Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3475

Although Lei Yun planned the incident last night, she was indeed not careful enough, which had such an impact on Fu Jincheng. Fu Jincheng said she could accept it. “Nothing? Nothing!” Zhuo Lin was almost angry. “What do you think? You think you have influenced him and feel sorry for him, but he has been gossiping with Lei Yun before. People around him bully you and fall into the bottom of the well

Why didn’t he think about the impact of those things on you? “” I tell you, let’s not say that you and Huo Zhengyun are fake. Even if it’s true, with Fu Jincheng Zhuyu in front of him, neither he nor the people around him will feel that he is green, but you have seed! I won’t think it’s important for you to do so

What’s wrong! “

Gao Yunjin was stunned. “Really?” “otherwise, Fu Jincheng moved his feelings and wanted to divorce you and be with Lei Yun. Under such circumstances, what’s wrong with you looking for your second spring? Those who don’t know the inside story and know you will only think you are

I really want a divorce. “

Speaking of this, Zhuo Lin paused, “however, I heard that Huo Zhengyun and Lei Yun are mortal enemies. When it comes out, it should have the greatest impact on him.”


As Huo Zhengyun said, no matter whether it is true or false, everyone will alienate Huo Zhengyun in order not to offend Fu Jincheng, and will not take him to play with any new projects.

“So, if Fu Jincheng still has a conscience, he won’t blame you for this. If he really scolds you, he is an asshole among assholes!”

“I can’t say that.”

In her opinion, Fu Jincheng cheated on Lei Yun and was very sorry for her.

But she didn’t know about the agreement with Fu Jincheng, so she felt so.

But in her opinion, he and Lei Yun didn’t care about being sorry for her. What she was worried about was that Lei Yun would be bad to the two children after he was with him.

However, for the impact of online news on Fu Jincheng, she thought Zhuo Lin was quite reasonable.

Therefore, she was not worried that Fu Jincheng would scold her after knowing the news.

Zhuo Lin thought she was going to be angry with her. “Gao Yunjin, what’s your brain made of? He’s like Lei Yun. Don’t you think it’s nothing? Is your brain pinched by the door?”

“It’s hard to explain this to you.” Gao Yunjin rubbed her eyebrows. “I have something else to do, Xiao Lin. let’s talk about it later.”

Zhuo Lin was so angry that she took a deep breath into her airway; “I know you’re bothering me. Can’t I stop talking?”

Then he hung up.

Gao Yunjin: “

Hung up and thought of Fu Jincheng. She thought about it and dialed him again.

This time, Fu Jincheng picked up the phone: “what’s up?”

His tone was as cold as last night.

Remembering that he had hung up on him directly last night, she became cautious and did not dare to delay. She went straight to the subject: “what happened last night was put on the Internet.”

“What about you and Huo Zhengyun?”

“Yes. You know?”

“I don’t know.” he just returned to the company. “Did you mean that you went to the bar with Huo Zhengyun to drink and dance, or what?”

“It’s not this. After I fainted after being drugged, Huo Zhengyun took me to the car and took me to the hospital. Because of the shooting angle, my posture looks a little intimate -“

Fu Jincheng paused, understood her meaning and narrowed her eyes: “so, you want me not to misunderstand what’s between you?”

They had done more intimate things. He knew everything about last night, but she suddenly called to explain to him?

What’s more, he knew whether they had done anything special last night.

She didn’t have to call him to mention it.


That’s not what she’s worried about.

She didn’t think he would worry that there was nothing between her and Huo Zhengyun.

“No?” he sneered. Did she directly admit that she had an improper relationship with Huo Zhengyun?

“Since it’s not, what are you calling for?”

“It’s also a hot search. It’s estimated that someone around us saw it.”

Fu Jincheng understood: “are you worried that if others tell me, I will look at a loss? So let me be mentally prepared for others to ask about it?”

“Yes.” Gao Yunjin paused and said, “I’m sorry to trouble you.”

Even if Zhuo Lin said he was “Zhuyu in front”, but it would affect her more or less, she apologized.

Fu Jincheng said coldly, “put the cart before the horse.”

Gao Yunjin didn’t understand what he meant, “what?”

He didn’t answer, “anything else?”

He doesn’t care what others think about it at all. All he cares about is her mood towards Huo Zhengyun.

But she admitted her relationship with Huo Zhengyun directly, but worried that it would bring him unnecessary trouble.

To him, she put the cart before the horse.

Fu Jincheng is impatient and wants to hang up.

Gao Yunjin should have hung up with him.

But she finally had the opportunity to call him. She wanted to finish the matter at one time, “is there any new progress in last night?”


He asked someone as soon as he got up this morning, and there gave him a negative answer.

“Well, it’s nothing.”

She knew that Lei Yun’s careful mind could not leave any handle.

But she was still a little lost when she got such an answer.

“Wait a minute.” when she was ready to hang up, Fu Jincheng called her, “you don’t think it’s Huo Zhengyun, who do you think it is?”

Gao Yunjin was silent and said, “I don’t know. Last night –“

Fu Jincheng coldly interrupted her, “that’s what you told Huo Zhengyun when you discussed it with him?”

Gao Yunjin was stunned.

“You have someone in mind, don’t you?”

Listening to her tone, he knew that she must have a suspect.

But she had a suspect, but she didn’t tell him directly.

What does she mean?

Can’t trust him?

“… yes.”

She does have a suspect.

Fu Jincheng didn’t ask who it was this time. He said directly, “Lei Yun?”

Gao Yunjin looked up and clenched her mobile phone. “We do have such a guess.”

“Us?” Fu Jincheng sneered. He knew that she would only tell Huo Zhengyun the truth. When she was with him, she hesitated and didn’t want to tell him anything in detail. Gao Yunjin could feel that he was more and more unhappy. Before she spoke, Fu Jincheng said, “since you doubt her, you should have evidence again? Do you have evidence?”

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