Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3448

Fu Jincheng answered and didn’t mean to continue talking to her.

Lei Yun saw that he was still in a bad mood, so he didn’t go on.

The two children didn’t go far, and Fu Jincheng had people follow him all the time. He soon found them in an amusement park.

There are many people here, adults and children.

Adults are chatting and children are playing. The atmosphere is happy and warm.

Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun are very well-known.

As soon as they appeared, the adults of the amusement park noticed them. When they reacted, they hurried to say hello to them, “Mr. Fu and Mr. Lei, you are here too? Is this a walk?”

“No.” Fu Jincheng answered faintly, and Lei Yun added with a smile, “President Fu’s two children are also here. Fu always comes to find children.”

“President Fu’s children are here too?” some people who didn’t know the news were very surprised.

“HMM.” Fu Jincheng nodded and looked at Yueyue and Xiaoxuan surrounded by several children.

Yueyue and Xiaoxuan also saw Fu Jincheng. They hurriedly ran over and held his waist. “Dad, are the guests gone?”

“Well, let’s go.”

Now the weather is very hot. Yueyue and Xuanxuan have been playing for so long, and a thin layer of sweat came out on their forehead. Fu Jincheng took out his handkerchief and carefully wiped the sweat for them, “are you still playing?”

“Play.” Yueyue said with a smile, “we have made many new friends. We want to play with new friends for a while.”

“Well, go.”

Yue Yue and Xiao Xuan ran to play happily again.

Unlike Fu Jincheng, the people around him mostly let servants take care of their children.

Even more, the parents of many children didn’t come and always let servants accompany their children, so many people are not as close to their children as Fu Jincheng.

Others specially looked at Yueyue and Xiaoxuan for several times and praised them: “President Fu’s children are good and obedient. I really envy them. Unlike the two smelly boys in my family, they know to sing against our adults all day.”

This is going to use children to open the topic.

However, Fu Jincheng was not very interested and his response was very weak.

They found several topics, and Fu Jincheng seemed to be in a lack of interest.

They didn’t know what Fu Jincheng was interested in, so they were at a loss.

Some people don’t care about the gossip on the Internet and can’t help asking Fu Jincheng: “didn’t Mrs. Fu come?”

When others heard this, they looked at Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun, and immediately squeezed a sweat for each other.

Fu Jincheng paused and said, “she is busy with her work and has no time to come.”

“Well.” the man didn’t hear anyone talk about Gao Yunjin, but he was very interested, “what business does Mrs. Ling do?”

“Clothing.” “clothing? What a coincidence. My wife is also engaged in the clothing business. No wonder she is so busy.” speaking of this, the other party sighed: “I don’t agree with her. First, she is tired and often has several shifts on Saturday and Sunday; second, it’s difficult to do the domestic clothing business,

It’s not easy to be big. But she likes it, and I can’t help it, so I have to let her. “


His Xiaojin is also interested in this. Only when he graduated from high school, he got such good grades, but applied for this major.

The man asked, “what’s the brand name of Mrs. Fu’s company?”

Of course, Fu Jincheng remembered it, so he said.

The other party was stunned, “this brand is very famous recently.”

Fu Jincheng heard people talk about it some time ago, but he really didn’t know how famous it was, “Oh, really?”

“Yes, I heard it is very popular with young people.”

“Well.” it seems so.

However, he did not expect to be known to people who did not pay attention to the garment industry.

The other party sighed and envied: “it’s very powerful for her to say so. Unlike my wife, she has no design talent and is just tossing around.” “well.” Fu Jincheng recognized Gao Yunjin’s talent in this regard even though he didn’t understand clothing, “When my wife graduated from high school, she was the top student in the college entrance examination in Beijing. With such high grades, she finally read clothing

After graduation, he also worked in a company with a world-class high luxury clothing brand for several years. “

No matter what Fu Jincheng said before, he was lack of interest. He suddenly said so much, not to mention others, Lei Yun. He was a little surprised.

The people who talked about this topic with Fu Jincheng were even more surprised to grow up, but they were more happy. Unexpectedly, he bumped into each other’s favorite topic.


As for Fu Jincheng’s tone, I think Fu Jincheng has an element of showing off.

In the past, they all heard that Fu Jincheng was low-key and modest. When they saw him today, they felt different from rumors.

The man smiled awkwardly with some envy. “It turns out that Mrs. Fu, like Mr. Fu, is a Xueba. No wonder she has managed her own clothing brand.” “isn’t it?” other people who didn’t pay attention to the clothing industry secretly took out their mobile phones to inquire about the gaoyunjin clothing brand. Originally, they thought that the person who talked to Fu Jincheng about his wife’s praising attitude when talking about the gaoyunjin brand was just to please Fu Jincheng. After reading Baidu Encyclopedia, they knew that the other party was really telling the truth. Fu Jincheng’s wife’s clothing brand is really famous. It is said that she is still making special money. Some people saw that Fu Jincheng liked to talk about his wife so much that he once ignored Lei Yun standing beside him. They couldn’t help praising him: “President Fu and Mrs. Fu are so business minded that they are worthy of being husband and wife. They are just made for each other.” others didn’t forget Lei Yun’s existence. When they heard this sentence, they didn’t know whether to answer it or not, so they had to smile dryly, Silently echoed and peeped at Lei Yun’s face. Lei Yun really didn’t know Gao Yunjin’s resume in detail. As a woman, as Fu Jincheng said, Gao Yunjin is really excellent. As for whether gaoyunjin brand is really so famous, Lei Yun doesn’t think so. After all, she knows gaoyunjin company better than others. She knows that her company is still a small company up to now. Others said this just to compliment Fu Jincheng. Thinking of this, she felt that Gao Yunjin’s beautiful resume was not so beautiful at once. First, she looked as usual, followed others to praise: “Miss Gao not only has a business mind, but also has a good heart and a good temper. She is a rare perfect woman. Every time I see Miss Gao, I feel ashamed. I feel that compared with Miss Gao, I have blackened the woman.”

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