Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3482

Fu Jincheng came out of the bathroom wearing only a bath towel.

He glanced at her, wiped his hair and sat down on the other side of the bed.

Gao Yunjin noticed, got up and said, “I’ll take a bath.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t answer.

Gao Yunjin didn’t see Fu Jincheng in her room when she came out of the bathroom after taking a bath.

He is

be gone?

Didn’t you mean to move back to sleep with her?

Gao Yunjin sat down on the bed.

She was busy all day and tired. She dried her hair, turned off the light, lay down in bed and was ready to go to bed.

I lay down for half an hour, but I didn’t feel sleepy.

I don’t know how long later, she heard the footsteps of Fu Jincheng.

She opened her eyes. Before she spoke, she heard him ask, “are you asleep?”

“No.” she sat up from bed. “What’s the matter?”

He thought he had something to do with her.

She was about to turn on the light. By the moonlight outside the window, she saw him go to bed. Before she could react, she reached out and grabbed her hand to turn on the light and pressed her under her body.

Gao Yunjin was stunned. At this time, Fu Jincheng had attached himself and kissed her lips.

At ordinary times, Fu Jincheng would occasionally whisper in her ear and tease her with a bad smile.

But tonight, he didn’t turn on the light and didn’t even say a word from beginning to end.

The silence made Gao Yunjin feel a little depressed.

Afterwards, Fu Jincheng got up and went into the bathroom to take a bath.

Gao Yunjin was already tired, but now she is too tired to stand up. Looking at his back, her brain was still awake. Just after a while, she couldn’t hold on and went to sleep.

The next morning, when she woke up, her side was empty and there was no trace of anyone lying next to her.

She went to bed before Fu Jincheng came out of the bathroom last night. I don’t know whether Fu Jincheng slept with her or went back to the study after taking a bath

Thinking of this, Gao Yunjin’s loss is stronger.

When she went downstairs, Fu Jincheng and her two children were almost finished breakfast.

When she woke up, the two children urged her to eat quickly. They were about to go out.

As for Fu Jincheng, he didn’t speak much and still didn’t look at her.

He didn’t mean to end the cold war with her.

Gao Yunjin lowered her eyes and asked the two children, “are you going to pick fruit?”



After breakfast, he went out of the door.

When he arrived at his destination, Dong Ou was already waiting at the door.

Seeing Gao Yunjin, Dong Ou smiled.

Gao Yunjin felt that he didn’t look like he knew she would follow.

Dong Ou was an old slick and didn’t show it. He obviously smiled and greeted her soon: “Yunjin is coming too?”

“Well, excuse me.”

“Don’t be so polite.” Dong Ou smiled on the surface and said warm greetings to the two children and Fu Jincheng, talking about topics of interest to the two children.

The two children didn’t know the thoughts of so many adults. In their opinion, Oudong people are very good and welcome them to come and play.

The children ran away at once, leaving Fu Jincheng, Gao Yunjin and Ou Dong.

Dong Ou glanced at Gao Yunjin, but ignored her meaning and spoke to Fu Jincheng throughout the process. “Lao Jiang and Lao Luo will come later. We happen to have dinner together at noon.”

Fu Jincheng did not immediately agree, but looked at Gao Yunjin: “do you want to stay for dinner at noon?”

Gao Yunjin: “I can do anything. Just arrange it.”

Dong Ou’s kindness to the two children is nothing more than trying to please Fu Jincheng.

If she directly refuses to eat with them, Dong ou will probably dislike her even more.

Of course, what she said to Fu Jincheng is not to please Dong ou. I hope he can like her. She doesn’t care whether Dong Ou likes her or not.

It’s just that the two children have played with Ou Dong twice. Anyway, she owes Ou Dong a favor with Fu Jincheng. Whether Fu Jincheng wants to return the favor depends on Fu Jincheng’s meaning.

Before Fu Jincheng answered, the two children ran back and took Gao Yunjin to see what they found.

After Gao Yunjin and the two children walked away, Dong Ou smiled and said, “the two children really like here. Since they are so happy here, let them play here for a while and stay for dinner at noon.”

Fu Jincheng neither refused nor promised. He glanced at him, “what do you want to do?”

Although Dong Ou has always been very flattering to him, Fu Jincheng can see that he wants something from him at a glance.

Dong Ou doesn’t deny it. He laughs, “I want to spend some money on a project recently, but I haven’t seen it yet. I’m a little tangled. I want you to help me.”

“What project?” seeing Fu Jincheng’s agreement, Mr. Ou said, “it’s the newly developed real estate in H City –” “that lot is not good, and it’s estimated that it can’t be sold.” “now, there’s no real estate that can’t be sold?” “you can try.” seeing that he didn’t give up, Fu Jincheng said faintly: “That piece of land has been bought by Mr. LAN for more than ten years. If it is really suitable for the development of real estate, it would have been developed when the property price soared fastest in previous years. He knew that this piece of land would continue to be pressed in his hand and would only depreciate more and more, so he had to plan a wave while the overall property price has not fallen too much, in order to cheat the partners.” After getting the money, the other party is expected to run away. Fu Jincheng didn’t say that, and Dong Ou understood it. In terms of investment, Dong Ou is absolutely convinced by Fu Jincheng, but he is really optimistic about this project. Unexpectedly, after Fu Jincheng’s analysis, it was a fraud. He refused to give up, “are you sure?” “you can try.” That’s all. It’s Dong Ou’s business whether to invest or not. After that, he followed the laughter of the children in the distance and went up the mountain to find two children and Gao Yunjin. Fu Jincheng said so, Dong Ou naturally didn’t dare to invest money rashly. Afraid that Fu Jincheng suspected that he didn’t believe his vision, he hurried up and said with a smile: “I either don’t believe it, or I just can’t accept it. I’ll just slow down.” Fu Jincheng didn’t speak. When he saw Gao Yunjin take off his shoes and wanted to climb a tree, he frowned. He hurried over and stretched out his hand to Gao Yunjin. “Come down.” “hmm?” Gao Yunjin hasn’t picked the fruit that the two children like. When he saw him coming, “I’ll pick a fruit.” “It’s too dangerous. Come down.” “I won’t go up again.” she only climbed up the branch of a tree a little more than one meter. She didn’t feel dangerous, but the fruit hasn’t been reached. Fu Jincheng frowned, didn’t speak, stood on tiptoe, put her arms around her waist and held her down.

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