Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3497

However, he really doesn’t like sweet, and he is too tired of small cups of ice cream. He can’t finish it alone.

Sure enough, after half a ring, after eating about a third, Fu Jincheng suddenly looked at her, “want to eat?”

Gao Yunjin: “

She didn’t say.

However, knowing Fu Jincheng’s mind, she nodded with cooperation, “well, I want to eat.”

Fu Jincheng pointed his face.

Gao Yunjin kissed him on the face. Fu Jincheng was finally satisfied and gave her the ice cream.

Gao Yunjin looked at it and suddenly smiled.

Fu Jincheng bit his teeth. “How are you laughing?”

Knowing that he was waiting for her to take the initiative, she didn’t.

Gao Yunjin immediately said, “I’m wrong. Next time, next time, I’ll ask you to give it to me, okay?”

“Next time?” Fu Jincheng stared at her.

Gao Yunjin nodded, “I promise.”

Then he handed him the water he bought for him, “rinse your mouth and remove the sweetness.”

Fu Jincheng was satisfied and stopped teasing her. His tone was gentle: “well, I’m not angry anymore. Eat quickly. If you don’t eat again, it will melt.”


Here, Gao Yunjin finally put down her heart and began to watch movies seriously.

But I don’t know. When she watched the film, Fu Jincheng’s mind was always on her, and his eyes were full of reflection. As for what the film said, he didn’t pay attention at all.

Because he didn’t forget that she still didn’t give him a complete explanation for the sudden changes in her company, and even wanted to muddle through.

But since he didn’t want to say it, what’s the meaning of his pressing questions?

Soon, a week will pass again.

During this week, Gao Yunjin was very busy. He basically worked overtime every day and kept calling on Saturdays and Sundays.

This posture looks much busier than the boss of Fu Jincheng, a listed company.

Before, she was busy. He didn’t think there was anything. He would love her and worry that she was tired, but he didn’t worry about anything when he thought she was doing what she liked to do.

But now, her busyness in Fu Jincheng’s eyes is completely different from before.

In the past, she was busy because she wanted to show her talents and interests.

But now, she seems to be in a hurry to make money.

Fu Jincheng saw in his eyes that his appetite was a little weak. He put down his bowl and said, “have you been too busy lately?”


Gao Yunjin has been used to such work intensity recently. He didn’t feel it. Seeing that he put the bowl, he said with concern: “are you full?”

But he hasn’t finished all the rice in his bowl.

Fu Jincheng didn’t answer. After pausing for a moment, he said, “our family is not short of money. You don’t have to be so tired…”

Therefore, if it is really just not enough money to spend, how much she wants to spend and how much he can earn for her.

“I know.” Gao Yunjin smiled, but he didn’t think so much. He just thought he was concerned about her. When his heart was warm, he said, “but I don’t feel tired. It’s a very happy thing that my efforts can see the results.”

No matter when, he did not limit her consumption. She could spend whatever she wanted.

It’s just that this is limited to the case that they haven’t divorced yet.

If they get divorced, let alone whether he can be as generous as he is now. Even if he can, there will be obstacles such as Lei Yun in the future. Even if she has money, she and her children will not have a good life in the future.

Therefore, what she wants now is to live well without relying on him, and even have the influence to compete with Lei Yun.

In this way, even if Lei Yun targeted her in the future, she would not have no way to fight back.

Now, his company is developing very well. She naturally wants to take advantage of this good momentum and make more efforts to stabilize the status of her company’s brand.

As for hard work, it was a little hard at first, but now she is used to being busy. She still enjoys the process.

The only regret is that I don’t have so much time with my children now.

In some ways, Fu Jincheng still knew her. Seeing her smile, Fu Jincheng knew she was telling the truth.

Her eyes are gentle and clear. It seems that she really just wants to make money and prove herself. She doesn’t want to divorce him for the purpose of making money.

Maybe he thought too much?

She really just wants to make money?

Didn’t you start trying to make money just to divorce him?

Her company has developed steadily for so many years, and its brand products have been highly praised.

She has enough confidence and plans to further open the popularity of the brand, so that the brand can have enough influence in China, even in China.

If she did, she would not only make money, but also affirm her ability to a greater extent.

It should be every designer’s dream to have a good platform and opportunity to show their talents? When her talent was affirmed, he was naturally happy for her. But her talent was affirmed, but it increased the possibility of their divorce, but he couldn’t be happy. Only then did he find himself really mean. Perhaps, the development of her company has nothing to do with her wanting to divorce him. It’s only because he doesn’t feel safe that he will know this and immediately connect her wanting to divorce him. Gao Yunjin saw that he was unhappy again and became nervous. “Are you angry?” Fu Jincheng looked at her, “are you afraid I’m angry?” “not at all.” she just didn’t want him to be unhappy. Thinking of this, she thought he was angry because she was busy working and ignored him. Thinking that Fu Jincheng contacted her and came to the company to find her these days, she has been busy with the company and has no time to take the initiative to find him. Giving should be two-way to make people feel happy. Fu Jincheng has been paying unilaterally, but she said nothing. It’s normal for him to be angry. Thinking of this, she said twice to the phone, hung up the phone, held his hand and said, “I’m really busy these days. I’ll be fine after I’ve been busy these two months.” in fact, she cares about him, doesn’t she? Feeling her care, his heart finally calmed down, “really?” “really.” Fu Jincheng didn’t speak, hugged her and kissed her lips before saying, “how are you going to compensate me?” “when I’m not busy, I’ll go to the company to find you and pick you up for dinner?” “do what I say?” Gao Yunjin nodded, hugged his neck and kissed him before saying: “Do what you say.” they are close at hand. Whether she is telling the truth or lying can’t escape his eyes. Moreover, when she speaks, she still has full dependence on him. Fu Jincheng can be sure that she didn’t develop the company to divorce him.

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