Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3454

Thinking of this, many people began to weigh up and didn’t take the initiative to talk to Huo Zhengyun.

After all, it’s impossible for the Huo family to compete with Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun. If they get involved with the Huo family, it won’t benefit them in the future.

The people who can come to the Yan family dinner are not ordinary people.

Everyone didn’t mean to talk to Huo Zhengyun. Huo Zhengyun seemed to be isolated.

In fact, President Yan thought this would happen.

However, he thought that Lei Yun would take the lead in isolating Huo Zhengyun, but Fu Jincheng did not expect to implement it.

After Huo Zhengyun was isolated, he had no expression on his face and sat down in a corner.

Not far away, Yueyue found him with sharp eyes and ran over with Xiaoxuan, “Uncle Huo!”

Huo Zhengyun smiled and touched their little heads. “What are you doing?”

“We’re playing with our friends,” he said, and asked him, “Uncle Huo, what are you doing? What are you doing?”

“I’m drinking.”


The two children found that there seemed to be some desolation here.

“Well, alone.”

“Isn’t a person very lonely?” Yue frowned.

“No, uncle Huo likes a person.”

Yueyue couldn’t understand it and said, “Uncle Huo lied.” she looked left and right again, “where’s dad?”

Almost everyone on the adult side is standing. She is still a child and can’t see Fu Jincheng on tiptoe.

“Are you looking for your father?”

“I’ll find my father to chat with you.” he said and said, “by the way, aunt Lei is also here. Uncle Huo, do you want aunt Lei to chat with you?”

“Your father and aunt Lei are busy. My uncle won’t bother them. It’s really no problem for my uncle to be here alone.”

“Does uncle Huo want to play with us?”

Huo Zhengyun glanced at the pile of children, smiled bitterly and shook his head: “no, you go and play.”

“All right.”

Yue Yue left, but Xiao Xuan didn’t. He stayed.

Huo Zhengyun looked at his beautiful little face, “Xiaoxuan is more and more like your father.”

“HMM.” Xiao Xuan obviously knew that too.

Hearing the child’s response, Huo Zhengyun couldn’t cry or laugh. He said to him, “uncle, there’s really no problem alone. Go with your sister.”

“It doesn’t matter if I go away for a while.” Xiao Xuan didn’t go, “I’ll accompany you.”

Huo Zhengyun’s heart warmed and touched his little head, “thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Let a child accompany him, Huo Zhengyun still can’t do it. He can’t help but say, “where do you want to play? Will uncle take you?”

Xiao Xuan paused. “I want to play games with my uncle.”

“That –“

“But the party is not over yet. If I go away, my father will worry.”

“Then we’ll find a chance to go after the dinner?”

Xiao Xuan still shook his head: “Dad said he couldn’t bother uncle Huo to play with me.”

Huo Zhengyun smiled. He understood Fu Jincheng’s mind, “but Uncle Huo doesn’t feel trouble.”

Xiao Xuan didn’t speak and looked up at Huo Zhengyun.

Huo Zhengyun looked at him.

Xiao Xuan saw that Huo Zhengyun really wanted to accompany him. Xiao Xuan smiled and his eyes were bright. “It’s better next time. Uncle Huo, if you walk away and are found by the host of the party, it’s not very polite.”

Huo Zhengyun couldn’t help saying, “Xiao Xuan, you are becoming more and more sensible.”

Speaking of this, I was a little envious.

Envy Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng, who are almost the same age as him, but already have a pair of lovely and smart children

Xiao Xuan blinked: “Uncle Huo wants children, too?”

Huo Zhengyun: “

“Does uncle Huo have a girlfriend? Is sister Rong your girlfriend?”

Huo Zhengyun: “

“It seems not, nor is it.”

Huo Zhengyun sighed, Fang lowered his glass and said, “the child is too smart and not very likable.”

Xiao Xuan smiled and chatted for a while. Yue Yue ran over and said she was thirsty. Huo Zhengyun ordered a drink for each of them.

Yueyue stopped running and chatted with Huo Zhengyun.

Fu Jincheng was worried about the children. He came out of the crowd to find the children. When he saw the children leaning against Huo Zhengyun, he smiled and his face became gloomy again.

The people around him looked along his line of sight. They were surprised and curious to see that his children were so close to Huo Zhengyun.

But Fu Jincheng’s face was so ugly that he didn’t dare to ask directly. When he saw Fu Jincheng walking over there, they all stretched their necks and pricked up their ears to eavesdrop to see if they could eavesdrop on anything.

When Fu Jincheng passed by, the two children didn’t find Fu Jincheng’s existence for the first time. Huo Zhengyun noticed him first and stood up, “Mr. Fu.” in front of the child, Fu Jincheng still gave him face. He still replied with a sour tone: “I didn’t expect Mr. Huo to make the child happy.” “Mr. Fu flattered.” Yueyue felt a little bored. “Dad, when can we go?” “what do you want?” Fu Jincheng looked at Yueyue’s face more and more similar to Gao Yunjin, and couldn’t help pinching her daughter’s fleshy little face. Yueyue “hey hey” smiled, “I want to go to Uncle Huo’s house to play.” when Fu Jincheng saw that she liked Huo Zhengyun so much, he thought that Gao Yunjin also had too much preference for Huo Zhengyun. He squeezed her small face and made a little effort, as if he said falsely: “don’t go.” in Yueyue’s opinion, Fu Jincheng was teasing her. She didn’t rest assured, “I’ll play for a while.” “We all live in the same place. There’s nothing beautiful.” the villa pattern on the island is almost the same. Huo Zhengyun must live in the same place as the villa they live in. “But I’m still curious. I want to see it.” he said, pulling his brother up, “Xuanxuan also wants to go, right, Xuanxuan?” “HMM.” “Uncle Huo just got off the plane and didn’t have time to rest. He came to the dinner party. He must be very tired. Don’t disturb others to rest.” “Uncle Huo promised.” “I’m sorry for you.” “but –” “it doesn’t matter, Mr. Fu,” Huo Zhengyun smiled lightly, “I’m not tired.” Fu Jincheng smiled, “President Huo has just arrived. Don’t you need to get together with your familiar friends?” “it was necessary, but now it’s not necessary.” He didn’t mean anything, but Fu Jincheng understood. Huo Zhengyun was saying that he didn’t give him face when he was at the banquet center. Now everyone knows that they don’t deal with it. In this way, Huo Zhengyun saved a lot of unnecessary entertainment. Fu Jincheng is lifting a stone and hitting himself in the foot.

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