Mrs. Hawn, Your Disguise Was Penetrated

Mrs. Hawn, Your Disguise Was Penetrated





Mrs. Hawn, Your Disguise Was Penetrated

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At night, it was already midnight when Asher came home from dinner.He knew that Nora would come to The Howe family today. His grandpa Howard had asked Asher to meet Nora, but he refused on the grounds of work. He was not interested in this fiancee at all, and the engagement would be broken sooner or laterAfter returning to the room, Asher took a bath and went to sleep.Probably because he drank a little too much tonight, Asher didn’t realize there were other women in the room until he lay down.He was slightly stunned. In the darkness, Asher could not see the woman’s face. She turned over and hugged him. The girl murmured, Good bear, don’t make any noise. Just sleep.Asher was frozen.The woman had a very familiar smell, the same as that personโ€ฆProbably because of the alcohol, Asher didn’t move, lying down with Nora and falling asleep


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