Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3467

One after another

“However, my people also noticed that someone was following Huo Zhengyun. It is estimated that their doing so has something to do with this?”

“Who is it?”

“I don’t know.”

“It may also be Lei Yun’s people.”

In H City, only the Lei family dare to be followed by Huo Zhengyun.

“It’s really possible.”

Fu Jincheng also knows some of the grievances between Huo Zhengyun and Lei Yun.

If it is because of the previous project in S City, Lei Yun wants to get the project back and find someone to track Huo Zhengyun, it can also make sense.

But recently, there should be no disputes between them. Lei Yun should have no reason to do so.

Then again, even if Lei Yun asked someone to follow Huo Zhengyun, Huo Zhengyun didn’t have to separate from his Xiaojin.

They do this

Fu Jincheng didn’t know what he thought. His hand holding the corner of the book suddenly made a force, and the page was directly torn off by him.

“Mr. Fu, let’s do this first?” he said again when he saw that Fu Jincheng didn’t speak again.

“Wait a minute.”

“Yes, what else can I do for you?”

Fu Jincheng put down the book and said faintly, “after they separated, where did my wife go? Go back and have a rest?”

“No, depending on the direction your wife left, she should go back to senderon to work overtime.”

“Working overtime so late?”

“Yes, your wife basically works overtime every day.”

Fu Jincheng paused. “Can you take a picture?”

“It’s dark now. I don’t think I can get a clear picture. Can I take it tomorrow?”


“Mr. Fu, is there anything else?”

Fu Jincheng’s sight fell on the wedding photo of him and Gao Yunjin hanging on their master bedroom, and said faintly, “no more.”


I hung up over there.

Fu Jincheng didn’t take back his sight from the wedding photo, and stared at the wedding dress and looked after it for a long time.

When they got married, Gao Yunjin had just turned 20.

It has been more than ten years since they got married.

Twenty years have passed since his rebirth.

After so many years, today’s Gaoyun brocade seems to have no change compared with the Gaoyun brocade in the wedding photo.

Still so beautiful, so young.

No, it’s more beautiful and charming.

Thinking of this, he remembered the day they got married. After so many years, the scene of that day was still so clear in his mind. It felt like what happened yesterday.

However, now they are completely different from the past

Fu Jincheng got up and found a big, thick photo book in the locker.

They have a total of seven or eight such copies.

Two or three of them were taken before they got married and kept until now.

In the photos, there are pictures of their students at school and various photos of traveling. In order to prevent memory errors, when they saved the photos, they also wrote down the time and place behind the photos.

They used to look at these photos.

However, after two children were born, they saw less. But after so many years, even if he hasn’t turned it over in three or four years, every time he sees a photo, he can clearly know where, when and even the scene of taking photos without looking at the time and place he hugs behind

He remembers it clearly.

With so many photo books, Fu Jincheng turned them one by one and was fascinated. He didn’t even notice the children knocking at the door.

Until the children came over and looked with him.

The children haven’t seen these photos for several years. Now they grow up and watch them with Fu Jincheng. It feels different from the previous years.

Yueyue wants to climb up Fu Jincheng’s leg and sit down. Fu Jincheng catches her and Xiao Xuan up.

Yueyue turned over the photo and said with a smile, “Dad and mom were so young at that time.”

Fu Jincheng smiled lightly, “are we old now?”

“No, it’s just different.” now Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin are not old, “just feel different.”

Xiao Xuan looked at the two people with bright smiles and tight hugs in the photo and suddenly said, “I’m not so happy now.”

Fu Jincheng smiled.

Yueyue propped up her small chin. “It seems that Oh, now Dad and mom don’t seem so happy as in the picture.”

Xiao Xuan nodded.

Before Fu Jincheng spoke, Yueyue frowned again, “but I remember that my father and mother were as happy as in the picture. When did they become so unhappy?”

Xiao Xuan shook his head: “I don’t know.”

Then he asked Fu Jincheng, “Dad, when did it start?” “these two years.” Fu Jincheng turned a page of photos and simply admitted. “Why are you unhappy?” Yueyue is an optimist who doesn’t allow his parents to be unhappy. “I’m not unhappy, but I’m not as happy as before.” Fu Jincheng lied for fear of revealing his secrets. “He’s busy with work and doesn’t have so much time to go out and play together.” “Oh, can’t mom and dad reduce their work?” “it’s not the time.” he didn’t want the children to think nonsense. Fu Jincheng rubbed the little heads of the two children, “Don’t worry, mom and dad are adults and know how to mediate their emotions. Besides, as long as you two are good, mom and dad will be very happy even if they are busy.” “well, we will be good, I promise!” “good.” the two children didn’t continue to grasp the topic and looked at the big photo books on the table, “Have all these dads seen it?” “well, I’ve seen it. If you want to see it, dad will watch it with you again?” “OK!” then the two children found the bright spot, “Dad, what do you think of are the photos of you and your mother? Why don’t you have the photos of me and Xuanxuan?” Fu Jincheng: “…” Fu Jincheng raised his eyebrow: “you want to see your childhood photos?” “No…” Fu Jincheng used to play pranks and took a lot of “indecent photos” of them. It was their black history. Fu Jincheng laughed at them every time he saw them. However… “Dad, do you miss your mother?” Fu Jincheng: “well, I miss it very much.” he hasn’t seen her for ten days. “We also miss our mother.” The two children sighed, “we haven’t seen mom for ten days, but mom won’t be back in two or three days.” “mom said?” “well.” “shall we call Mom and video it?” Speaking of this, Yueyue couldn’t help but want to talk to Gao Yunjin. Fu Jincheng didn’t stop. The two children used Fu Jincheng’s mobile phone to make a video call to Gao Yunjin.

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