Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3492

And she seems to be a very gentle person, young and beautiful. She doesn’t match Fu Jincheng very well.

In particular, Fu Jincheng is also very sticky to Gao Yunjin. She is also gentle and considerate to her, which is better than the two children.

But even if they are housewives, they usually don’t pay much attention to business news, but they pay attention to gossip news. Naturally, they all know about the scandal between Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun.

Therefore, everyone is cautious, but they still can’t stop the heart of gossip. It often seems that Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng can’t hide their curiosity.

However, Fu Jincheng’s natural superior momentum makes them only dare to look at it secretly, even if they are full of gossip.

Of course, what they call not obvious is just what they think.

Gao Yunjin was busy helping the children take care of their friends, but she didn’t pay much attention to other people’s eyes; Fu Jincheng noticed, but he didn’t care and didn’t see it.

As for Dong Mian, she doesn’t pay attention to these. She reads her own books in her spare time, and then pays attention to the children’s movements.

Zhuo Lin noticed that Fu Jincheng was there. She didn’t dare to say anything.

Only when Qin Jingxu came to find Fu Jincheng and Fu Jincheng walked away did she dare to come together and whisper to Gao Yunjin, “your husband looks like before.”

“What?” Gao Yunjin didn’t react for a moment.

“It’s still so good for you.”


“Made up?”


“Is entering a period of relaxation?”


Fu Jincheng was cold for a long time this time. Even before she came back to Beijing, they quarreled.

But since last night, Fu Jincheng’s attitude towards her has not been so cold, and even took the initiative.

However, from beginning to end, some people did not know why Fu Jincheng treated her like this, nor why he suddenly chose to make up with her.

This feeling that nothing is under her control will create a sense of emptiness in her heart.

Therefore, even if they are reconciled now, although she is very happy, her heart is still hanging up and down, and she can’t be completely at ease.

Zhuo Lin hesitated and asked, “what about Lei Yun?”

“Just like before.”

A few days ago, Fu Jincheng questioned that she was targeting Lei Yun because she was drugged.

As for Lei Yun who called her many times and deliberately stimulated her, don’t mention the pain.

Therefore, Lei Yun’s attitude is still as arrogant as before, and Fu Jincheng still doesn’t believe that Lei Yun will hurt her.

He just thinks she thinks too much.

She didn’t want to think of this, but Zhuo Lin suddenly asked now. She remembered what Fu Jincheng told her on the phone a few days ago, and the smile on her face slowly quieted down.

Zhuo Lin saw her expression and knew that she was unhappy. “Is there something I don’t know?”

“Well, it’s all small things.”

Gao Yunjin doesn’t want to say too much. If she talks about it, she will be more uncomfortable.

Zhuo Lin saw that she didn’t want to say, so she didn’t ask and changed the topic. Gao Yunjin also had other guests to greet, so she didn’t continue the topic.

However, when Fu Jincheng went to Qin Jingxu to help him socialize with his friends, he obviously felt that Gao Yunjin was not as happy as before he left.

He frowned and whispered in her ear, “Why are you unhappy? What happened?”

If nothing had happened, she wouldn’t be unhappy.

Gao Yunjin was already controlling her emotions. She thought she was well controlled. Unexpectedly, Fu Jincheng found out without talking.

She smiled, “I’m not unhappy.”

Fu Jincheng did not speak, and his deep eyes stared straight into her eyes.

In the eyes of outsiders, she is also in her thirties. Relatively speaking, she should know how to hide her emotions, but he can easily see whether she is lying or not.

Because when she lied to her, even if she had a smile on her face, her eyes were dim.

Gao Yunjin also knew that he saw that she was lying, but she really didn’t know how to talk to him and changed the topic, “the senior doesn’t need your help to greet the guests?”

She did not say, Fu Jincheng did not ask, and said faintly, “no, they have their own arrangements over there.”


After that, the two little guys ran over and pulled Gao Yunjin away. Fu Jincheng didn’t have a chance to talk to her.

In the evening, after dinner with everyone, they also packed up, left the orchard and went home.

Back home, two little guys went upstairs to wash and prepare for bed.

Now that there are so many children, they can basically take care of themselves. Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin don’t have to worry too much.

Gao Yunjin was also tired today. When she returned to the room, she lay down on the bed and slept for half a moment. She heard the footsteps of Fu Jincheng coming in. As soon as she opened her eyes, Fu Jincheng sat down by the bed and attached herself to peck on her lips. Gao Yunjin opened her eyes and met his line of sight in the air. Fu Jincheng smiled, then bowed his head and kissed her. “Tired?” “well, a little.” “massage for you?” he pulled her up, leaned against his arms, and gently massaged her back with his big hand. Fu Jincheng learned the technique of hand massage when she was pregnant. Now that the children are so old, Fu Jincheng hasn’t massaged her like this for a long time, but Fu Jincheng’s workmanship is still very good. Gao Yunjin wanted to refuse, but he soon gave up resistance and relaxed. After a while, he was sleepy. Fu Jincheng kissed her ear, “so comfortable?” Gao Yunjin woke up and red her ears, “HMM… very comfortable.” with such a press, she was much more relaxed now. “Go to bed early when you’re tired?” “well.” Fu Jincheng kissed her little face, “take a bath today?” “well.” “OK, I’ll help you drain the water.” then he touched her little head, let her go, got up and went into the bathroom to help her drain the bath water. But when he put the bath water out, Gao Yunjin had fallen asleep on the bed. Fu Jincheng had no choice but to smile, so he had to take her into the bathroom and wanted to help her take a bath, but Gao Yunjin didn’t sleep very well. As soon as he picked her up, she woke up and rubbed her eyes against his arms. Because she was still sleepy, she didn’t speak or refuse his arms. Instead, she leaned around his neck. Fu Jincheng especially liked the feeling that she depended on him. He smiled happily and said softly, “I’ll take a bath for you. Go to sleep if you want.” “um…”

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