Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3483

“I –“

Before she spoke, Fu Jincheng put her down, narrowed her eyes and looked at the two children, “how can you let your mother climb the tree to help you pick fruit? What if your mother falls down accidentally?”

The two children hung their little heads. “I’m sorry, Dad, we know we’re wrong.”

Fu Jincheng ignored them, taught the two children, and began to teach Gao Yunjin, “don’t follow them.”

Then he took off her shoes and handed them to her, “put them on.”

While wearing shoes, Gao Yunjin whispered, “don’t blame the children. I haven’t climbed a tree for a long time. I want to try –“

Before she finished, Fu Jincheng narrowed his eyes, “why don’t I know you still like climbing trees?”

“I –“

She was just suddenly interested, not to mention whether she liked it or not.

However, she didn’t expect Fu Jincheng to be so nervous.

He looked as if he was really afraid that something would happen to her.

Thinking of this, her heart moved, and she didn’t refute it at last.

Dong Ou was a little confused. He didn’t expect Gao Yunjin to just climb a tree. Fu Jincheng was so nervous.

Before he spoke, Fu Jincheng looked at Gao Yunjin and asked, “which fruit do you want to pick?”

Gao Yunjin pointed to the biggest and reddest one above.

Fu Jincheng didn’t move and asked, “do you want it, or do two little villains want it?”

The two little guys stared at this.

How did they become little villains?

Gao Yunjin noticed the expressions of the two children. She suddenly felt better, smiled and said to Fu Jincheng, “I want it.”

When Fu Jincheng saw the smile on her face, he couldn’t move his sight. Gao Yunjin noticed his sight and looked at it. He suddenly shifted his sight and said faintly, “lie.”

Gao Yunjin: “

Although he knew she was lying, Fu Jincheng took off her shoes, climbed up the tree and easily helped Gao Yunjin pick the fruit.

The two little guys stopped staring and ran over. As soon as they wanted to reach for the fruit in Gao Yunjin’s hand, Fu Jincheng looked at it and said, “do you want to grab food from your mother?”

Little guys: “

So, dad didn’t pick it for them, he picked it for his mother?

Don’t they touch yet?

Gao Yunjin was about to speak. Fu Jincheng glanced over. Gao Yunjin noticed his eyes and shut his mouth.

Fu Jincheng went to wear shoes. Seeing that he didn’t pay attention, Gao Yunjin secretly gave the two children a look and gave the fruit to the two children from behind.

Fu Jincheng’s eyes were sharp. Gao Yunjin just started, he found it and looked at her.

Gao Yunjin, who was caught, blushed.

After the two children got the fruit, they quickly hid behind them. They thought Fu Jincheng didn’t find it and smiled like a cheating cat.

Fu Jincheng noticed and smiled angrily.

Seeing his smile, Gao Yunjin felt better and smiled slowly.

People with eyes can see that their family of four is very harmonious.

Dong Ou looked at it, smiled and looked at Gao Yunjin more.

He has known Fu Jincheng for more than ten years.

He saw how much Fu Jincheng spoiled Gao Yunjin in the early years.

He originally thought that their husband and wife were going to divorce, and their feelings were estimated to be no better. Unexpectedly, Fu Jincheng was so good to Gao Yunjin at this time.

It’s even better than two children. Everything is limited. Consider her, not two children.

Can we say that although they are going to divorce, they still have feelings for each other, but that kind of feelings are different from those in the past?

But between husband and wife, if there is no emotion, what emotion can there be left?

family affection?

Now many people on the Internet also say that couples have been together for a long time and have no love, but they have evolved into family affection after getting along over time.

So maybe they are in this state now?

Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin have known each other since they were young and have been together for more than ten or twenty years. They have also accompanied each other for more than ten or twenty years.

This kind of feeling cannot be replaced by ordinary people, so it is normal for them to become family affection.

They don’t care what Dong Ou thinks.

When the two children were laughing, Fu Jincheng suddenly said to Gao Yunjin, “there is a sea of flowers on the side. It’s very beautiful. Go and have a look?”

Before Gao Yunjin spoke, the two children remembered, “yes, yes, it’s super beautiful over there. Mom, let’s take you!”

Then he pulled Gao Yunjin and ran away.

Fu Jincheng: “

He looked at Dong Ou who followed behind him. “If you want something, go and do your own thing. Don’t worry about us.”

Dong Ou is a human being. He doesn’t know that Fu Jincheng doesn’t want to trouble him. He thinks he’s in the way. Dong Ou said with a smile, “OK, I’ll be busy first. If you have anything to eat with Yunjin and the children, remember to tell me and I’ll let the kitchen do it.” “well.” after Dong Ou left, Fu Jincheng turned and went up the mountain to keep up with Gao Yunjin and the two children. That sea of flowers is really not made by Ou Dong. They deliberately let people live in the wild. So you can pick it at will. Xiao Xuan picked some flowers of various colors, stuffed them into Gao Yunjin’s arms and said to give them to her. Gao Yunjin touched the little heads of the two children. “Will mom make a wreath for you?” “OK!” Gao Yunjin sat down in the flowers and watched the children play while making a wreath for them. As soon as Fu Jincheng came up, he saw Gao Yunjin sitting in the flowers. His footsteps suddenly stopped. He couldn’t help taking out his mobile phone and took a picture of this scene. Gao Yunjin seems to feel it. When he looks back and sees him taking photos, he remembers that he hasn’t taken photos yet. It’s a pity not to take pictures in such a beautiful place. Thinking of this, Gao Yunjin also put down the flowers in her hand, took out her mobile phone, looked at the two children playing in front, took several photos, and when she was satisfied, she took back her mobile phone and continued to sit down to make a wreath. Fu Jincheng saw that she had only two children in her eyes. She didn’t even imagine taking a picture of him, so she pursed her thin lips. However, seeing the smile on her face at the moment, Fu Jincheng sighed and stopped worrying about this problem. He bowed his head and sent a circle of friends with his mobile phone: “beautiful flowers, beautiful scenery and more beautiful people.” the picture shows that Gao Yunjin is sitting alone in the sea of flowers without two children. Fu Jincheng seldom sends a circle of friends and doesn’t pay attention to it. So is Gao Yunjin. However, there are still people around them who will pay attention to the circle of friends, such as Qin Jingxu and Lei Yun. As soon as he made a circle of friends, Qin Jingxu happened to be brushing the circle of friends. Seeing his picture, Qin Jingxu raised his eyebrows and replied, “when I’m old, I still show love. Is evil disgusting?”

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