Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3465

His mood seems wrong. Secretary LAN is very worried. Especially when he sees Fu Jincheng losing weight, he is distressed. He is afraid that he will break down if he goes on like this.


Although the words should be like this, Secretary LAN slept and woke up, woke up and slept again, and woke up again. In the middle of the trip, Fu Jincheng seemed to maintain the previous position. He didn’t sleep and didn’t know what he was thinking.

Secretary LAN: “

He began to wonder whether Fu Jincheng had not slept well recently. Otherwise, how could he lose so much weight?

Fortunately, in the next few hours, Fu Jincheng slept, and Secretary Lan was finally relieved.

Otherwise, if it goes on like this, he is worried that Fu Jincheng will die suddenly.

When the plane landed, it was more than 4 p.m. in China. When they left the airport and returned to the urban area, it was just time for dinner in the evening.

Lei Yun asked, “Mr. Fu, do you want to eat together later?”

“No, I’ll go home with the children. Next time.”

“OK, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Lei Yun smiled, waved with Fu Jincheng, turned and left.

When he got on the bus, Lei Yun smiled and said to President sun, “let someone check to see if Gao Yunjin is still in H city.”

“What’s the matter?” Mr. Sun asked as he took out his mobile phone.

“Fu Jincheng asked Huo Zhengyun a question when he met Huo Zhengyun at M airport. Remember?”

Mr. Sun naturally remembered that they had said those two sentences, but “there is key information?” “Fu Jincheng clearly disliked Huo Zhengyun and was indifferent to Huo Zhengyun, but he took the initiative to ask, which shows that he cares very much whether Huo Zhengyun is going back to Beijing or H city. If Gao Yunjin comes back to Beijing like us, Fu Jincheng will be happy

Jin Cheng won’t ask this specially. He will ask this only because Gao Yunjin is in H city. “

President sun understood, “OK, I’ll let someone check it now.”

“Send someone to follow them and see if they have a meal or something.”


Not long after the phone call, there was a message, “Gao Yunjin is really in H city.”

“Oh?” Lei Yun narrowed her eyes. “She seems to often run to H city recently?”

“It seems so.” they have met Gao Yunjin two or three times this month. “Do you want someone to check what she is doing?”


She doesn’t pay much attention to Gao Yunjin’s career. Since she doesn’t intend to attack her career, there’s no need to risk exposing herself to inquire about a news that is not important to her.


I don’t know what he thought, Lei Yun raised his eyebrows. “Since Gao Yunjin is in H City, Huo Zhengyun happened to go back to H city today, they are likely to make an appointment for dinner -“

“It’s possible.” Gao Yunjin has a good relationship with Huo Zhengyun. Gao Yunjin is in H city. Huo Zhengyun, as the host, is very likely to invite Gao Yunjin to dinner.

“Go and let someone follow them.”


The other side.

Fu Jincheng came home. The two children just came home from school. When they saw him coming back, they threw themselves into his arms: “Dad, you’re finally back. We miss you so much.”

“Mom hasn’t come back yet?” he was busy these two days and didn’t call back for two or three days.

“Not yet. My mother said she would have to wait a few days to come back. It’s this point. My mother should have dinner too. I’ll call my mother and tell her you’re back from business!”

“Eat before you fight.” the food is ready. It’s cold if you don’t eat it.

“All right.”

After dinner, Yueyue picked up Fu Jincheng’s mobile phone and called Gao Yunjin, while Fu Jincheng sat on the sofa reading the newspaper.

After the phone was connected, Yueyue said for the first time: “Mom, dad is back from business.”

“Well, mom knows.”

Yueyue’s hands-free, Fu Jincheng can clearly hear Gao Yunjin’s words.

Fu Jincheng took the newspaper’s hand and gave a meal.

Yueyue was also surprised: “eh? Mom, you know? Dad told you?”


While Gao Yunjin was talking, she was eating. Yueyue heard the voice of dishes and chopsticks, “Mom, are you eating?”


“Do you eat alone?”

“No, and uncle Huo.”

Fu Jincheng sneered.

He didn’t tell her about his return. If she could know for the first time, it could only be what Huo Zhengyun told her.

Thinking of this, he didn’t listen any more and turned and went upstairs.

Xiao Xuan looked at him. “Dad, don’t you say something to your mother?”

“No, dad has something to do. You can talk.”


Gao Yunjin on the other side of the phone heard what he said, paused, and said to the two children, “mom is still eating. I’ll call you later when mom comes home, okay?”


The two children said hello to Huo Zhengyun before hanging up.

After she hung up, Huo Zhengyun looked over and said, “why did you make a phone call and your mood became worse?”


Huo Zhengyun said directly, “it’s obvious.”

Gao Yunjin: “

“Because Fu Jincheng didn’t talk to you?” Huo Zhengyun guessed.

Gao Yunjin: “

“You’ve been cold war for a long time.” Huo Zhengyun sighed, “aren’t you tired?”

Gao Yunjin: “

She felt very tired, but Fu Jincheng kept shouting. What could she do?

“What happened again?”


“But I think your attitude towards president Fu seems to be getting more and more complicated.”

Gao Yunjin: “

Huo Zhengyun seems to be indifferent to his own feelings and those of others, but he is right at first glance.

She changed the subject. “Call the company for a meeting tomorrow morning?”

“Are you going back to the company later?”

“Well, there’s still something to do.”

“If you have time, you can have a meeting later.”

“You just came back. Don’t you have a rest first?”

“You didn’t rest. How can I rest?” Huo Zhengyun said with a smile: “I can carry it. I’d better inform someone to have a meeting later.”


“However, Mr. Fu doesn’t look very good.”

“Hmm?” he suddenly turned the topic back, so fast that she didn’t have the slightest psychological preparation.

“Mr. Fu seems to have lost a lot of weight and has a worried look. It seems that he hasn’t slept well for a long time.”

Gao Yunjin clenched his chopsticks: “really?”

“Don’t you worry?”

Gao Yunjin paused and said, “it’s useless to worry. He won’t appreciate it.”


“I don’t know.”

Huo Zhengyun doesn’t even know what she doesn’t know. “Is it his unilateral cold war with you?”


Huo Zhengyun doesn’t quite understand Fu Jincheng’s ideas.

If he thinks he has something to do with Gao Yunjin, he can verify it. He didn’t know whether he had asked for confirmation. He only knew that Fu Jincheng was more and more hostile to him.

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