Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3449

I don’t know that Fu Jincheng has an ambiguous relationship with Lei Yun. There are only one or two people.

Most other people still know those things on the Internet very well.

Lei Yun’s words, others don’t know whether they are true or false.

After all, Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng didn’t admit that they had an affair.

But we are not stupid. They often gossip on the news. If it really doesn’t matter, we don’t believe it. Therefore, instead of commenting on Gao Yunjin, they praised Lei Yun: “in today’s society, women can hold up half the sky. Today’s young people are eager to have their own career, so many people take Lei Zong as their idol

, Mr. Lei, you are too modest to say that. “

“Isn’t it?”

Speaking of this, everyone smiled tacitly. The atmosphere looked much better than at the beginning.

However, we also found that when we talked further, Fu Jincheng basically didn’t speak.

Even if the topics they talked about were related to Lei Yun, Fu Jincheng didn’t interrupt.

It seems that his attention is no longer on this. Instead, he used to look after the children.

The others looked at each other.

What is more embarrassing than others is Lei Yun.

Fu Jincheng’s performance obviously means that he is not interested in her.

Therefore, anyone with a little heart can see that the relationship between her and Fu Jincheng is not as good as what is said on the Internet.

Thinking of this, Lei Yun doesn’t look very good.

However, she did not show it, but her eyes fell on Yueyue over there.

Yue Yue is chatting with Fu Jincheng. Noticing Lei Yun’s sight, she smiles and waves at her.

Others naturally noticed and looked at Lei Yun.

Lei Yun found the venue and was in a better mood. He ignored others. He walked over and chatted with Yueyue: “don’t you continue to play?”

“Tired, don’t play.” Yueyue smiled.

Lei Yun touched her little head. “It’s getting late. It’s really time to go back and have a rest.”


The important thing is that they should go back and call their mother.

“Aunt is also tired. Let’s go back together.”


Lei Yun said hello to the others and left with the two children.

So is Fu Jincheng.

Others looked at their two big and two small backs. For a time, you look at me and I look at him. They can’t see through. It means a few things.

Finally, someone concluded, “anyway, President Lei has a good relationship with President Fu. After all, ordinary people don’t have such a good relationship with President Fu’s children.”


“That’s right, but you’ve put the wrong emphasis on it?” someone said. “Isn’t Fu Jincheng very concerned about his wife? He seems to have deep feelings for his wife. It seems that this is very different from what is rumored.”

“But who is his wife? We haven’t met.”

“I don’t know. Just pay attention when you have a chance. Don’t accidentally offend each other. At that time, people will sue Fu Jincheng. We may not be able to finish eating and walk around.”


Fu Jincheng doesn’t care what others talk about.

After returning to the villa and saying goodbye to Lei Yun, the children couldn’t wait to chat with Gao Yunjin.

Fu Jincheng urged them to take a bath: “call after taking a bath.”

“I see.”

The two children went to take a bath. Fu Jincheng held the book and read it, but he didn’t turn a page until the child came out of the bathroom.

After taking a bath, the children immediately called Gao Yunjin.

Gao Yunjin had just finished his work. He was stunned when he saw Fu Jincheng’s call.

However, he quickly responded: “Yueyue, Xuanxuan?”

“Well, it’s us.” Xiao Xuan said with a smile, “Mom, have you come home?”

“My mother didn’t go home. My mother is still on business in H city. My mother will go back next week.”

“Mom is still working overtime? It’s so hard.” originally, they felt lost because Gao Yunjin couldn’t come to play with them. Now they know that Gao Yunjin worked so hard, their loss turned into heartache.

“It’s the same as your study. Mom is used to it. She won’t feel very hard.”

“But too much homework will make me feel hard,” Yueyue said.

Gao Yunjin couldn’t laugh or cry, and hurriedly changed the topic. “Have you just arrived on the island? Have you been around?”

“Yes, but it was very late when we arrived on the island. There were many guests at home. Dad didn’t have time to accompany us to too far away. We walked nearby and went to the playground over there.”

Speaking of this, Yueyue remembered Lei Yun and said happily, “Mom, aunt Lei is here too.”

Gao Yunjin only thought that Fu Jincheng didn’t want her to go with her, but she didn’t think that Lei Yun might also be invited.

She smiled for a few minutes. “Did you see her?” “yes, aunt Lei lives next door and is very close.” “that’s right?” “yes.” Yueyue held her small face, “I’m worried that Xuanxuan and I will be bored if my mother doesn’t come. Now aunt Lei is here, and we won’t be so bored if aunt Lei is with us.” “well…” Yueyue is afraid that she won’t worry, Gao Yunjin knew that she said these words to appease her, but Yue Yue was still young. She didn’t know that her words not only didn’t appease her, but made her heart more confused. She is just an ordinary person, whether Fu Jincheng or her children. If they are too close to a woman who wants to replace her position, she will naturally feel bad in her heart. That’s what she is now. Gao Yunjin was also very uncomfortable when she saw the child so close to Lei Yun, but the child was still young and couldn’t tell them severely. She could only tell her: “aunt Lei is usually busier than her mother. Don’t always disturb others, you know?” “Mom, we know.” “good, promise your mother and do what you say, you know?” “we know.” Gao Yunjin got up and had a lot to tell her children, but she was afraid to say too much. Fu Jincheng would be unhappy when she knew. After two sentences, she didn’t continue the topic. After chatting for a while, the children were sleepy and ready to go to bed. They said to Gao Yunjin, “Mom, talk to Dad. Let’s go to bed.” Xiao Xuan didn’t give Gao Yunjin a chance to refuse, so he directly handed his mobile phone to Fu Jincheng. Gao Yunjin: “…” Fu Jincheng looked at Gao Yunjin on the phone and saw two little guys staring at him. He didn’t hang up immediately. He chatted with Gao Yunjin, “back to the hotel?” he suddenly had such a good attitude. Gao Yunjin was flattered. “President Huo found me a place to live, I don’t live in the hotel.” she couldn’t leave Huo Zhengyun for three words. Fu Jincheng’s eyes sank, “Huo Zhengyun is very considerate.”

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