Ocean Survival: Check In to be the Great Voyager

Ocean Survival: Check In to be the Great Voyager





Ocean Survival: Check In to be the Great Voyager

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A disaster happens with a global flood!When people wake up, everyone is lying on their own small raft. In the middle of the ocean, there are scattered survival supplies. Sharks and sea monsters lurk within. Danger is everywhere.Jack needed to work hard to survive. Surprisingly, he has awakened a check-in system. As long as he checks in every day, he will receive precious survival supplies.After checking in for one day, [System reward: Drink Can x5, Rotten Grass Ball x5, Floating wooden board x5, Easter Egg Package x1!]โ€œOh my god, thereโ€™s a box of cola in the Easter Egg Package. When water is scarce, I can even drink the ambrosia of fat otakus!โ€After checking in for a week, [System reward: Refined Fishing Rod x10, Refined Lance x10, Refined Blow Dart x10, Easter Egg Package x1, Super Backpack x1!]โ€œI thought I wouldnโ€™t be able to store so many things. I didnโ€™t expect the Super Backpack to have 500 storage slots!โ€After checking in for a month. [System reward: Fish Skin Clothes x5, Octopus Hat x5, Crocodile Boots x5, Sea God Blessing!]โ€œThe Sea Godโ€™s Gaze? I really want to see what treasures are at the bottom of the sea!โ€After checking in for a year. [System reward: Patrol Seabird x1000, Mermaid Servant x10, Epic Fleet x1!]At the end of the desolate ocean, countless seabirds circle around an ocean fleet. At the bow of the ship, Jack is surrounded by ten beautiful mermaids.โ€œOh my god! We havenโ€™t even settled our meals yet. Why does he have a fleet?โ€โ€œLook! Those sexy mermaids with hot bods around Jack look even sweeter than Hollywood stars!โ€โ€œWhat? Those seabirds are helping him pick up supplies. Can he leave us with a way out?โ€ Jackโ€™s fleet quickly sails past, leaving only the rafts behind. Everyone watches with envy


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