Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3477

Secretary LAN: “

It was refreshing when I dropped my cell phone. Now I know I want my cell phone?

Fortunately, he also knew Fu Jincheng and had already prepared a new one for him.

Fu Jincheng took over, put the card in, then turned on the mobile phone and took a look. He didn’t see any news about Gao Yunjin. He put the mobile phone back in his pocket and was ready to leave the company and have dinner with others.

“Waiting for his wife’s call?” Secretary LAN looked at his action and could probably know what he was thinking.


“If you have anything to say, just call your wife and let her know.” seeing how tangled he is, Secretary LAN suggested.

“Shut up.”

Fu Jincheng was already annoyed. He was even more annoyed to hear him so noisy.

Secretary LAN: “

What’s it like to play with him?

Have the ability to lose your temper with your wife?

During the meal, Dong ou and them seemed happier.

And Fu Jincheng formed a strong contrast with them.

He looks in a bad mood.

Lei Yun raised his eyebrows, but he didn’t really ask as he suggested before.

During other chats, she approached Fu Jincheng and said, “by the way, President Fu, I heard that Miss Gao is now in H city?”

Fu Jincheng had a meal, “who did you listen to?”

“There are acquaintances in H city. I met them a few days ago.” Lei Yun knows what happened last night. Gao Yunjin can guess that it has something to do with her. Whether Fu Jincheng believes it or not is another matter.

However, it is inevitable that Fu Jincheng will think more when she suddenly talks about this.

But she handled it clean enough without feeling guilty. She said, “I’ll go back to H city today to deal with something. Does president Fu need me to help you bring something for Miss Gao?”

“No, she’ll be back in two days.”

“Well,” Lei Yun sighed, “I still want to invite Miss Gao to dinner. It seems that I can’t eat any more.”

Fu Jincheng glanced at her and said faintly, “if you want to eat, there will be more opportunities in the future.” “although I said that, Miss Gao has been to H city so many times recently, and I didn’t make the friendship of the host. I feel a little embarrassed. However, since there is no chance this time, I can only wait for the next time. I don’t know whether Miss Gao will go to H city next

“What’s the itinerary?”

“There should be. She has cooperated with people in H city recently.”

Although he didn’t know what the cooperation was, she had never been on a business trip for so long because of a cooperation before.

I think it should be a very important cooperation.

Since it is so important, I must go to H City in the future.


After listening to him, Lei Yun thought he knew what Gao Yunjin was busy with and didn’t say much.

The reason why she asked so many questions was to find out whether Fu Jincheng suspected her of what happened last night.

Now, judging from Fu Jincheng’s performance, he estimated that he doubted her for such a moment, but he soon dispelled his doubts.


According to the situation last night, even if Gao Yunjin insists that she did it, she has no evidence. Even if she mentioned it to Fu Jincheng, Fu Jincheng will not believe it. After all, Fu Jincheng seems to be more inclined to doubt Huo Zhengyun than to doubt her.

Moreover, looking at Fu Jincheng’s face today, it looks like a quarrel with Gao Yunjin.

It seems that the misunderstanding between them has deepened one step.

Thinking of this, she smiled and felt that what she did last night was not in vain.

Seeing that Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun ignored the existence of others and only cared about the two of them, Dong Ou felt that their guess was right.

Therefore, they became more enthusiastic about Lei Yun. Seeing that the weekend was coming, they invited Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng to pick fruit at their orchard villa.

Lei Yun heard it and said with a smile, “I’m going to fly back to H City in the evening. I’m afraid I don’t have time. Next time. But Fu should have time. It happens that the two children are also on holiday on Saturday and Sunday. Fu can take the children to play.”

If the two children want to go, Fu Jincheng will indeed take the two children and say to Dong ou, “I’ll tell you before the meeting.”

“Oh, good.” seeing Lei Yun’s intimate attitude towards Fu Jincheng’s two children, Dong Ou exchanged eyes with others and felt that Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng were stable.

When she heard that Lei Yun was going back to H City, she warmly invited her to pick some fruits and give him a try.

Dong Ou intended to win her over, and Lei Yun wouldn’t know whether it was good or bad. “Then I’m not polite.”

After dinner, they separated.

In the afternoon, the company was almost busy. Lei Yun was going to pick fruit in Dong Ou’s orchard, and Dong Ou naturally went with him.

Dong Ou also called Fu Jincheng together.

Fu Jincheng had nothing to do. He wanted to go out for a walk, so he went.

When Lei Yun saw him coming, he suddenly said, “Yueyue and Xuanxuan should be going to school soon, too? Why don’t you pick them up and come to Guozhuang?”

Fu Jincheng doesn’t have much to do today. He originally planned to accompany his children at home.

After listening to Lei Yun’s words, I thought it was reasonable and went to school.

The two children didn’t expect Fu Jincheng to pick them up from school. They were very happy. “Dad, what are you doing today –“

Before he finished, he was even more surprised to see Lei Yun. “Aunt Lei? You’re here too? Are you coming to our house for dinner?”

Lei Yun touched Yueyue and Xiaoxuan’s small head and said with a smile, “No.”

“That –“

“Do you want to go to the orchard to pick fruit?” Fu Jincheng interrupted them.

“Yes!” Yueyue and Xiaoxuan were very happy. “So, Dad, aunt Lei, did you come to pick us up?”

“Yes, are you happy?” Lei Yun hugged Yueyue and said with a smile.


Little guys didn’t expect to meet such an unexpected joy after school, not to mention how happy they were.

The fruit farm of Ou Dong’s family was newly bought last year. The fruits planted in it are some rare and expensive varieties.

These fruits are not intended to be sold by Mr. Ou Dong. They are only used to entertain important guests.

Dong Ou is also very precious about these fruits, but Yue Yue and Xiao Xuan pick them at will, but he won’t be interesting and unhappy.

Seeing that the two children were so close to Lei Yun, he was more and more surprised. He couldn’t help saying, “Jincheng, the two children have such a good relationship with President Lei. Do they often play with President Lei?”


They have really met more recently than before.

“It seems that you and Mr. Lei haven’t met much in private. Ha ha.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t say anything. Although they occasionally make an appointment privately, the two children are familiar with Lei Yun, which really has little to do with him. Lei Yun coaxed the children so that the two children are willing to be close to her.

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