time with them

With your polite manner, people who don’t know think they’re not my children. “

Gao Yunjin: “

“That’s not what I mean.”

“What does that mean?”


The moment Fu Jincheng put down his mobile phone, Gao Yunjin knew that he didn’t want to talk to her anymore.

Gao Yunjin had to say, “you seem very busy. I won’t disturb you. Hang up first.”

Fu Jincheng said faintly, “if you can’t explain, you’re going to escape, aren’t you?”

Gao Yunjin: “I didn’t.”

Her meaning is simple and clear. How can he not understand it?

He didn’t understand, just wanted to fight her.

“Then explain it well?” Fu Jincheng sneered.

Gao Yunjin clenched her cell phone and felt a little weak. “Can’t we talk calmly? Do you have to talk like this?”

Fu Jincheng’s ironic smile disappeared, “I think I’m very calm.”

Gao Yunjin: “… Forget it, let’s do it first. I’ll hang up first.”

Before he could speak, Gao Yunjin hung up directly.

Fu Jincheng tightened her thin lips and threw the book aside. Her face became more and more ugly. The next day, Fu Jincheng received a call from Fu Laozi, saying that one of his old friends had bought an island and planned to invite friends to hold a banquet at the weekend. Fu Laozi didn’t like to join in the fun and asked him if he was interested

, you can go there.

“It’s the end of May. It’s said that the cherries on the island are just ripe. You can take Yunjin and the children out to relax.”

Fu Jincheng is not very interested in these things. However, now that the children are old and have made a journey, they can slowly let them contact some people in the circle under the condition of ensuring safety.

This is a good opportunity.

After hanging up, Fu Jincheng told the child about it.

“Yes, yes, I haven’t picked cherries for a long time!”


“When shall we go?”

“Friday night.” “what time is it in the evening? Can mom be back in time?” Yueyue asked. Fu Jincheng paused. “I don’t know. I haven’t discussed it with my mother yet.” “I’ll call my mother and discuss it with my mother.” “well.” in the evening, when Yueyue called Gao Yunjin, she talked about it at the first time. “Dad takes you to the party?” “yes, dad may make a lot of friends when he says he can pick cherries and watch fireworks!” in order to protect the children, they have never taken their children to the party before, and Fu Jincheng has not mentioned taking their children to the party. Thinking of this, she frowned. Xiao Xuan looked at her frown and asked, “is mom frowning because she doesn’t have time to go with us?” “Mom doesn’t go with us?” Yueyue was lost. “But isn’t Mom going home on Friday? Why can’t she go with us?” Gao Yunjin naturally has time. Just… Thinking of the quarrel with Fu Jincheng yesterday, she was worried that Fu Jincheng didn’t want her to go. Moreover, she was also worried that Fu Jincheng was not willing to go with her. Thinking of this, she tentatively asked the children, “have you decided when to go?” “Dad said Friday night, but maybe he left after dinner. We were worried that mom would be late for you.” “Dad said that?” if Fu Jincheng wanted to wait for her, he could go later, but he told the children so, Didn’t you plan to let her go with you in the beginning? “Yes.” “Mom, see if you can come back. If you can’t come back, you can only wait next time.” naturally, this can only deceive children. After all, if she really wants to go, she can fly directly from H city on Friday night. There is no need to go back to the capital and go with them. However, obviously, it is impossible to cheat two children with this excuse.

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