Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3495

Some of these documents are the sales data sent by the sales department and the company’s flow of nearly a week sent by the finance department.

Fu Jincheng was curious and turned around. When he saw the sales data, he was surprised to look at it in situ.

The door of Gao Yunjin’s office was not closed. She heard the conversation between the Secretary and Fu Jincheng. After seeing him for a while, Fu Jincheng didn’t come in. She had to come out of the office to find him.

He looked through her company’s documents and walked over, “what’s the matter?”

He took it so seriously. Is there something wrong with the company’s inflation?

“I didn’t know that the company’s income has become so considerable now.”

Now her company has more running data in a week than in previous months.

Although he had heard that her company’s brand has become famous a lot, he didn’t expect that his fame is not the same as the current situation of gaoyunjin company.

“Is the sales data very good?” Gao Yunjin also came over and looked at it and said with a smile: “it seems that it has indeed increased by 2% over last week, which is very good.”

Fu Jincheng looked at her accustomed expression. He paused, “how long has such sales data been maintained?”

“For months.”

“How many months?”


His expression didn’t look right. She hesitated. “What’s the matter?”

Fu Jincheng tightened his hand holding the document for a few minutes, didn’t speak, just looked at her.

Gao Yunjin was a little flustered by his stare, “why, what’s the matter?”

Fu Jincheng pursed her thin lips. Seeing that she didn’t seem to understand what was going on, she said faintly, “you didn’t tell me.”


In fact, what she wanted to tell him was that the most suitable time to share the joy with him had passed, and then they were busy and often quarreled. Even if she wanted to speak, she didn’t have a chance.

Sometimes even if she had time to speak, she didn’t mention her company’s current achievements when compared with Lei Yun.

“If I hadn’t stumbled on it this time, wouldn’t you have never planned to tell me?”

Indeed, it’s just, “isn’t this so important?”

Fu Jincheng smiled, “what do you think is important?”


“How many people know this?” Fu Jincheng interrupted her. After asking, seeing that she was thinking, he asked, “does Zhuo Lin know?”

Gao Yunjin nodded.

“Where’s Huo Zhengyun?”

Gao Yunjin didn’t expect him to ask Huo Zhengyun. She thought she would ask her mother Jin Rulan.

However, since he asked, she nodded truthfully.

Fu Jincheng smiled, but the benefit didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes. “They all know, but I don’t know?”

Gao Yunjin didn’t know what to say, and after he pressed him so many times, she was also a little uncomfortable.

She didn’t deliberately hide him about it. He was either busy all the time or cold war with her for some reason and ignored her.

If she wants to speak, she must have a chance to speak.

She didn’t speak, and Fu Jincheng didn’t speak again, but her anger grew stronger and stronger. She crossed her and went into her office.

Gao Yunjin saw it and followed it.

Fu Jincheng sat down on the sofa. Gao Yunjin looked at his angry appearance and stood in front of him without sitting.

Fu Jincheng looked at her and said nothing. After pondering for a while, he managed to suppress the discomfort at the bottom of his heart and asked, “how did you suddenly change the business model?”

At the beginning of the establishment of her company, he wanted to help her make her famous. She refused. She had adhered to the previous business model for more than ten years, and he thought he would never change this model.

But without his knowledge, she suddenly made the sign.

When Fu Jincheng asked, he kept staring at her. Gao Yunjin had to tell the truth, “I want to make more money.”

Fu Jincheng suspected that he had heard wrong, “what?”

He thought she would do this, but he thought it was time to test how far her company brand could go.

But I didn’t expect that she would give him such an answer.

“Make money.”

“Are you short of money? Don’t we have enough money for you?”

“I don’t mean that,” Gao Yunjin said hurriedly, “that is, I just want to make more money myself.”

Although she suddenly wants to expand the company, the main purpose is to let the children live a good life after divorcing him in the future, so she wants to make more money and give the children some protection.

Of course, you can’t tell him the above.

I don’t know when I can say this late.

However, it is also true that she wants to make more money and expand her influence at home and in society. She hopes to be able to fight Lei Yun one day.

Fu Jincheng was angry that she hadn’t mentioned it to him. Now she was keenly aware of the word “himself” until she said so. So, she wants to share with him? Or is her purpose of making money for real economic independence and divorce him in the future? The idea flashed by, but Fu Jincheng firmly grasped it. He suddenly looked up. “You!” did she really mean that? “What’s the matter?” she had no idea what he was thinking and why he suddenly changed his face. Fu Jincheng closed her thin lips and didn’t speak. Gao Yunjin looked at him as if he was getting more and more angry, and his heart was more uneasy. “Are you really angry?” this should not be a big event for him? He shouldn’t really be angry with her about it. Fu Jincheng looked up at her and asked faintly, “can’t I be angry?” doesn’t he even have the qualification to be angry? “I don’t mean that…” Fu Jincheng didn’t speak. Gao Yunjin was afraid that he really needed to get angry. She hurriedly changed the topic. “Are you thirsty? I’ll pour you a glass of water?” “no, I’m not thirsty.” “Oh…” Fu Jincheng stood up and asked without emotion on his face, “are you finished?” “almost.” “let’s go.” “Oh, OK.” in fact, she still has something to do. She needs to wait more than ten minutes, But he ignored her and left by himself. She didn’t say. Be busy. Put the documents away and keep up with him. When I got to the elevator entrance, I noticed that two little girls of the company stared at Fu Jincheng curiously the day before yesterday. Gao Yunjin also thought of an important thing: “is there a mask in the car?” “No.” then wait for me and I’ll go back to the office to get the mask. Fu Jincheng is so well-known that it would be very troublesome if recognized. Especially for two children, if they are accidentally photographed and post the photos on the Internet, it will be more troublesome. In order to avoid unnecessary onlookers, it would be better to wear a mask and cover it.

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