Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3466

But Gao Yunjin didn’t mean that to him at all. Nothing could happen between him and Gao Yunjin

“Did Lei Yun tell him something?”

“I don’t know.”

She didn’t know what he was thinking.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help thinking of what happened the night before Fu Jincheng left. Her heart was even more confused. She suddenly had no appetite to eat and put down her chopsticks.

“Well, don’t talk about him, you’d better eat more.” Huo Zhengyun saw her put chopsticks and advised her: “I said Huo Zhengyun lost a lot of weight, but you’re not much different from him.”

Gao Yunjin ate a little more symbolically, but he couldn’t eat a few mouthfuls, so he put chopsticks and didn’t eat.

Just as they were about to leave, Huo Zhengyun received a phone call. When he heard the words over there, his face became cold. “It seems that the meeting plan has to be changed.”

“What’s the matter?” “someone is investigating us. Follow us.” Huo Zhengyun put down his cell phone. “It should be Lei Yun. She probably knows you’re in H city and wants to find a chance to make some noise. If we go back to the company together now, she will definitely notice senderlongyi

Lord, the company hasn’t completely stabilized yet. In order not to create complications, I’d better go home and have a meeting video with you. “

“OK.” Gao Yunjin didn’t completely relax. “Does she at least send someone to follow you?”

It’s ok if you just send someone to follow Huo Zhengyun. If you also send someone to follow her, you can know what she’s doing recently by observing Lei Yun more.

In this way, the affairs of senderon will be easily exposed.

“It should be.” Huo Zhengyun smiled. “There are always people around you. She should know who is president Fu. She is afraid of exposure. Naturally, she doesn’t dare to find anyone to follow you. You can rest assured.”

Speaking of this, he paused and said, “but I’m afraid she still gets some news from it.”

After all, senderon is so hot now that Lei Yun knows that they have touched the in their hands. If they notice the change of senderon, they are expected to guess what they are doing.

“She’s in Beijing now. She shouldn’t worry about this for the time being.”

“That’s true, but it’s not absolute.”

“I know.”

“Do we need to reduce marketing recently?”

“No. now the momentum is so good, it’s a pity to reduce marketing. Besides, our reduction in marketing does not mean that Lei Yun will not notice.”

“Yes.” therefore, rather than prevent being noticed by the thunder transport, they might as well implement their plan well.

Only when senderon becomes strong and becomes a giant that Lei Yun can’t easily move if they want to, can they really have no worries at home.

They just agreed to have a meeting. Now the plan has changed. Gao Yunjin called back to the company and told the people in the company.

After dinner, after analyzing the interests with Huo Zhengyun, Gao Yunjin went back to the company for a meeting.

Huo Zhengyun also went home and opened a video conference with them.

meanwhile. President sun also received the news. He put down the phone and said to Lei Yun, “Huo Zhengyun and Gao Yunjin did have dinner together, but they separated after dinner. In addition, Huo Zhengyun probably knows that our people are following him

, do you want to keep following? “

Since Huo Zhengyun has received the news, Gao Yunjin and Huo Zhengyun are likely to meet less or not directly in order not to get any news from them.

In this way, it’s no use for them to follow.

“Have you taken intimate photos of them together?”

“No. they entered the box one after another. Later, it is estimated that they received the news and left one after another.”

“Really cautious.”


After all, they have suffered such losses before and will pay more or less attention.

“Forget it. I’ll follow you when I find a good chance.”


Mr. Sun called and asked people to withdraw. As soon as he hung up, he saw Lei Yun sitting where he was. He didn’t know what he was thinking.

“In a bad mood?”

“Gao Yunjin’s defense is tight, and Fu Jincheng’s defense is not lax. Someone has been following me all the time. It’s hard for me to do anything. If this continues, when can I really divorce Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin?”

They haven’t divorced for a day, and she and Fu Jincheng can’t get things done for a day.

“I think they often quarrel recently, or maybe they divorced before we did it?” “do you think it’s possible?” Lei Yun is not as naive as him. “You also saw Fu Jincheng. Although he is often in a bad mood because of quarreling with Gao Yunjin, his eyes are still gentle when he has the opportunity to mention Gao Yunjin, which shows that he can’t help it

Can be willing to divorce Gao Yunjin. “

“As for Gao Yunjin, it’s not too much for a man like Fu Jincheng who can’t find faults at all. How could she be willing to divorce him?”

Therefore, it is not advisable to place hope on them. President Sun: “no, forget it?” Fu Jincheng’s conditions are very good, but if he goes on like this, he is worried that Lei Yun’s life will be delayed by Fu Jincheng. After all, she is not young. It’s too late to regret delaying a few more years. “Forget it?” Lei Yun pursed his lips. “If you advised me so at the beginning, I might really forget it, but now, it’s impossible.” now she hates Gao Yunjin very much. She has spent so much attention on this matter, how can she easily say it? If you can’t give Gao Yunjin some color to see, how can you live up to her anger in the past two years? “But what if –” what if it doesn’t succeed in the end? Lei Yun understood what he was thinking and sneered, “really? We’ll just wait and see.” Lei Yun knew that Gao Yunjin and Huo Zhengyun had dinner together. Fu Jincheng directly asked people to follow Gao Yunjin. Naturally, he received the news at the first time. Fu Jincheng: “I see.” he had guessed that they would have dinner together, so when he heard the report over there, his face didn’t change at all. After hanging up over there. After Gao Yunjin and Huo Zhengyun finished their meal, they called Fu Jincheng and said they had finished their meal. It took them more than half an hour from their meeting to their separation. Fu Jincheng: “separated?” “yes.” there was a pause, “but it’s a little strange. When they left the private room, they came out one after another, and none of them came out together.” Fu Jincheng flipped the book and said, “what do you mean?” generally speaking, two people make an appointment to eat together, even if one of them has something urgent. Now that they have finished the meal, It should be leaving together.

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