Necron: The Legend Of Rezar DeathWind

Necron: The Legend Of Rezar DeathWind







Necron: The Legend Of Rezar DeathWind

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Some time in the future Humanity conquers death! life continues, on and on in the endless stretches of a virtual paradise called Elysium. or at least that’s what the Brochures used to stay. Elysium was no different from Earth, the only difference is that with each new reincarnation, you get a chance to live differently, better, and a chance to achieve more with pieces of your memories from your old life intact. But Elysium needs balance, why? no one really knows. but to keep that balance the death classes were created, and any who comes to posses such class or the traits that come with it; gains the ability to deliver the (True Death) a fitting end to immortality and endless life. and as such people with these classes are feared and hated. Now Rezar is spawned in a prison mine to serve a sentence of all eternity and all reincarnations as a slave. and all for a crime he doesn’t remember commiting but knows that he did, now forced to live based on consequences from a life he also doesn’t remember. but he tries to look at the bright side, there’s much to achieve……..the only downside would be the fear people have for him, after all………who would want to shake hands with the Son Of Death. The cover image is made by UFAN studios! discord li


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