Maid's Night

Maid's Night







Maid's Night

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On the first night, the master’s bride couldn’t be found.In the empty bedroom of the princess, the master ordered Evely, who was at a loss of words.“You will take the princess’ place.”It started off as a simple tease, a light joke.However, the maid who feared him yet didn’t avoid him…She roused his feral instincts.“M-Master.”“Yes, I’m your master.”And so…“Put your tongue out.”* * *A slightly hoarse voice sounded over the head of the maid, who accidentally shifted her head in the wrong direction.“I asked; what do you have to do?”Confusion hitting her, Evely slowly glanced up. Her eyes took in his firm thighs, unsure of where to look.“The work I need to do is clean the rails, mop the floor, boil the tea for the evening, and serve the Lady…I mean…Ah, do my work as a maid, and as a member of the mansion…”“No, you’re wrong.”He cut her off instantly.“All you have to do is serve your master.”His dark eyes looked indifferently between his legs.“So, do what you have to do.”She crawled away from between his legs


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