Pixiu Restaurant, No Way Out

Pixiu Restaurant, No Way Out





Pixiu Restaurant, No Way Out

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When the old beast Pixiu went out to throw away the garbage, a male ghost fell into his arms just after he finished categorizing the garbage.This male ghost was named Wen Xi, and he was as beautiful as a flower. Not only that, but he was also soft and cool to the touch, which meant he was perfect for Pixiu to use as an ice pillow. After all, Pixiu had been punished by the Heavens, and was doomed to endure insufferable hotness surging inside his body.Although Pixiu swore to the Heavens that he was only using the ghost as an ice pillow, no one believed him.Pixiu: โ€œEven if the red thread of fate holds my body, my heart is that of a bachelor!โ€Wen Xi, who was sealed in a fermentation jar for hundreds of years, was finally released to the worldโ€ฆ..only to find himself turned into a child-bride to pay off his debts.However, this โ€œHusbandโ€ of his was also a self-employed beast, who had to pay taxes and repay loans every month.Wen Xi: โ€œIs the other Pixiu as miserable as you are?โ€Although those two were a mess, they turned out to be a good match in the end. Even Yue Lao gave them a marriage interview.The only thing Pixiu knew to say was that finding a beautiful wife was fairly easy. You just have to be good at sorting through garbage.In other words: I picked up my wife in the garbage can.


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