Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3491

Gao Yunjin sat quietly. After drying her hair, Fu Jincheng touched her soft hair, and suddenly came up and pecked at her ear.

An electric current ran on the body in an instant, and then Fu Jincheng held it on his leg and blocked his lips. Yesterday, Fu Jincheng was still confused, not gentle, and didn’t take into account her mood. Compared with yesterday, today’s Fu Jincheng is very gentle, even so gentle that Gao Yunjin trembles. Moreover, he is very interested today and has been pestering her

She won’t let go.

Finally, she went into the bathroom to take a bath.

After taking a bath, as soon as she touched the bed, Gao Yunjin went to sleep.

The next day, when she woke up, she felt that she was sleeping in Fu Jincheng’s arms and couldn’t help pausing.

As soon as she moved, Fu Jincheng tightened his big hand around her waist and took her to his arms.

Gao Yunjin immediately opened her eyes, “you -“

Before she finished, Fu Jincheng grabbed it on her lips, “wake up?”


She moved her body and wanted to get up, but Fu Jincheng didn’t let go and opened her eyes. Her big palm rubbed her slender waist, and the bridge of her nose pressed against her ear, “is it still sore?”

Gao Yunjin blushed, “no, no pain…”

Fu Jincheng smiled in a low voice and pecked at her ear, “are you hungry?”

“A little…”

Fu Jincheng’s big palm touched her stomach again before pulling her up.

She looked outside and looked into the room inside. “Yueyue and Xiaoxuan got up?”

He took her to the bathroom and said, “well, they woke up after six.”

“You know?”


“Where have they gone?”

Fu Jincheng suddenly smiled, “I asked them to go to play with Uncle Qin.”

“Isn’t there something wrong with the senior? Can he get up so early?” if Qin Jingxu didn’t wake up and was pulled up by two children, what would he do?

Fu Jincheng shrugged: “he’s fine today.”

Gao Yunjin: “

After breakfast, the housekeeper said that Qin Jingxu took his two children to pick fruit. Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng went up the mountain to find them.

When they arrived, Qin Jingxu and the two children had picked several boxes of fruit.

They are round and full with fruit fragrance.

Fu Jincheng glanced, “you’re not polite.” Qin Jingxu didn’t feel embarrassed at all. His eyes turned around him and Gao Yunjin. “I heard two children say you woke up long ago. You pestered your wife to sleep in and asked me to bring you children all morning. How can I pick some fruit for you

What happened? “

Just after that, the two little guys asked on the other side, “Uncle Qin, this box is full. Is there any empty box?”

Qin Jingxu listened, glanced proudly at Fu Jincheng and said to the two children, “yes, uncle has many empty boxes. Uncle has as many as you want!”

The two little guys were happy and said with a silly smile, “OK!”

It’s obviously picking fruit and playing wild. I’m so happy.

Gao Yunjin knew they were just bickering and didn’t really care about this fruit.

She said with a smile, “I’ll bring it to the children and you can talk.” “forget it.” Qin Jingxu waved his hand and looked through. “I didn’t finish my work until two or three o’clock in the morning last night, but your husband asked the children to wake me up before dawn in order to support the children and stick to you

Take care of the children. If I break you up now, I don’t know what your husband will do to me next time. “

Gao Yunjin has a thin skin. Although she knows that Qin Jingxu is just teasing, she still blushes and hurriedly says, “the children called me. I’ll go and have a look…”

And run away.

Qin Jingxu saw that she had gone far. Fu Jincheng still stared at her back and hit Fu Jincheng with his elbow. “Today, I finally didn’t stink. Is there progress?”

“I don’t know.”

“What do you say?”

“It just didn’t keep cold.”

But that doesn’t mean anything.

Qin Jingxu thought, “before you were cold, didn’t you mean unilaterally that Xuemei could only accept it passively? It seems that there is really no progress.”

This is the case.

So fu Jincheng stopped talking.

“I knew you wouldn’t last long.”

No, Gao Yunjin and Huo Zhengyun haven’t been settled yet. He can’t help making up with Gao Yunjin.

However, he will do so. Does it also mean that he feels that the matter between Gao Yunjin and Huo Zhengyun cannot be solved for the time being.

If so, it’s really a tricky thing.

Fu Jincheng continued to be silent, still staring at the direction of Gao Yunjin.

She was not far from the children, and he could hear her gentle voice talking to them. He raised his feet and walked over there. Qin Jingxu looked at it and knew that Fu Jincheng was not feeling well. He mercifully stopped throwing salt on his wound and followed him. Before the fruit was picked, a pile of guests came to the orchard. Among these guests are Qin Jingxu’s relatives and friends, as well as the friends of two little guys. Gao Yunjin also invited Zhuolin and Dong Mian. They all came with their children. The orchard suddenly became lively. Now Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng are the owners of the orchard. As the owners, Gao Yunjin has been busy entertaining her friends. Fu Jincheng also follows her, helping her or chatting with her friends. Gao Yunjin paused, “Why are you following…” shouldn’t he greet Qin Jingxu’s friend? Otherwise she can’t be busy alone. “He will greet the friends he found.” Gao Yunjin: “…” then Fu Jincheng asked her, “is enough salad dressing enough?” “enough.” Fu Jincheng was very gentle to Gao Yunjin. Nevertheless, when she scolded Fu Jincheng with Gao Yunjin, Zhuo Lin, who was not merciful at all, still dared not fart when she saw real Fu Jincheng, Not to mention turning over the old accounts, find Fu Jincheng theory and help Gao Yunjin get justice. Fu Jincheng can also cook. When the children and their friends want to have a barbecue, Fu Jincheng also cooperates very much and silently makes a barbecue for the children. Two little guys, several good friends in the class were brought by their mother. They didn’t know that their child’s classmate’s father was Fu Jincheng. When I got to the orchard and saw Fu Jincheng, I was stunned. When Fu Jincheng worked tirelessly to help them cook barbecue, they were flattered and more restrained. However, Gao Yunjin was very polite and warm to them, and had no shelf at all.

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