Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3485

“Really?” Fu Jincheng asked again.

“Really.” Gao Yunjin smiled, “it really doesn’t hurt.”


Seeing her promise, Fu Jincheng was relieved. Instead of helping, he supported his chin and stared at her making a wreath.

Gao Yunjin blushed when he stared at him. He didn’t think it was good. He said to him, “if you feel bored, you can talk with the children.”

“Not boring.”

Only with her around, watching her won’t be boring.

Therefore, Fu Jincheng sat beside Gao Yunjin and watched her for a long time.

The two children held a handful of flowers and looked at him suspiciously, “Dad, what are you always staring at your mother?”

Fu Jincheng pinched his daughter’s small face, “dad just stared at it. Why? Don’t you stare?”

Yueyue rescued his cheek from his “magic grasp” and wrinkled his small nose, “here, you can see it as you like, all right?”

She just wondered why he could watch it for so long.

Is it so beautiful?

After a while, the sun became hot. They went down the mountain. At this time, Qin Jingxu also arrived.

The two children were surprised to see him, “Uncle Qin, why are you here?”

“What? Didn’t your father tell you that my uncle was coming?”

The little guys shook their heads.

Qin Jingxu looked at Fu Jincheng with a smile.

When the kids saw Qin Jingxu, they suddenly remembered Lei Yun and Huo Zhengyun and asked Fu Jincheng, “Dad, will aunt Lei and uncle Huo come too?”

Fu Jincheng shook his head: “no, they are in H city now. They are not free.”

“So?” the little guys also remembered such a thing and didn’t ask any more.

Before long, Jiang Dong and Luo Dong arrived.

Luo Dong doesn’t like Gao Yunjin very much, but seeing that she gets along well with Fu Jincheng, it seems that her feelings are still very good. She is also polite to Gao Yunjin and doesn’t dare to show anything.

Jiang Dong contacted Gao Yunjin last time because he robbed Dong ou for a project. Since then, he has been very fond of Gao Yunjin.

He had not seen Gao Yunjin for a long time. Now he saw Gao Yunjin and took the initiative to say hello to her, “Miss Gao, long time no see.”

Gao Yunjin also remembered that Jiang Dong had called her before, but she didn’t take the initiative to mention it again. She stretched out her hand and shook hands with Jiang Dong, “Hello, Jiang Dong.”

“Jin Cheng said that your company is getting better and better. Congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

Jiang Dong is particularly friendly to Gao Yunjin, which is particularly obvious in the comparison between Ou Dong and Luo Dong.

Fu Jincheng noticed what seemed to happen between them that he didn’t know.

Fu Jincheng narrowed his eyes and glanced at Jiang Dong. Jiang Dong also knew Fu Jincheng and hurriedly explained: “I met Miss Gao some time ago and talked with Miss Gao more.”


Fu Jincheng won’t believe such a low-level lie.

“Er…” Fu Jincheng’s eyes were a little scary. Mr. Jiang couldn’t resist the pressure. Finally, he told the truth. “Didn’t I compete with Mr. ou for a project before? I was really optimistic about that project, so I lost my head at that time and contacted him

When I got on Miss Gao, I wanted Miss Gao to help me persuade you — “

Afraid that Fu Jincheng was angry, before Fu Jincheng spoke, Jiang Dong said, “I promise I won’t do such a thing again in a future.”

Fu Jincheng was not angry and looked at Gao Yunjin. “Why didn’t I know there was this?”

Jiang Dong grabbed Gao Yunjin and said, “Miss Gao said she didn’t understand the company and was afraid to make trouble for you -“

Fu Jincheng glanced at him and motioned him to shut up.

Mr. Jiang shut up, but Mr. Luo and Mr. Ou smiled and teased Mr. Jiang: “look, Lao Jiang, you haven’t been considerate by Yunjin.” even though they like Lei Yun more than Gao Yunjin, she really didn’t get involved in the company when Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin had a good relationship. On this point, They think Gao Yunjin still does it

Very good.

Speaking of this, Dong Ou smiled and said to Fu Jincheng, “Jincheng, Yunjin is really sensible.”

Fu Jincheng, Dong ou, looked at Gao Yunjin, “next time you encounter such a thing, remember to tell me.”

“Oh, good.”

Although Dong ou and Dong Luo praised Gao Yunjin for doing so, Gao Yunjin saw that Fu Jincheng was unhappy.

Others naturally see it.

Dong Ou thought Fu Jincheng didn’t like them. They didn’t say anything directly. They actually made an idea on Gao Yunjin and quickly changed the topic.

Only Qin Jingxu thought it didn’t seem like that.

Therefore, when others were chatting, Qin Jingxu leaned close to Fu Jincheng’s ear, lowered his voice and said with a smile: “if they know you’re angry, Gao Yunjin won’t blow the wind in your ear, they’ll probably die of anger.”

Fu Jincheng ignored him. “But seriously, if Xuemei is in charge of everything and invests in whatever project she likes, will you really listen to Xuemei?” “why not?” Qin Jingxu: “…” 666. “Qin Jingxu was just anticipating, but he didn’t expect Fu Jincheng to answer that, “A big man is a big man, and the way rich people play is really different.” “I am rich and can stand her defeat.” speaking of this, Fu Jincheng is still very proud. Qin Jingxu: “…” what’s more, even if the project she likes is not worth investing, I will make that project worth investing and make money. ” Because if she fails to invest all the time, it will affect her self-confidence. He doesn’t want such a thing. Qin Jingxu: “…” seems to be more 6. “Unfortunately, she’s not like that.” If she was that kind of person, she would rely more on him in life and money. In this way, they might not develop to this point. Qin Jingxu understood what he meant and almost laughed angrily. However, he said: “if Xuemei was that kind of person, you would still love her so much?” Fu Jincheng: “…” it’s impossible, isn’t it? ” It’s true. He always loved her for her temperament and behavior. “So, you can only think about it.” Having said that, he was a little lost. If everyone else knew the power of Gao Yunjin’s pillow wind and everyone went to please Gao Yunjin, it would be interesting to think about it, right? However, I don’t know if there would be such a day. During dinner, President Jiang and president Luo talked with Fu Jincheng about some developments in the shopping mall. Although Qin Jingxu is a lawyer, he is still a lawyer He also has a unique vision in investment and will pay attention to these things. He can talk to them very well. Only Gao Yunjin doesn’t pay attention to these things and can’t talk, so he seldom talks.

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