My Duke Won't Die!

My Duke Won't Die!





My Duke Won't Die!

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When I woke up after being sick all night and day, I had arrived in a completely different world.The book , which I read to the end just because my favorite character was there, is inside a world that, the title alone, gives a feeling of being pure devastation and chaos.My favorite, from the book I picked to read only because I liked his face on the cover, was a mad prince wielding bloody tyranny.I transmigrated into a nameless extra monster hunter who lived in a village constantly invaded by monsters.The monster hunters have low status and are unable to enter the capital city.However, even if there was an occasion to meet, it would be best to avoid the mad prince.โ€œIf I donโ€™t! Have a favorite! I! I canโ€™t read! This book! Till the end! Arghhh!!Ella spent a hard three years crying that she wanted to see her favorite, but with a contradictory feeling that she never should meet him.That was until a man, who headshot Ella with a perfect face fit to her picky tastes to the point of making her forget all about her favorite, appeared.***โ€œThat manโ€ฆeโ€โ€œThat man? Are you talking about the Noblemen? Why that person?โ€โ€œTooโ€ฆ..โ€โ€œToo?โ€Handsome.Ella, managed to swallow her last words and let out a breath, which she didnโ€™t even know had stopped.


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