Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3478

Shortly after arriving at the fruit farm, the two children ate a belly of fruit and ran all over with sweat.

Fu Jincheng just wanted to wipe the sweat for the two children, and Lei Yun was one step faster than him.

Fu Jincheng: “thank you.”

“You’re welcome what?”

Yueyue was full and stopped running. She thought of Gao Yunjin. She ran over to Fu Jincheng and said, “Dad, while it’s not dark, let’s make a video call to mom and show mom our harvest?”

Fu Jincheng thought that when Gao Yunjin came back, he would come here again at the weekend and give her a surprise.

Now if Gao Yunjin knew there was such a place, she would not be surprised.


Later, she will definitely call the two children. Even if he doesn’t say it, the two children can’t help sharing it with her.

You can’t hide it.

Thinking of this, he agreed: “OK.”

When the phone called, Gao Yunjin was also preparing to eat. He saw the smiling faces of the two children. Before he spoke, the two children spoke first, “Mom, Dad took us out to pick fruit!”

Gao Yunjin was surprised. “Yeah? But aren’t you going to school?”

“We didn’t come until after school.”


Usually, they start early in the morning to pick fruits.

Fu Jincheng took the children to the orchard so late. I don’t know if there are any activities in Fu Jincheng.

“Mom, let’s show you our achievements.” Yueyue and her colleagues pointed the camera at a large basket of fruits they picked. “I picked them with Xiao Xuan.” “great.” Gao Yunjin smiled and saw that her daughter’s forehead was full of sweat. She wanted her not to run around. She sat down to have a rest and wiped her sweat. Lei Yun’s voice came in from the video, “Why did you sweat so much after a while?

Then Gao Yunjin saw someone holding a handkerchief to wipe Yueyue’s sweat on the screen.

The man with the handkerchief had an expensive diamond watch. It was a woman’s hand.

Gao Yunjin’s face changed slightly. Before he spoke, Yue Yue smiled and said, “thank you, aunt Lei.”

Lei Yun: “you’re welcome.”

“Mom, I tell you, aunt Lei came to school with her father to pick us up today -“

Before she finished, Fu Jincheng’s voice came in from there and interrupted the prison break: “Yueyue, wipe it yourself when you’re sweating. Don’t always let others wipe it for you!”

“You know, I’ll wipe it myself next time, OK?” Yueyue wrinkled her small nose and complained, “Dad, you’re getting more and more wordy.”

Then he said to Gao Yunjin, “Mom, that was aunt Lei just now.”

“Well, mom knows.” the smile on Gao Yunjin’s face faded. “Mom heard it. It turned out that you came out to play with aunt Lei.”

Yueyue stuck out her tongue to Fu Jincheng: “yes, listen to Uncle ou, or aunt Lei suggested that my father doesn’t want to take me out to play with Xuanxuan.”

Uncle ou

Gao Yunjin immediately guessed the identity of the other party.

Lei Yun smiled and said, “your uncle Ou is just kidding you. Your father has always been thinking of you.”

“Who knows? Dad, he’s the worst.”

“Ha ha ha.” seeing that they were talking so happily, Gao Yunjin lost a smile on his face. Yue Yue and Xiao Xuan were crazy and didn’t notice. They happily said to her, “Mom, aunt Lei is going back to her hometown tonight. I heard from Aunt Lei that Aunt Lei’s hometown,

At the place where you are on business now, I asked aunt Lei to bring you some fruit to eat? “

Gao Yunjin immediately refused, “no, it’s too much trouble to be so far.”

“Miss Gao, it’s no trouble.” Lei Yun came up to the screen, looked at her and said, “I just brought some back for my grandfather, just by the way.”

Seeing Lei Yun’s face, Gao Yunjin’s heart choked and his smile disappeared, “that’s a trouble for Lei Zong.”

“It’s just a matter of hand. Miss Gao, don’t be so polite.”

When Lei Yun said this, Gao Yunjin understood why Fu Jincheng took her children up the mountain to pick fruit so late.

It was to accompany Lei Yun.

“Mom, the fruits here are so sweet. They are different from those bought outside. What kinds do you want?” Xiao Xuan asked again.

Where else does Gao Yunjin want to eat fruit? However, he can’t show it in front of the children, so he has to make two or three choices casually, and then say to the children: “Mom will go home in two days. Don’t bring me too much. Just bring a few each. Mom can’t eat so much, I know

Do you think so? “

“Well, mom, we know.”

Gao Yunjin’s mind was confused when she knew Lei Yun was there. She couldn’t concentrate on chatting with the children.

She paused and said to Yueyue, “Yueyue, Xiaoxuan, you have fun. Mom is ready to eat, so hang up first?”

“Mom, we have eaten a lot of fruit. We are so full. We may not have enough food yet.” “if we can’t eat, we have to eat a little. If we don’t eat, you and Xuanxuan will wake up hungry when we go to bed at night, you know?” “OK.” Gao Yunjin was worried that they don’t eat, and warned: “remember to eat. Don’t eat. Do you hear me?” “hear me…” The little guys wilted when they talked about this. The children are forgetful. Now they promise. When it’s time to eat, they will selectively forget it. Even if she said it now, it’s probably just for nothing. Therefore, Gao Yunjin actually wants Fu Jincheng to look at the children and supervise the children’s health during dinner. But Fu Jincheng didn’t show up from beginning to end. She didn’t want to talk to him, so she had to tell the children twice more and let the two little guys serve snacks by themselves. Although the kids are very sticky and miss her very much, she becomes wordy. The children are a little afraid of her and will be annoyed. When it comes to this, they don’t want to say too much. They quickly say, “Mom, don’t you want to eat? You hurry to eat. It’s getting dark, and we’re going down the mountain for dinner. First, mom, let’s hang up.” after that, they waved to the screen, Before Gao Yunjin could speak, she hung up. How can Gao Yunjin not know what the two children are thinking? She can’t laugh or cry. But thinking of Fu Jincheng, the smile on her face faded. She put down her mobile phone and looked at the colored and fragrant boxed lunch on the table. She completely lost her appetite for dinner. Huo Zhengyun just came to see her. Seeing her absent-minded appearance, he asked, “what’s the matter again?” Gao Yunjin: “…” she put down her chopsticks, “there’s no appetite.” then she looked up at him, “Why are you here?”

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