Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3487

After half a ring, he let her go and said, “OK.”

Then he turned and left the room and helped her close the door.

Gao Yunjin was lying in bed with a sweet smile on her face: they are… Reconciled, right?

Today’s Fu Jincheng is much softer than the last time they went to see the meteor shower, and they are not so moody. Therefore, they should be reconciled this time?

Gao Yunjin asked herself again and again. She was both happy and a little nervous.

Worried like the last time, she thought too much.

Or, today, Fu Jincheng suddenly changed his attitude so quickly. It was just a whim, which can’t explain anything.

Thinking of this, her heart pulled again.

So she stayed in bed for a long time until Fu Jincheng finished drinking with others and came back upstairs. She still didn’t fall asleep.

As soon as Fu Jincheng entered the door, she opened her eyes.

Fu Jincheng paused and looked at the sleeping child lying beside her. “Did you wake up?”

Gao Yunjin shook her head.

Fu Jincheng noticed that her eyes were not sleepy, frowned and sat down by the bed. “Haven’t you slept yet?”


Thinking of what she had been struggling with just now, she was a little guilty, but her eyes looked at him uncontrollably.

Fu Jincheng drank a little too much. Although he was not drunk, he was not as sharp as usual.

He lay down beside her, hugged someone in his arms, kissed his hair, “can’t sleep?”


“You can sleep with your eyes closed,” he said softly, rubbing her eyelids with his fingers. Before she closed her eyes, he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

He is sleepy

A little drunk, too?

As for Fu Jincheng’s usual performance, if he is not drunk, generally speaking, even if he is sleepy, he will not fall asleep so soon.

No wonder

No wonder his tone just now was like when they hadn’t quarreled before.

She thought

Thinking of this, Gao Yunjin was a little lost.

However, she had not fallen asleep in his arms for some time.

Now, she leaned against his arms. Although she was still tangled in her heart, she was relieved. She found a comfortable position in his arms and slept slowly.

When she woke up, there was no one in the room.

The two children and Fu Jincheng have got up.

Gao Yunjin stayed in bed for a while before she got up to wash and went downstairs.

There was no one downstairs. She asked the servant to know that Fu Jincheng and his party went to the fish pond at the foot of the mountain to catch fish. Then Fu Jincheng also told them to take her when she woke up.

Before she reached the fish pond, she heard the laughter of the two children.

The pond was drained, and the two children, wearing overalls, were touching the small fish in the pond.

The two children are so old that they have caught fish, seen all kinds of animals in the zoo and the wonderful underwater world.

But it was the first time to catch fish in the fish pond.

The two children may have fallen, with thick mud on their bodies and faces.

Gao Yunjin looked at it and his head hurt.

The two little guys were very happy to see her. They ran ashore with a bucket. “Mom, we caught a lot of small fish?”

“Well, mom saw it. Is this going to catch it and bake it?”

“Mom, do you eat such a small fish? You’re cruel.” Yueyue frowned: “we don’t eat these small fish. We keep them in another big fish pond.”

Gao Yunjin: “

Who used to quarrel and want to eat dried fish?

Now she’s cruel?

“Wake up?” Fu Jincheng was also wearing overalls. He was clean and handed her a cup of milk tea. “Drink some?”

Gao Yunjin looked at her and said, “what have you drunk?”

“I had two drinks.” he didn’t like sweet ones. He bought them for her. He just tasted them. “Do you dislike them?”

She shook her head. “No.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t say anything. Gao Yunjin looked at him and changed his new clothes. “Did you take a bath?”

“Well, when I got up and smelled the smell of wine, I washed it.” he looked at her sipping milk tea and said, “why don’t you remind me?”

If she reminded him, he would take a bath and go to bed again.

“It doesn’t taste very good…”

Fu Jincheng smiled, “really?”


“Is it good?”

Gao Yunjin nodded, “it’s delicious.”

Fu Jincheng suddenly held her hand.

Gao Yunjin looked at him suspiciously. After reacting, he handed the straw to his lips.

Fu Jincheng took another sip and felt too sweet and tired. However, thinking that she likes drinking so much, I think this sweetness is not unbearable. Thinking of this, he took another sip. Gao Yunjin knew that he didn’t like to drink too sweet things. “Didn’t you buy a cup yourself?” “No.” Oh…… “after she took a sip, she left half a cup and handed it to him:” drink it. “Fu Jincheng shook her head:” no, you drink it. “” Oh…… “Xiao Xuan was cleaner than Yueyue at ordinary times, and her face was covered with mud today. Think of her clean and clever son in her last life, and look at Xiao Xuan now. She can’t imagine what her grown-up son will look like when she thinks of today. Thinking of this, she smiled, suddenly took out her mobile phone and gave a close-up to Xiao Xuan, who was puckering her small ass and fishing in the fish pond. After that, I took two more pictures for Yueyue. Fu Jincheng helped her take milk tea and made her shoot more smoothly. She wanted to see in the best of spirits, and he picked up eyebrows. “Is this the intention to laugh at them after they come up?” “no, wait till he grows up.” he said, “Gao Yun,” he said, “you don’t know, he grew older and loved his face. When he grew up, he remembered today, and estimated that” half of the voice of Gao Yun broccoli stopped suddenly. Because the little Xuan she said is the little Xuan of her previous life. In fact, no matter which Xiaoxuan, his general character and hobbies are the same. However, although Xiao Xuan is not so talkative or even so smiling in her previous life, she can feel that he will be more cheerful when she comes out first. Maybe Xiaoxuan in her previous life would love face when she grew up, but now Xiaoxuan is not necessarily — Fu Jincheng also knows what she is thinking, and her smile is silent for a while. “Mom, we’re going to let the little fish go. Come and have a look.” at this time, two little guys came over and pulled Gao Yunjin’s hand, but Fu Jincheng caught them and pinched his daughter’s dirty little meat hand. “What if you don’t wash your hands and dirty your mother’s hands?” Yueyue wrinkled her small nose. “You despise me.” “Like a kitten, I can’t dislike you?”

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