Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3488

“Hum.” Yueyue stuck out her tongue and ignored her, “Mom -“

“OK, mom, I’ll be right there.”

Gao Yunjin smiled helplessly and followed her.

Fu Jincheng followed her and suddenly held her hand.

Gao Yunjin looked back in amazement. Fu Jincheng didn’t mention what happened just now and said, “let’s go.”

Yueyue and Xiaoxuan really have a lot of small fish in the bucket, and there is water in it.

After mentioning it for a while, he was tired. Looking back, he saw Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin walking behind them hand in hand. Gao Yunjin still drank milk tea without a mouthful. Don’t mention how comfortable it was.

Yueyue looked at it and suddenly felt a little sad, “you’re too much.”

Gao Yunjin: “tired?”

“Well, my hands are sore -“

Knowing what Gao Yunjin wanted to do, Fu Jincheng held her hand and said, “it’s very irresponsible to do your own things and hand them over to others when you’re tired.”

Dong OU on one side saw it and couldn’t speak.

Yueyue skimmed her lips. “If you don’t want to help, you don’t want to help. You still have so many reasons.”

Fu Jincheng did not change his face. “I was wrong?”


Yueyue knew it was wrong, “do it yourself.”

Gao Yunjin stopped helping them and said gently, “if you’re tired, stop and have a rest.”

“You can’t rest too long,” Fu Jincheng fanned the flames. “This bucket is so small. What if you rest too long and suffocate the fish?”

Gao Yunjin frowned, “don’t scare her!”

Children’s hearts are fragile. What if they scare out the shadow?

“She’s not so stupid. She’s so big. There are some things they can understand.”

“Then you can’t scare her.”

“OK, not next time.”

However, when Fu Jincheng was so frightened, the two little guys were really a little scared and tired. They also accelerated their pace. They quickly mentioned the fish to the new fish pond and released it.

The ecological environment here is very good. The servants here also grow rice here. This season, rice is in bloom, and you can smell a faint and elegant smell of flowers from a distance.

“The environment here is good.”

Although the scenery of their home and some man-made well-developed hot spring villa is very good, there are more artificially built scenery. Although it is beautiful, it is a little less angry and natural smart beauty.

If it is not far from the urban area, life here will be more comfortable.

“Like here?”

“Well, I like it very much.”

“How do you like it?”

“I like it very much.”

“Do you want to come again?”

Gao Yunjin hesitated. “If Dong Ou doesn’t mind our interruptions –“

“It’s all right. We don’t have to think about him.”


Although Dong Ou has always wanted to please him very hard, it’s all someone else’s place. Is it too much for him to say so?

Fu Jincheng didn’t explain.

That night, he told her that he had bought the mountain with Dong ou.


“If you are free at ordinary times, you can go there whenever you want to play.”

Gao Yunjin found his voice after a long time. “Is Dong Ou willing?”

“I’ve offered him enough price to impress him. Why is he reluctant?”

Between him and them, they have always asked for him.

He basically never asked for anything from them.

He has now opened his mouth. Although he has also given money, it is equivalent to owe him a favor. Dong Ou is too happy. How can he be reluctant to give up?

“Will it be very expensive?” she was a little distressed about money after hearing him say so.

“It’s not expensive. We can afford it.”


With his financial resources, a mountain is really nothing.

That night, they also lived on the mountain.

Moreover, that night, Qin Jingxu and they also received the news that Fu Jincheng and Dong Ou bought here.

Qin Jingxu thumbed up: “cow force.”

Dong ou, the former host, was neither unhappy nor unwilling. He smiled. At a glance, he knew that Fu Jincheng had promised him many benefits. Dong Luo and Dong Jiang were very hot.


After seeing Gao Yunjin, Dong Ou looked a little strange and respected her a lot more than before.

Other people didn’t notice his performance, but Luo Dong saw it clearly.

When Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng didn’t pay attention, Luo Dong couldn’t help asking, “what’s the matter? Has your attitude become too much?”

“When Jincheng bought this mountain, it passed directly under her name.”

Luo Dong didn’t respond until half a ring, “what are you talking about?”

“This number.” Luo Dong compared his fingers. “He didn’t blink or think about such a large amount of money.” although Fu Jincheng was really rich. But this money is also big money for Fu Jincheng. Why is he so willing? When he heard this, Luo Dong reacted before him. “It’s better to say that Jin Cheng bought it to please her than that he didn’t think about it?” “indeed.” Dong Ou was dizzy, “you, why didn’t you think I thought of it?” “they have been married for so many years, and Jin Cheng still did this -” it’s not quite right. “It seems that we can’t underestimate that woman in the future.” Dong Ou narrowed his eyes. “Jincheng is still so obsessed with her.” “what about Lei Yun?” Dong Luo also fainted. “There’s no hope between Jincheng and her?” “who knows.” Fu Jincheng made an exception for Lei Yun and treated her much better than many partners. It doesn’t seem to have no feelings. They were talking about Lei Yun. Lei Yun’s phone happened to call in at this time. “It’s me, Mr. ou. Didn’t bother you to rest?” “No.” Mr. Ou smiled: “Mr. Lei suddenly asked Mr. ou. What’s the matter?” “well, my grandfather likes the fruit in your orchard very much and wants to buy you some. I don’t know if it’s inconvenient for Mr. ou.” “Well, Mr. Lei, if you said yesterday that I could do it, Lord, but now I can’t do it.” Lei yundun said, “what do you mean? Is it inconvenient? Or did someone give you all the fruit in the orchard?” She just asked the latter question casually. Dong Ou didn’t make money by selling fruit. Rather than that someone bought all the fruit in his orchard, he sent out all the fruit in the orchard. But even if Dong Ou wanted to send it this day, he wouldn’t send out all the fruit? “No, I sold the orchard to Jincheng.” Lei Yun grabbed the coffee cup and said, “sold it to Mr. Fu?” “yes, Mr. Lei, if you want fruit, just tell Jincheng based on your friendship with Jincheng.” “OK, I’ll tell Jincheng at that time.” Lei Yun’s eyes were full of thought, and he seemed to inadvertently ask: “Why did Jincheng suddenly buy this orchard with you? I haven’t heard of his idea before.”

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