Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3490

According to the staff of the orchard, there are many fireflies near the foot of the mountain recently. The two little guys haven’t seen fireflies for a long time. They decided to see fireflies in the evening.

In order to see fireflies, the two little guys also made lanterns with the staff at the orchard. They planned to catch fireflies with their own lanterns after dinner in the evening.

The little guys haven’t made lanterns by themselves. They are very interested. They pull Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng to make them together.

Gao Yunjin will not refuse.

However, after she sat down and began to do it, Fu Jincheng also relied on her to help.

The two little guys frowned and asked the question Gao Yunjin wanted to ask, “Dad, don’t you make one yourself?”

“I use one with my mother.”

Gao Yunjin: “

It’s easy for an adult to make a simple lantern. With the help of Fu Jincheng, Gao Yunjin’s lanterns are ready at once.

Fu Jincheng was very satisfied with the simple lantern.

The child’s strength is small, but it’s not so easy. He doesn’t help and lets the two children make trouble by themselves.

The two little guys enjoyed themselves and had a strong competitive heart. They did a good job and didn’t let them help. They had to do it by themselves

The lanterns made by himself were more elegant. Fu Jincheng looked at Gao Yunjin and suddenly said, “why don’t you draw some decoration?”

“I don’t have a brush.”

“I asked people to buy it down the mountain.”

“Too much trouble -“

“Yueyue and Xuanxuan should also be very interested.”

The two little guys had a rare chance to make these gadgets, and they were so interested that Gao Yunjin agreed.

Half an hour later, the paint they wanted arrived. At this time, the lanterns of the two little guys were also ready.

Fu Jincheng held the lantern and asked Gao Yunjin, “what do you want to draw?”

“I want to draw some fireflies.”

“How to draw?” Fu Jincheng can do business, but he is really not good at painting.

He has seen fireflies and asked him to draw them, which is similar to writing heavenly books.

The two little guys have been learning to draw, and they are very talented. They heard that Fu Jincheng can’t draw, and looked at him suspiciously, “Dad, can’t you even draw fireflies?”

Fu Jincheng: “

So, he was despised by two children?

Gao Yunjin covered her mouth and smiled. Fu Jincheng immediately complained and looked over. Gao Yunjin coughed gently and helped him out: “Dad is busy with work. I haven’t painted for a long time. I forgot. You teach dad?”

The little guys didn’t doubt him. They picked up the branches and paddled patiently on the ground.

Therefore, when Dong ou, Dong Luo and Dong Jiang came to find Fu Jincheng, they saw their family of four happily sitting on their chairs under the big tree. Generally speaking, the purpose of people like them to make an appointment together is naturally to understand some business trends. In this way, when investing in projects, which projects have prospects and which projects are traps can also be used

I know.

At this time, they basically won’t bring their families.

Because taking family with them is a constraint for them.

But Fu Jincheng is an exception.

He will spend a lot of time with his family.

Even ignore other work partners because of family.

That’s it now.

Dong Ou thought that if they didn’t come to him, Fu Jincheng probably couldn’t remember their existence.

Now they came, and Fu Jincheng just glanced over, “what’s up?”

Dong ou, Dong Jiang, Dong Luo: “

Listening to his tone, he didn’t seem to welcome them very much.

For a moment, Dong Ou didn’t know what to say.

Fu Jincheng knew what they were thinking and said, “I’m busy here. I’m afraid I don’t have much time to greet you. Please help yourself.”

Even if Fu Jincheng’s tone is very polite, it can’t change the fact that he ordered to leave.

Dong ou, Dong Jiang, Dong Luo: “

They smiled awkwardly and said, “it’s nothing. It’s getting late. We also have other arrangements. We’re going to leave first and come to say hello to your brother…”

“Well, I see. Walk slowly and come often when you are free.”

Then he stood up and said to the housekeeper, “help me send the guests.”

Dong ou, Dong Jiang, Dong Luo: “

OK, can’t they go yet?

After they walked away, Gao Yunjin took back her eyes, “you’re very rude to them.”

“I’m not bad to them on weekdays. The money I should earn doesn’t make them earn less. For them, this is the most important.”

We’ve worked together for so many years. Can’t he know what their temperament is?

Gao Yunjin also understood, so she didn’t say much.

After dinner, when night fell, the four of them carried lanterns to catch fireflies. The orchard is sparsely populated. It’s less than eight o’clock. It’s quiet around, only a faint sound of insects. The night wind dissipated the heat of the day, accompanied by the crisp sound of insects all the way. Gao Yunjin felt that the sultry accumulated on her chest dissipated for a few minutes. Fu Jincheng suddenly held her hand. “So happy?” Gao Yunjin was stunned and smiled. “I haven’t been to these places in the evening for a long time, and I feel very good.” “if you like it, we’ll come often in the future.” anyway, now the orchard is their family, and she can come whenever she wants. “HMM.” they were lucky. They really saw fireflies that night. The two little guys caught some and put them in the bottle. However, they were worried that the fireflies would die, so they soon released them again. The two little guys have been playing all day. When they came back from catching fireflies, they went to take a bath and sleep. After the kids went to bed, Gao Yunjin went into the bathroom to take a bath. When he came out after taking a bath, he saw that Fu Jincheng had also taken a bath. He was wearing pajamas and sitting leisurely at the head of the bed reading. The two little guys who had slept well in bed were not in bed. After her footsteps, Fu Jincheng said, “I took the child to the inner room to sleep.” the room they lived in was a suite with three rooms. Gao Yunjin’s small face is slightly hot, “Oh…” the bed Fu Jincheng is sitting on is actually more than two meters wide. Even if they lie in a family of four, it won’t appear narrow. Fu Jincheng didn’t speak any more. Seeing her dripping hair, he put down his book and came over, “I’ll come.” before she could refuse, he had already taken the towel in her hand. Gao Yunjin had to sit down in the chair, while Fu Jincheng stood beside the chair and wiped her hair. His palm is wide, but his movements are very gentle. He feels very comfortable with his fingertips shuttling between her hair. After wiping for a while, Fu Jincheng brought a hair dryer to help her blow her hair.

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