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My Captain

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Life is simply too short to have fun.Yan An agreed with this saying and decided to seek some sort of fun during her lonely trip.And now, in the present, inside the cramped airplane cabin, the skydiving instructor is sitting next to her.With an upright face and long and toned legs, the instructor overall has a striking and abstinent impression.Indeed it is an abundantly beautiful spring; spring is now in the human world.โ€œHey, handsome, my life is now in your hands now, so why donโ€™t you give me your phone number, huh?โ€*As the first ray of sunlight penetrates the receding darkness of the night, Shan Yi slowly gets up, his rugged and sensual figure laid bare for all to see.But room is so dead and quiet as if there hasnโ€™t been any trace of any living person.Then the phone under the pillow vibrates: There is a sudden emergency, so Iโ€™m returning to China first. Thank you for your kindness, and see you in the rivers and lakes soon! Bye-bye, handsome.Shan Yi silently smiled at the message; while morning rays of the sun strangely felt like it didnโ€™t bring any warmth.*In Beitong Airlines, a new batch of trainee pilots has been recently dispatched.Yan An, who was assigned to follow the new captain of the aircraft, heard that he is one of the most competent and punctual captains in the entire civil aviation industry.And around that time, she heard the clacking sound of leather shoes approaching the door, Yan An decided sneakily stretched her neck to take a quick look, where she was left utterly dumbfounded.The man is in a crisp and pristine uniform. He has broad shoulders, narrow waist, and tall, upright body, that is seemingly bursting with testosterone.The gaze of the two collided, and with his black eyes so piercing and deep, Shan Yi raised his thin lips into a smile yet not like a smile, he gently pressed a hundred-euro bill onto the table, and calmly stated,โ€œReturning it to its rightful owner.โ€The man declared in a cold-clipped tone: โ€œMy worth, when compared to this amount of money, is far from close.โ€Yan Dog: F*ck, you have lost your future by being wild like this!


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