Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3452

President Yan said: “it was Lao Huo who came here, but Lao Huo had some physical problems, so he called me last night and said whether he would come or not.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t know what he thought. His face changed slightly, “last night?”

Fu Jincheng didn’t take the initiative to speak just now. He cut in coldly. Mr. Yan was surprised, “yes, what was the problem last night?”

“When did it happen?”

“Just… More than eleven o’clock.” President Yan doesn’t understand Fu Jincheng’s concerns.

But Fu Jincheng doesn’t seem to want to elaborate, so he can’t ask too much.

Fu Jincheng didn’t ask any more, and President Yan changed the topic.

Fu Jincheng’s face was a little ugly. Although it was not obvious, Lei Yun sitting next to him could see some.

Lei Yun turned his mind and asked, “what’s the problem?”

Fu Jincheng shook his head and didn’t say.

After chatting with President Yan for a while, he didn’t want to listen. In addition, he remembered his two children and left.

Lei Yun didn’t follow her. It’s not because she didn’t want to. Fu Jincheng didn’t say he wanted her to leave president Yan’s villa together from beginning to end. If she mentioned it, she would be too active.

She is here now. She represents the face of the Lei family. Naturally, she can’t do such a thing in front of so many people.

Not long after Fu Jincheng left, Gao Yunjin called.

Fu Jincheng saw it and picked it up, but he didn’t speak at the first time.

Gao Yunjin said tentatively, “Yue Yue, Xiao Xuan?”

She just woke up and was confused to see so many missed calls from Fu Jincheng’s number.

But she felt that so many missed calls were not necessarily made by Fu Jincheng himself. It was more likely that the child called her with Fu Jincheng’s number.

Fu Jincheng steps slightly, “what’s up?”

Gao Yunjin said, “I saw the missed call from your number -“

Fu Jincheng was not in the mood to listen to her explanation and asked her, “what was the matter with calling me last night?”

His tone is very bad.

Gao Yunjin paused. He didn’t know whether to mention it or not. Now he hesitated even more.

However, she still held a glimmer of hope, “I’m free these two days. I want to go with my children -“

Fu Jincheng smiled coldly, “when did you know you were free?”

“What?” she didn’t respond.

“Didn’t you know you were free these two days? Why didn’t you say you were coming, but suddenly changed your mind?”

She clearly knew that Huo Zhengyun came here, so she followed him.

She didn’t come here for children at all!

If he didn’t know that Huo Zhengyun was coming, maybe he really believed that she came for the children.

As he said, if she really thinks so about children, why did she refuse to come before? But when he learned that Huo Zhengyun came, he immediately changed his mind.

It can be seen that in her heart, Huo Zhengyun’s status is getting higher and higher.

Even more important than children.

Thinking of this, Fu Jincheng’s face was gloomy and terrible.

She didn’t love him for a reason. He knew he couldn’t blame her, so he didn’t say anything even if he didn’t want to admit it.

But he never thought that the two children so important to her would be compared by others!

Now she and Huo Zhengyun haven’t been together openly. If they really have a chance to be together and get married, will there be no children in her eyes?

“I –“

Gaoyunjin language plug.

Does she want to say that she wants to stop him from being close to Lei Yun and that she doesn’t want her child to get too close to Lei Yun?

Can you say that?

Yes, he will quarrel with her.

“Can’t tell?”

Gao Yunjin pursed her small mouth and felt a little angry, but more sad and wronged.

She didn’t expect Fu Jincheng to be so fierce.

She flushed her eyes and said directly, “you, you don’t want me to go, do you?”

Fu Jincheng was also very direct: “yes! I don’t allow you to come!”

Gao Yunjin cried out silently, “I know, I won’t go, can I?”

When she spoke, she brought some cries. Fu Jincheng heard it and almost softened her heart.

But he thought Gao Yunjin was intentional.

She knows where his weakness is.

She did it to soften his heart.

Fu Jincheng didn’t let himself be soft hearted. When he finished, he hung up the phone and went to the seaside to find two children.

The two children had a good time. Fu Jincheng looked at them from a distance and didn’t go there.

When he went to President Yan’s villa, the sun was shining, but it didn’t take long before it suddenly changed. It seemed that it was going to rain.

The sea breeze was getting stronger and stronger. Fu Jincheng stood in place with a gloomy face. Someone wanted to come and say hello. He noticed that he was in a bad mood. He was afraid of hitting the muzzle of the gun and offending him. He didn’t come. Seeing that the weather was getting worse and worse, the staff at the seaside informed the people playing at the seaside to leave. The two children noticed Fu Jincheng and hurried to find him. Although they were young, they found that Fu Jincheng was in a bad mood for the first time. “Dad? Why are you unhappy?” obviously, Fu Jincheng was very happy this morning. “Dad is not unhappy, dad is just thinking about things.” Fu Jincheng took their hands and walked to the villa while lying to the children. When children are happy, they don’t worry too much about the authenticity of adults’ words. Yueyue showed her bucket: “Dad, I caught a lot of clams. We can go home and cook soup.” Fu Jincheng replied absently. Yue Yue saw Fu Jincheng’s face and knew he wasn’t listening. “Dad, you’re just unhappy.” Fu Jincheng didn’t speak this time. Yue Yue and Xiao Xuan looked up at him, “Dad, is something wrong?” “just quarreled with your mother.” “Oh.” hearing this, the little guy didn’t worry, “did you make your mother angry?” Fu Jincheng: “Why did I make my mother angry? Can’t my mother make my father angry?” “so, my mother made my father angry? Because my mother can’t come here with you?” Fu Jincheng: “…” he didn’t speak, Yueyue took it as his default. She looked contemptuous and said, “Dad, I didn’t get angry with Xiao Xuan because of this, and you can’t even compare with children?” Fu Jincheng: “…” Fu Jincheng and Gaoya seldom quarrel, but they still have trouble. Yueyue and Xiaoxuan are not at ease, because according to past experience, they will only make trouble because of a very small thing and will soon make up. If they worry, they will worry for nothing.

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