Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3480

“You’re welcome, Miss Gao.”

“What’s the matter with ray? If it’s nothing, I’ll hang up first.”

“It’s all right.” Lei Yun sighed, “I really want to have dinner with Miss Gao, but I didn’t expect you to be so busy. It seems that I can only wait for the next time.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Lei. I have a lot of miscellaneous things here. I’m really busy. Please understand.”

“It’s all right. There are many opportunities in the future. When you have time, it’s the same when we don’t have another appointment.”

“OK, so first?”


When the voice fell, Gao Yunjin immediately hung up the phone.

The tight frown slowly loosened.

As soon as I put down my cell phone, I saw Huo Zhengyun standing outside the door.

Gao Yunjin: “when did you come?”

“When you talk to Lei Yun on the phone,” Huo Zhengyun came in, “it’s also very interesting to listen to you on the phone.”


He couldn’t hear what Lei Yun said. How did he know it was interesting?

At least, she didn’t find it interesting.

And I feel a little annoyed.

“People who don’t know think you have a good relationship.”

Gao Yunjin: “

“I thought you would talk about everything in private. I didn’t expect that you were wearing masks.”

“She’s very cautious.” Gao Yunjin said faintly, “she’s probably worried about my recording, so she talks like that when talking on the phone or in private.”


Huo Zhengyun was a little surprised.

“What do you want from me?”

“You’re going back to the capital tomorrow, and you’re not expected to come here next week. I want to invite you to dinner while I have time today.”

“If we go out together, it is estimated that we will be photographed.”

Although the gossip news content of the previous two days was published under the direction of Lei Yun, she is still well-known in H City under the operation of Lei Yun.

She went out to dinner alone these two days. When she met people in the circle, they would ask her about Huo Zhengyun.

Moreover, the tone is quite ambiguous.

Therefore, if it is photographed again, I don’t know what it will be like.

“Don’t worry, I found a private place. Ordinary people can’t get in.”

“Lei Yun should go to such a place, too?”

“If you encounter thunder luck, you’ll be even more annoyed.”

“No, that restaurant is newly opened by my friend. Lei Yun doesn’t know the place.”

Hearing what he said, Gao Yunjin was relieved and went out to dinner with him.

In the evening, after work, Huo Zhengyun took her to dinner.

After dinner, Huo Zhengyun took her home again.

Gao Yunjin thought of the package delivered by Lei Yun. When the car went to the security booth in the underground parking lot, she went down and picked up the package.

Huo Zhengyun: “what is it?”

“The two children asked ray to bring me the fruit.”


She’s a little informative.

Gao Yunjin weighed the weight and estimated that it was five or six kilograms.

“I didn’t expect that they brought me so much. I can’t eat all day. Why don’t you take some back?”

“The children picked it for you and you gave it to me. They will be sad when they know.”

“No, they probably don’t know that you are also from H city. They will be happier if I divide you by half.” Gao Yunjin said and invited him upstairs.

She opened the package, washed some, and then packed it in a bag so that Huo Zhengyun could take it back later.

Before she finished, her cell phone rang.

Huo Zhengyun looked, “video call from Fu Jincheng.”

Gao Yunjin wiped her hands, “well, I know.”

Huo Zhengyun: “you can also talk about video phone. It seems that the situation is not as bad as I thought.”

“It was two children who called.”

“…….” Huo Zhengyun: “really?”


Anyway, since Fu Jincheng inexplicably had a cold war with her, whether it was a telephone or video phone, as long as it was called with Fu Jincheng’s number, it was basically the children who contacted her, not Fu Jincheng who wanted to contact her.

She dried the water on her hand and then answered the phone: “Yueyue Xiaoxuan, have you eaten?”

“Yes, just finished.” Yueyue and Xiaoxuan’s faces gathered together on the screen. “Mom, aunt Lei said she had sent you the fruit just now. Did you receive it?”

Just now?

So they just contacted Lei Yun again?

Gao Yunjin didn’t ask the children this question, but replied, “Mom received it. She just opened it and ate some. It’s very sweet.”

Seeing that Gao Yunjin likes it, the two little guys are even happier. Gao Yunjin looked at Huo Zhengyun, who was sitting on the side eating fruit, and said to the children, “by the way, there are too many fruits. My mother will go home tomorrow. She can’t finish eating so much. My mother plans to let uncle Huo take some back to eat, OK?” these fruits represent the hearts of the two children. If Gao Yunjin wants to give them to others, she still has to mention it to them. “Eh? Uncle Huo?” the two children were surprised. “Uncle Huo is also in H city?” “yes, uncle Huo is also from H city.” “ah? Why didn’t you say it earlier? If you said it earlier, we’d ask aunt Lei to bring some to Uncle Huo.” “you two are OK to say,” Gao Yunjin said angrily: “Aunt Lei is not tired to bring so many fruits alone?” the two little guys think Gao Yunjin is quite right. Lei Yun is really tired to take so many things alone. They smiled shyly. Gao Yunjin then taught them, “you can’t bother people like this next time, you know?” “you know.” “Good. Then mom sent some fruit to Uncle Huo?” “OK!” the kids were still very generous and naturally agreed. Since they mentioned Huo Zhengyun, they asked, “by the way, mom, is uncle Huo here now?” Gao Yunjin: “…” Huo Zhengyun heard it and looked over. “Mom, I seem to hear someone eating fruit.” Xiao Xuan’s ears are very smart. “Is it uncle Huo?” “…” Gao Yunjin looked at Huo Zhengyun and had to turn the camera, “yes, it’s him.” when the two children saw Huo Zhengyun, they said to him in unison: “good evening, uncle Huo.” “good evening.” Huo Zhengyun put down his grapes, “I’ve tasted the fruit, too. It’s sweet. Thank you for giving me the fruit. I like it very much. What gift do you want? My uncle also asked your mother to bring it back to you -” before his voice fell, Gao Yunjin interrupted him, “don’t give them gifts. You’ve given them a lot of gifts.” It would be great to send it again. The two little guys could have wanted their favorite gifts. Gao Yunjin said that they were gone, and they wilted.

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