Meet You When the Night Ends

Meet You When the Night Ends





Meet You When the Night Ends

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Leticia, the princess of the Kingdom of Levanstein, is to pay a penalty after losing a bet with her club members. The penalty for her is to dance with a man at the victory banquetโ€”a man not easy on the eyes. This is an impossible task for Leticia, as she preys on handsome men. But since she had drunkenly bet even her throne, she resigns to her mistake and searches for a partner.A messy, shaggy haired man dressed in a captainโ€™s uniform standing on the corner by himself draws her attention. She recognizes him as Les Kishir, born in a common household to an unreputable family and no accomplishments in the war. Thinking him to be the perfect candidate for the penalty, Leticia asks him for a dance. But to her utmost surprise, she is rejected.Only after seeing him limping away, does she realize why she was rejected. She finds Les to apologize and ends up seducing him and spending the night with him. Satisfied with the night, she waits for his call, but it never comesโ€ฆNot one to give up, she approaches him again but Les is a tough one to win over.*โ€œI like the relationship between a man and a woman. It can evolve into so many possibilities.โ€โ€œAnd what do you think my possibilities are, princess?โ€โ€œHmmโ€ฆletโ€™s see.โ€Her finger touched his pale lips. As she pushed her finger down, he opened his mouth.โ€œI think youโ€™ll be able to kiss me until I lose my mind.


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